“I feel the rapture of being overzealous today too my man, thank you for noticing.”



The sound of heavy breathing between Celeste and Westin filled the living room with secret words unspoken.  They are curled up together in spoon fashion resting their bodies when Celeste opens her eyes, and stares into the fireplace that seemed never to need a log to keep it burning in the pit since they made passionate love to each other. She hears Westin resting breath in her ear and smiles in pure joy of having the handsome man lay next to her in the morning light.  The clock on the mantle chimed out softly the time of day as she cast her eyes upon the time clicker and giggled.  While they slept her childhood tormentors cut her hair and Westin’s and braided the strands together as one.  Silently inside her mind she thanks her gods for giving her a blessed evening with Westin and slowly wiggled her way out of his loving embrace.  Her legs feel like rubber as she places herself to stand up nude, and brushes her wild mane out of her face to stare at the beautiful sight of Westin’s long strong body sleep in peace. Quiet as a mouse she tip toes out and heads to the kitchen to boil water for a ladies tea to help prevent pregnancy, and walks with care to the restroom.  Too many emotions smothers the girl’s head as she tidied her body up with a quick shower.  She clothes herself with a oversize flannel shirt and heads back to the kitchen to make her tea.  She reaches in her cabinet for smartweed leaf’s to add the weed into the boiling water and sets it aside to cool.  With speed she puts on her winter wear and leaves the sleeping Westin to feed her livestock. The sunny day proved to be a warm day to melt the snow when she steps outside.  Celeste views her world different as she loves the sparkles of snow glistening hello in the sunlight to her.  She spreads her arms out and spins around laughing with gaily.  Damn dog is howling out in the barn to be released when Celeste laughs her way towards the barn in haste.

She slides open the barn doors and is immediately barreled over by the dog.  He knocks her down into the snow and licks her face as he whined out his happiness.  “Stop dog your overwhelming me,” she chuckled out with glee.  Damn dog stood back to make room for Celeste to pick herself up and howls with greatness.  “I feel the rapture of being overzealous today too my man, thank you for noticing.”  Damn dog runs off into the woods while Celeste begins to do her chores with a happy face and a light foot.  By the time the huntress enters her home Westin is still sound asleep.  She drinks her tea and scrunches up her face in discuss of the foul herb that she will have to drink until she has her menstrual cycle.  She rinses out her mouth from the taste and chews on a few mint leaf’s staring outside the window at the snowy ground.  Damn dog makes her jump in fright when he plasters his nose against the window to come in out of the cold.  She opens the door without thinking when the dog rushes in with excitement and heads straight for Westin in the living room.  Celeste quickly follows him trying to call off the mutts playfulness in the house in a soft tone, but fails when Damn dog leaps in a single bound on top of the sleeping man by the fire.  Celeste roared out in laughter unable to hold back the crazy action of her dog.  Westin woke up immediately with a smile on his face and bear hugged the beast.  “I’m sorry I should not have let him in but he seems really happy today for some reason.”  Westin releases the dog and lets the beast lay next to him hogging his space as the dog begins to lick the salt of sweat off Westin’s back.  Celeste feels a sense of completion of utter family bliss staring at her two men in her life, and returns to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee no longer a virgin, but a woman who is over filling with blithely.


picture by: 8tracks.com



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