“Come on hombres ya want a piece of me!”



“Oh HELL no…” the spicy cowgirl murmurs out in her deep dreaming stage.  The half breed is living in the moment somewhere in time fighting a band of men in uniform with her Bowie knife, and Slingshot on an island that is surrounded by ocean water.  Her dream does not show faces only shadows as she fights her way pass armed guards from a different culture unknown to her.  “Come on hombres ya want a piece of me!” She hisses out in her strange dialect, and swings her deadly sharp blade in the air at the advancing men while gathering information how many men were present.  Celeste hollers out in her Cherokee war cry to the heavily armed men, and throws her knife with skill at a wall.  She dreams of sliding on a hard surface in her daisy duke shorts and cowboy hat between someones legs, and high tails it to her knife with speed.  Celeste finds herself suddenly smashed against a wall and smells hostility fill the dream air with reality someone is pressing up against her back while barking out orders in her ear.  As soon as the dream began it ended into another time and place in the world.  She leaves a painted black and white horse behind as she struggles climbing up a lava rock in mountains foreign to her with an injured leg as a Serbian wolf follows her.  “Wolf,” Celeste yells out when the Lupus canine leaps over the boulders and disappears from sight.  In a matter of seconds she witness several mountain sheep with big curly horns fly over her head to fall to their doom as the wolf is hot on their trail.  She plasters her self against the sharp rocks and pulls out her bow and arrow to release the pointing object at a ram in flight.  “Yahoo,” she screams out in happiness when her arrow hits home. Celeste tries to climb down the vertical wall of rock when she falls into another strange dreaming scene.

Her energy is all mighty stomping her way through blizzard conditions at the tip of the North Pole.  She hears a deep throat-ed cry for help hum inside her ears.  The huntress is dressed in grizzly bear fur from head to toe when she puts on speed to give aid to Mother Earth’s children. Celeste slides her way on ice to reach the huge dark mound that is wounded. Her speed is fast and furious as she nears and bears witness to the horrible destruction of the ocean beast. The whale’s shallow breathing told the huntress his time has come as she gives the whale her undivided attention into his wise orbs, and hears his unspoken words in her mind to release him from the agonizing pain.  She touches the leather cold skin with her hand and hums out peaceful symbols of ancient ancestors.  The water fish relaxes as the huntress absorbs his pain away.  He moves his big eyeball down to the tiny spiritual being to ask a question in song before he dies, “Who are you earth human?”  Celeste puffs up her chest and whispers out, “I am daughter too.”   Celeste didn’t finish the dream when her mind slipped into another.

“Push Celeste one more time,” the gentle male voice cried out in a dark room with the scent of horses.  She bears down one more time with all her might, and pushes the little body out of her birthing canal.  “It’s a baby girl, a beautiful healthy little girl with black hair.”  Her body feels like she is floating in the air of time when she senses a bundle of joy being placed softly on her chest.  Celeste moistens her dry lips with her tongue and smiles down at the crying child.  Celeste moves her hand toward her face to stop someone from licking her cheek.  She mumbles out, “Be gone,” and feels a long tongue lick inside her mouth.  She springs up out of sleep and spits out her dislike of being licked in the mouth.  Damn dog is whining out his concern for her in front of the burning fireplace wagging his tail in greeting.  It takes her befuddle mind time to clear from her weird dreams and touches Damn dog’s head to stare into his sweet golden eyes.  Without words the cowgirl picks herself up off the bear rug and begins her day heavy in thought about her dreams and their true meanings.


picture by: calcimined.rssing.com

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