“I love how you stream your fingers through your hair Westin, it turns me on and makes my body flutter like a butterfly in flight craving for nectar to survive.”

2011-03-08 Desert Botanical Gardens  Mar 8, 2011 11-27 AM


Its four in the morning as the pair sat in front of the fire finishing their lengthy conversation about each other.  For the first time in Celeste’s life she exposed her odd childhood to the young man.  Westin is very patient and utterly speechless listening to the lonely yet exciting life of the half breed.  “So you see Westin I’m destine to live a life of loneliness.  I’m okay with my path in life for I believe my Cherokee grandmother has never left my side, and will hopefully guide me into my next level in life where I am ordained to achieve earthy tasks.  Plus I am waiting for my soul mate to surface one day as per my grandmother’s telling. Perhaps then I won’t be alone anymore.”  Westin’s head is swimming with all kinds of question of belief and falsehood.  He stands up to absorb all that he has learnt.  “You actually believe in this hocus pocus shit?”  Celeste joined Westin in standing position, “Yes I do and it’s not shit but spiritual.  Just because you don’t understand or believe doesn’t mean it can’t happen to others.  For example Peter and you’re hair.  I was not here when the deed was done, don’t you remember I was out in my barn while you and Peter slept.”  Westin picks up his hair off the clock and ponders to himself and places the object back on top of the clock. Peter’s statement started to whirl around inside his brain as Celeste touches his hand.  “Are you a witch doctor cowgirl?”  Celeste roared out with laughter, “If you want to call me that then who am I to dissuade you from believing what you want to understand for normalcy; but I would like to think I do good not bad in this world.”  Celeste lets go of his hand and sits back down, Westin follows suit and speaks out as his sits on the bear rug with Celeste, “How do you know I’m not your soul mate?”

Celeste is quiet staring into the flames when Westin touches her chin to lightly move it towards his face.  “Westin I myself don’t understand all, but I do know that I don’t look into situations to deeply and just go with the flow of what I have been dealt with.  If I keep an open mind unconditionally and sometimes in naive processing, I’m better for it so I don’t abuse my special talent whatever that may be.”  Celeste leans back to release his touch on her skin.  Westin drops his hand and gazes into her tired eyes.  “I don’t want to hurt you Westin nor do I want to abuse your body like a bitch in heat, but I do want to learn about all things in life to give meaning and understanding in wisdom; however I fear emotions will surface and don’t want you to fall in love with me for I am unlovable to mankind. I don’t want strings attached to anyone, because all I want is to learn not wed a man.”  Westin watches the girl turn a shade red, “What are ya thinking girl?” Celeste doesn’t want to tell the man her lady member is creaming for his touch.  He senses her dilemma and speaks out with love, “Cowgirl can I ask you something and will you inform me honestly?”  She nods yes silently and waits for his question.  “It amazes me that you’re eyes are two different colors, and and,” he tongue tied out trying to find the right words.  “Just spit it out Westin.”   Westin takes a deep breath and plunges forward, ” A two tone girly part that scared the shit out of me.”  Celeste bunches up her brow in thought and moves her long hair away from her golden features. Westin in a soft tone furthers onward, “The day you and I were playing with each in your grandfather’s room.  I don’t know what the hell happen to tell ya the truth between us, but I got one heck of a charge throughout my body that left Mr. Peter hard for weeks when I touched you down below.”  She takes a few moments of silence and gives a reply, “I’m sorry Westin you’ve asked a question I too have no clue about.  Could it be that we both felt high on life and assumed a magical bonding occurred?”  Westin shrugs his shoulders in mystery.  She watches the nervous boy with a smile on her lips hearing him call his private area a human name, and takes his hand with concern.  Westin stares into the half breeds orbs and does the thing she loves the most about the man, and moves his shoulder length brown hair out of his face in frustration waiting for a response.  She lets her fingers automatically reach up to feel the softness of his hair and purrs out in her husky voice, “I love how you stream your fingers through your hair Westin, it turns me on and makes my body flutter like a butterfly in flight craving for nectar to survive.”  Without thinking and acting on her heated emotion she slowly leaned into the man and kissed his lips.  Westin floated away into her epic world with want and need for contact of her magical touch, and returned her soft kiss in reciprocation.  The burning flames came to life in the fireplace and danced its magic upon the couple casting its golden warmth upon the man and woman; but neither noticed the extra light in the dark room.  Westin broke the contact and stood up holding out his hand for the cowgirl to take. With grace Celeste reached for his hand in support and stood up.  He carefully placed his hands on her deerskin garb and took the time to slowly disrobe the Indian dress over her head.  Celeste didn’t stop nor did she want to as she lift her arms above her head to let Westin strip her clothing off her heated body.

Westin can’t control the tender moment and loses himself with sexual hunger upon her golden nude body.  He takes a step back to view her tan skin by the bright firelight and takes note she is now completely hairless down below.  “Beautiful,” he murmurs out and touches her special place with an effete finger.  He groans out in Arcadia the soft smooth skin of her womanhood against his touch.  Celeste barters kindheartedly to his demands and gives into the special moment of their lips sampling each other once again when her bare feet step forward to close the gap between the two.  Westin surrounds her warm body next to his in his loving embrace and kisses her plump lips into a lost world of utopia.  Celeste now is border lining in losing all hope of turning back the clock of time, and takes her lazy movements to unbutton Westin’s shirt one at a time to press her bare breast against his hard pecks and devour his lips into her land of milk and honey.



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