“Isn’t it grand to be free,”



Westin is beside himself with need for Celeste as he sits by his brother Peter’s bedside who suddenly started to spiral downwards with Tuberculosis. He has devoted his time to his brother day in and out except for Sandra who seemed to never leave his side.  There were many times he wanted to visit Celeste since she refused to answer her phone.  He knew it was a long shot calling the girl; but whenever he picked up the phone Sandra appeared out of nowhere and mucked up his plans to talk with the juicy cowgirl.  He is going stir crazy without seeing Celeste when Peter whispered out in a weak tone, “I need the cowgirl brother please bring her here before it’s too late.”  Sandra gives Westin a odd glance with a scowl on her face.  For several weeks Sandra and Westin hadn’t coupled as Sandra found Westin slipping away from her reach.  There were times when she heard the boys talk about a girl who was a healer with admiration and laughter. And when she over heard that they both stayed the night over her house in a snow storm and what they did at her house, Sandra became jealous and full of curiosity who the girl might be.  She swallowed her pride to question Candice Westin’s sister and her best friend; however Candice didn’t know anything about the healer except she prolonged her little brother’s life with her medicines.  “I will return brother come hell or high water I’ll bring you Celeste,” Westin softly spoke to his brother.  Peter spots Sandra standing at the doorway to his room and turns his head to stare out the window wishing for his cowgirl to help him.  Westin stands up and runs his fingers through his brown hair ready to do Peter’s bidding. “Westin can you take me home,” Sandra sweetly asked her suitor.  “Candice will take ya home when she returns.  I have to do a few things.”  Sandra didn’t like his response and begins to pout out.  “We never spend time alone anymore Westin, and I need to talk to you privately.”  Westin agrees without a fight, and slips pass his pretty girlfriend to head into the kitchen to talk with his mother before he left.

Celeste had kept her self busy in the month of March inside her barn with her friends.  The day came to release the bobcat she had saved from a trap among other bird life ready to spread their wings and fly away.  She had just finished freeing the birds and is about to open the container to the three legged Linx when she hears Mr. Spencer’s car pull into her driveway. It has been many months since she last saw the scholar man as he steps out of his auto and heads to her house. She whistles out and catches his attention, Mr. Spencer spins on his heels and approaches the half breed in long strides.  “Well what do I owe the honor of you’re visit?”  The humble book worm hadn’t changed much except for cutting his hair as he nears Celeste.  “Hi sweetie just wanted to come over and check on you to see how you are faring; plus I have a favor to ask.”  Celeste nods in agreement and stated, “Let me discharge this last animal and then you and I can chat in the house over a cup of coffee.”  Mr. Spencer’s follows the spitfire and said in a good note, “I swear you haven’t change Celeste still taking care of animals.  I hope you go to college to become a Veterinarian, because the animal world would be a better place with you as their doctor.”  Celeste smiles at the man and requests him to stand aside in a safe spot when she releases the wild animal.

Mr. Spencer is in awe as he witness the wild three legged critter hiss out to Celeste.  Slowly she opens the container and let’s the cat free to wonder outside his box.  The bobcat takes his time to break free and slowly cuddles up against the cowgirl’s leg.  Celeste carefully purrs out warnings to the animal with a tear in her eye and watches the animal limp his way back into the woods.  “I rest my case girl you are a whisper to animals and belong to give aid to all kinds of species in this world.”  The huntress smiles her happy lips at the man. “Isn’t it grand to be free,” she calls out and heads towards the house to talk with Charles over a cup of brew. “Where’s the round table at Celeste?”  Mr. Spencer questions the girl when they step into the warm kitchen.  “I busted it in half from all my intense pounding.”  Mr. Spencer remembers the day they had a food fight after the loss of her grandfather and how she pounded her fist on the table with strength unknown to him.   “So what’s up darlin’?” she softly spoke to the scholar.  “Well I’m looking for a new place to live.  I thought to ask you if you would let me stay here until I find a place to buy.”  Celeste is shocked but recovers as she pours them a mug of java.  “How about if we make a compromise. I’ve been thinking that I want to travel it would be groovy if you stay here while I’m gone.”  Mr. Spencer is excited to hear her news and agrees kindheartedly to her perfect solution.  They are sitting across the table when Charles senses the change in Celeste.  “There is something different about you Celeste.  You are more beautiful than I remember, perhaps you have found yourself a boyfriend?”  Celeste nods no with a smirk and keeps a tight lip to his question. She instantly senses danger invade her body and bunches up her brow deep in thought.  “What’s the matter girl?”  She shakes her head free of the ill feelings and ventures onward without letting Charles know something terrible was about to happen.


picture by: silviakusada.wordpress.com

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