“Yahoo,” she screams out with glee and spreads her arms open to feel the rush of wind kiss her skin in freedom.


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The next day Celeste took Chief her painted draft horse out for a run through the snowy woods.  She feels free and light as a feather dreaming of traveling the world while racing across the open fields in her Indian buckskin attire on her horse.  “Yahoo,” she screams out with glee and spreads her arms open to feel the rush of wind kiss her skin in freedom.  She leans forward for more speed, Chief didn’t disappoint the girl when receiving the clue to go go go.  He put on the speed and flew past the woods bucking and kicking.  Celeste giggles out loud the pleasure of riding her big horse as she held on for fun and decides to do a few riding tricks on the back of Chief.  The cowgirl is riding bare back with no reins as she does a death defying stunt off her galloping horse.  She grabs the horse’s furry mane and slides off side to side touching the ground with a foot for a split second only to leap high in the air to the other side of the horse with skill.  She seats herself on his bare back and gives the clue to skip in between the trees in pole bending fashion.  After messing around for fun with her horse Celeste finds herself close to her father’s home.  She walks her horse through the snow cooling the equine down when she spots the log cabin home.  She stops the horse and slides off her horse to stare at the home with smoke coming out of the chimney. Doris is the first person that comes to her mind as she stands still pondering if she should give a peek in the windows. The urge to sneak a peek over rode the cowgirl senses and before she knew it her feet moved forward on their own accord.  Several human foot tracks in the snow coming and going showed proof someone lived in the ancient home. Memories flooded her nervous mind as she nears the old home.  The huntress decides to go around too the back of the house to take a peek into a room that once was her living quarters.  The room is empty except for guitars, amps and other music devices. Her heart is breaking to know her father still lives in the home and has never thought about visiting his daughter at her grandfather’s home for many years.

Celeste is bounced out of her thoughts when she dips down fast before being seen by the residents.  “Doris what the hell did ya do with my picks woman?”  Celeste eyes are wide with fear when she hears her father yell out in his deep southern drawl dialect slurring out his drunken words to his partner. It takes all her energy to spy and catch a glimpse of her father through the window when she slithers up the log cabin’s walls, and what she saw discussed her to no end. Her once handsome tall father is now a bag of bones and dirty with greasy hair wearing his tattered clothing that hung off his thin frame.  When Doris came into view Celeste didn’t want to see anymore, with care she creeps away and runs to the safety of Chief in the woods. The whole way home she cried her eyes out for the loss of her dysfunctional family, and when she entered her quiet home she threw away all the alcohol bottles into the trash. Several minutes ticked by as the cowgirl embedded a serious thought in her mind, and vowed she was leaving Ohio to venture across the United States to experience new beginnings.


picture by: lyndseysnewgroove.blogspot.com



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