“Well darlin’ I hate to burst your bubble but its a permanent fixture and it’s sexy as all hell.”



The shameless lovers are resting on top of each other in between the broken round table when they hear Damn dog growling.  Celeste and Westin lift their heads up to see why the dog is having a fit.  They spot the beast stand on his hind legs eating their bacon out of the frying pan on top of the stove.  “Westin get up please, so I can kick that damn dog out of the house, plus I think I have slivers of wood stuck in my ass.”  Westin immediately roared out with laughter and kissed the girl deeply.  By the time they picked themselves up off the floor Damn dog scatted away knowing Celeste was going to give him a tongue lashing for his in-subornation.  She rubbed her rear-end and felt the sharp wood embed itself into her rump, and went straight to the door.  “Out,” she barked at the dog and when she opened the door the dog flew out with speed with his tail between his legs.  Westin is laughing hysterical when Celeste slams the door and turns her attention on the handsome nude man with a smile on her lips.  Her eyes drop down to the floor to take in the broken table, and what they had done in the heat of the moment and loses her happy grin.  She stands unsure how to feel as she stares at the table her grandfather made with his own bare hands and feels the sense of loss in her heart.  Memories flooded her mind of all the times she and Henry sat at the table together.  Westin notes the change in the girl and carefully walks up to her and hugs her tightly.  “It’s just a table my love, I should have known better.”  Celeste eyes begin to water for the lost of the giant round table against Westin’s chest.  “It was my fault Westin I had no business on top of the table anyways.” She wiped her tears away before pulling her self together to leave the tender arms of her lover.  “Let me see you’re rump darlin’ so I can pull them out.”  Celeste turned around in sorrow to let Westin pluck out the sharp wooden objects in her ass.  “You’ve got several long splinters that are deep, but Celeste, you’ve got a small red heart stamped on you’re rump.  That’s funny it wasn’t there last night.” Westin is confused how she obtained the red marking when last night it wasn’t there.  “Just pull the pieces out and get it over with Westin.  As for a red tattoo, I don’t like markings on my body unless it’s war paint.”  Westin touched the tiny heart and said, “Well darlin’ I hate to burst your bubble but its a permanent fixture and it’s sexy as all hell.”  She pivots her torso around and spots the tiny symbol on the left side of her butt, and scowls her dislike. She changes in mood and begins to mumble out to no one in Cherokee language of what her gods did without consent.  She stomps her way to a drawer and pulls out a pair of tweezers and hands them over to him.  “Just pull them out and be done with it.”  He is at total lost the change in her mood, but knew she is extremely upset at the mysterious deed. “Maybe it was the Little People who cut my hair,” he softly spoke out while pulling out the wood pieces.  “No they already did their damage last night.  They play tricks and watch out for children who are lost and that’s all.” She offered Westin the information, and let the deed pass as she stared at the broken table with anger.

She doesn’t feel the needle points being pulled out by Westin until she felt his tenderness kiss each wound to make it feel better.  As she melts away her anger in a soft tone she states, “My papa made the table Westin.”  Westin spins the girl around slowly and kisses her lips with love, “I’ll get ya a new one darlin’.  I know it won’t be the same but it’s something.”  Celeste shakes her head no and said, “I have another one in the garage if ya help me take this one out.”  Westin picks up her shirt up off the floor and covers her with care, and then slips into his britches before moving the table out.  “Celeste there is a lot of stuff here, have you ever gone through it?” Celeste and Westin sit the broken table in the middle of the cold garage when she stops and turns around to view all the hidden treasures of the past.  “No I’ve never cause I ain’t a snoop dog, nor did I ever have a desire to mess around with what is not mine.” She moves forward to a corner and pulls away sheets that covered the ancient goods.  Many storage chest lays waiting for the girl to rummage through in leisure when they dragged out the old cherry oak square table from it’s dusty spot.  “Wow this is gorgeous red wood needs cleaning, but it will work out fine in the kitchen,” Westin proclaimed out.  Celeste nods in approval and begins to dust the table off.  “This table I think was my grandmother’s before my papa made her the round table, I guess it will do for now.” The lovers move the table into the warm kitchen with ease while the cowgirl begins to take a wet rag to the wood.  The phone rings out breaking the silence between the lovers.  “Westin the phone is for you could you please answer it.”  Westin runs his hand through his hair and gives the girl an odd look, “How do you know it’s for me?”  The cowgirl simply replied, “I don’t get calls darlin’ so it must be for you.”  He picks up the receiver and said hello, “Hi mom, yeah I’m about to leave I’ll be home in a few with Peter’s medicine. See ya later.”  Celeste knew it was time for him to leave and kept herself busy cleaning the table.  “Westin go take a shower while I prep Peter’s medicines for you to take home.”  Westin walked up to the cowgirl with her wild hair cascading down in curls and touches her sad face, “I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow cowgirl I promise.” She smiles and nods yes silently and lets her lover smother her with tender kisses before he took a shower and left her home.


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