“Ride me baby,” he dares to say to the hungry cowgirl.



In the kitchen Celeste takes her time to make breakfast of bacon and eggs for the lovers.  Westin walks into the scent of delicious food wearing only his jeans and immediately heads straight for the wildflower.  “How ya feeling today my darlin’,” Westin drawls out in a husky southern tone.  “I feel smashing Westin, thank you for asking.” Celeste responds and blushes red.  “Are you sore?”  Celeste isn’t sure what he means, “No I don’t think so.  Why would I be sore?”  Westin hugs her tightly as she flips the bacon over.  He moves her wild hair away from her neck and kisses her softly.  Celeste shivers with lust ready to do the man once again.  “Are you sore?” She asked the handsome man. Westin chuckled in her ear, “I’m not a virgin darlin, but my stick is a happy camper.  Virgins usually get sore and bleed the first time when a man enters her.” Celeste scrunches up her brow and states, “I did neither.”  Westin is confused, “How is that possible?” Celeste flips the bacon once more and spots dog licking his chops by the stove.  “Dog go lay down,” she barked out at the beast for intruding while she is cooking.  Dog quickly heads under the table to hide.  “Westin I’ve rode horses all my life, perhaps me riding has helped break my hymen and not make me sore.”  Westin reaches for a mug on the counter Celeste set aside for him, and pours him a cup of coffee.  “Mmm, good coffee can I steal a piece of bacon?”  Celeste giggles and nods yes trying to occupy her wild thoughts of shagging the man once again.  She hears him sit his cup on the counter and returns to torment her while she cooks.  He leans into the spitfire frame for a loving moment and hugs her tightly taking a whiff of her wild hair. “I love your scent cowgirl, you’re intoxicating to me.”  Celeste’s womanhood responded instantly to his cuddle moment and feels the man’s hand wonder up her oversize flannel shirt tickling her bare legs with his soft touch. “Oh baby you’re still wet,” he whispers out when he tickles her tunnel of love with his finger.  She leans back against his naked torso and said in a hushed tone, “Watch out Westin I’ll do you right here if ya don’t stop now.” Westin turns off the stove and sets the cast iron skillet aside, and turns the cowgirl around to face him.

“I do believe you’re a nymph, are ya ready to play again cowgirl for I could use another session like last night, but a little more wilder.” Celeste is lost in Westin’s dreamy hazel eyes and messy hair from last nights steamy episode on the bear rug.  He cradles her head into this hands, and nibbles on her lips to encourage the cowgirl to respond.  She reciprocates with hunger unknown to her, and begins to melt to his calling.  Westin picks up the girl and sits her bare rump on the counter to ravish her body anywhere he pleases.  She leans back her head against the cabinets in pure beatitude as Westin unbuttons her shirt.  He takes his finger in slow movement and trances her thirty six C cup breast.  Her perky nuggets rise to the sexual occasion of the man’s yummy touch, and groans in delight when he dips his head down to sample her hard nipples.  Her eyes open wide in surprise when he carefully inserts his finger into her wet folds to play and sucks harder on her breast to enlighten the playful act.  “Westin, mmm your making my head swim once again.”  “Good for I plan to shag ya rotten my darlin’ and it’s you’re turn to work.”  Celeste is given the full reins and pleads with Westin to further his scrumptious seduction upon her body. His act of oral sex is driving her mad as she wraps her legs around the man squeezing him tight.  “Easy girl your going to squash me,” he lisps out.  She relaxes her strength, and lets him devour his fill of her body in complete ecstasy. The same feeling she experienced last night started to boil over while Westin moved his fingers in and out of her juicy wet tunnel.  She dips her head back and wails out loud her sublimity. Westin smiles and drives his fingers carefully inside her to work their magic.  The minute she comes back down to earth, she unbuttons his jeans in slow snail movements.  Westin groans out is delight to be released.  “My turn,” the cowgirl whispers out and slides off the counter to disrobe the man from his blue jean confinements with greed.

Westin takes note her eyes swirling once again into one color of emerald green and knows she is ready to fulfill his every desire once his baloney pony is free of restrictions.  With slow care he slips her open shirt off her shoulders and lets the fabric drop to the floor.  They stand together nude unsure who will make the move first.  “You’re gorgeous Westin, more than I can describe.”  Westin blushes but not too long when Celeste jumps his bone with intense sexual heat.  Her strength kept him on board to control her before he ended up hurt; however, he didn’t have a say when the pair were leaning slowly on top of the round table.  Celeste’s eyes are on fire with extreme passion as her back touches the solid wood.  Damn dog quickly left the scene and headed into the living room giving the wild pair space to do their thing alone.  Celeste inches more onto the wooden sturdy table kissing the man to death with gluttony.  In one full sweep Westin clears the table of all goods with one arm and sends the objects zooming across the room with a crash.  Celeste didn’t pay attention nor cared as long as they tore each other up with frenzy and lust.  Without missing a lick Westin and Celeste is on top of the large round table doing the wild thang in the heat of the moment.  It doesn’t take long for Westin to insert his fire stick into the girl’s blooming flower.  She arches her back and drives him deeper inside her wet folds.  Westin coos to his girl sweet nothings as he pushes his hips deeper into her creamy center.  Celeste purrs out and rapes his lips with robust.  Her fingers immediately runs through his hair and demands more from Westin.  “Jesus god you’re out of this world, you’re going to make me cum love if ya don’t slow down,” he hisses out between kisses laying on top of her.  “Put me on top Westin I want to feel all of you.”  Westin obeys as the table is big enough to handle their tall frames.  He rolls her into the center of the table and falls completely in love with the wildness of Celeste’s aura the minute she is seated on top of him.  Celeste couldn’t hide her delight as she softly speaks out glowing golden with wonder, “Oooo I like this position.”  Westin chuckles out with happiness, “Ride me baby,” he dares to say to the hungry cowgirl.  “Oh Westin I feel alive and you’re bigger than last night, hum…I’m in awe with need my buck,” she innuendos out in a dangerous demanding tone while wiggling her hips to get the perfect fit of his dick.  Her wild long hair is everywhere bouncing to life with character as she smells the air of sex.  Westin is highly charge to lay witness to the change in the cowgirl as she rode him to perfection.  It doesn’t take long for Celeste to boil over as she cries out her urgency to drive faster and harder.  Westin rocks the cowgirl hard and fast with his hands on her waist and marvels in her multiply climaxes until she loses momentum trying to catch her breath.  Before Celeste knew what happened Westin twisted her frame on the table and laid on top of her sweaty hot body to do his thing.  He drove himself deeper inside and pounded out his desire with each push and pull in her slushy hairless folds.  “I love your hot box baby, soft, smooth, and deliciously drizzling with wetness.”  Celeste stretches out her arms and holds on to the edge of the table to take the heavy thrust of Westin’s hips.  Neither one of the wild lovers could hear the small cracks in the table when Westin demanded more aggression upon her willing body.  The cowgirl bellows out with heated air, “Westin more.”  Westin does what is told and hammers deep into her creaminess and cries out, “Cowgirl cum with me.”  Celeste moves her hips and drives the man deeper into her abyss.  In unison they both cry out their animalism as the table gives way from their weight and splits in half sending them down to the floor between the division of the wood table.  Neither one missed a stroke during the ruins of the table until their heated moment calmed down and were able to catch their breath.  “That was fucking awesome,” Westin giggles as he runs his fingers through his hair.  Celeste laughed out loud from her lovers statement, and hugged him close to her breast feeling totally sedated from their wild love making.


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