“Westin something is happening, I can no longer hold reins over myself push baby push deeper into me for I want to cry out with more more more.”



Celeste takes off his shirt in a seductive strip tease and unbuttons his jeans to let his horse rear forth.  Westin slows the girl down with a soft comment and cups his strong hands against her face cherishing the delicious moment of loving the cowgirl, “Easy lassie lets take our time, for I do plan to teach you the art of love making with no strings attached, and I promise you it won’t be hard core sex.”  Celeste for a split second feels the sense of busting lose her emotions that tingled throughout her frame and holds on tightly to his hard muscles on his arms.  Beads of sweat are noticeable upon his brow as Westin tries to control the intensity of heat that coursed through his veins.  He picks the half breed off her feet and cradles her next to him with all his might.  “I never want this moment to pass us by without telling you cowgirl I adore you.”  Celeste lets her fingers do their walking through his hair and grabs hold of his hair to demand more kissing.  Westin places his girl on her feet as they both slide down onto the comfort of the bear rug. Westin takes his time disrobing the rest of his clothing, and watches the lust slip forward into the magical eyes of his mate. “Your eyes are changing my love do you ache for me as much as I do you?” “Yes, Westin I do,” she replied with a smile on her lips watching the fire light capture the beauty of his perfectly nude body. She knows not why she does her sensual trick as she slithers her hands down her naked body wiggling and moving her hips to the sound of music while moaning out her pleasure. Westin lays down on top of her body entwining the union to completion.  “Let me show you baby all you want to know about the art of two people.  I ask you to let you’re juices flow freely, and let me do all the work for now.”

Her eyes open wide in bliss wonder ready to receive her lesson when Westin rapes her lips with butterfly kisses.  She feels his soft touch move to the notes of caressing and foreplay her body from head to toe before he commits to the act of entering her.  A peace of serenity envelops the spitfire as she drifts off into la la land relishing in the fact someone adores her body.  “Westin I feel too many emotions I’m having a hard time separating each one at a time to give validation and understanding, its like I am yearning for more but,” she whimpers out as Westin whispers her name on her lips to stop her thinking and continues onward pleasing his lady.  The dawn of the day is breaking when Westin cast his hungry gaze upon the magnificent girl and said softly, “I can’t wait any longer my love I need to feel inside you.” Celeste whispers out, “Yes Westin today for my body feels the need to please.”  Westin centers himself and stares into the wild dreamy eyes of the huntress.  With snail pace he introduces his firm manhood to her hairless wet folds of Garden of Eden.  Her face is beautiful beyond words as Westin scans her hair spread out all over the bear rug.  Her body is glistening with moisture and glowing golden under the fire light.  She’s ready to let him drive his train into her cave of darkness and relaxes her immediate urges to hold onto his firm rump to push him in deeper.  Westin kisses her swollen lips with urgent desire and carefully pushes his joy stick into her tunnel of honey.  Celeste explodes out her phantasmagorical cry and hugs her sexual mate with all her might. “Westin I’m flying too high my soul feels like I’m floating around in all directions in the sky.”  “Celeste relax I’m almost there open more for me love,” Westin hushes out softly in her ear.  Celeste opens her legs wider and allows her body to slip away to feel the chimerical emotions flood her body to senselessness.  “Westin I, I,” she stammers out unsure how to express what she is experiencing.  “Damn girl your stupendous and so yummy. I feel your juices flowing all around me.  You fit me like a glove my love. I just want to treasure every second.” Celeste didn’t want to wait any longer she pushes his butt deeper into her body and feels him jet stream forward.  She moves her hips and purrs out how she wants him to move his body to give her more pleasure.  Westin is lost in her creamy tight entrance buying his time not to thrush forward with urgency, but when she cried out, “Westin something is happening, I can no longer hold reins over myself push baby push deeper into me for I want to cry out with more more more.”  He obeys with a breathtaking smile, and drives home deeper into her abysmal opening losing all mastery living in a supernatural moment of riding the cowgirl to perfection until they both released their splendor of passion out loud in unison to the heavens.

This post is dedicated to my fabie friend CoCo!


9 thoughts on ““Westin something is happening, I can no longer hold reins over myself push baby push deeper into me for I want to cry out with more more more.”

    1. Cherri, I tried to leave the mind wonder on the scene and hate vulgar descriptions when the mind can ponder and create the sexual scene itself. Happy I pleased you faithful reader of Slingshot~ Kiss Kiss

  1. Ohhhh ! Thanks so much for your so nice dedication ! 🙂 … You’re a lovely Lady. ❤

    I must say i'm a bit surprised by Céleste's errhhh… "evolution". I hope you'll forgive my backlog on reading Céleste's adventures. I'll catch up with my reading 'cause i can't miss a so endearing gir… WOMAN ! 😉 Your story telling is captivating, i do love.

    Anyway, Céleste's seems to have find a marvellous lover. Nothing is more beautiful than please a lovely lady. 🙂

    Kiss Kiss

    1. Good Day my Coco…you’re making me blush…hahaha I’m SOOO tickled to have your love and to have you reblog this post is heaven to me. You have been following Celeste for a long time since childhood and now womanhood, tis only fitting I honored you in this post. Take your time getting caught up, Celeste isn’t going anywhere for a while. Kiss Kiss my sweet tasty chocolate morsel.

  2. Reblogged this on Un autre pavé dans la mare and commented:
    Bon. Je reblogue un billet anglophone. Cé pô souvent. J’adore les récits de cette belle dame américaine qui raconte (entre autres) la vie d’une jeune Américaine (Céleste) d’origine à moitié Écossaise et Cherokee. Pour les ami(e)s européens c’est peut-être une lointaine réalité, mais une réalité pas tellement lointaine ici.
    Vrai que la dame me dédie cet article en particulier, mais j’adore son récit. Faut tout de même être à l’aise avec l’anglais « américain ». 😉

    Now. I reblog an anglophone post. A rarity. I dig the story telling of this lovely American lady, specially the recounting of the life and times of a young lady (Celeste) of Scottish and Cherokee origins. For my european friends this can seems as an old time story, but it’s not an old time story for people in America.
    True. This lady dedicated this post to me, but don’t get me wrong, I really like her « close to the heart » story telling of an ordinary super-heroine. 😉

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