In one huge leap in the air, Celeste pushes off on the rump of her horse and plants her self into the saddle dressed in her Indian attire.



Charles is on cloud nine when he left Celeste’s home after his cup of coffee and productive conversation.  When Charles is out of sight Celeste whistles for her dog who vanished before Mr. Spencer arrival into the woods.  By the time she saddled up her horse the dog hadn’t obeyed her command.  It takes her a few moments to scan the moist ground from the melting snow when she spots his tracks.  Her skin crawls with goose bumps to hurry, “I know there is something wrong, because damn dog knows more than I about sensitive situations with people.”  The minute she said people her eyes widen in fear and immediately thought of Peter.  “Maybe that is why Westin didn’t keep his word about coming to see me again.  Peter must be getting worse and Damn dog knows it.”  Fast as lightening the cowgirl high tails it into her home for her medicine Indian backpack and runs out the door towards her waiting horse.  In one huge leap in the air, Celeste pushes off on the rump of her horse and plants her self into the saddle dressed in her Indian attire.  “Run like the wind my friend,” she yells out with urgent demand.  Chief jumps into action and speeds through the woods heading towards Westin’s home.

“Westin I’ve been feeling neglected lately.” Westin is in a trance driving fast towards Sandra’s house to drop her off before going to Celeste’s home.  His thoughts are on watching Celeste glide with mystery into a room when his girlfriend barks out, “Damn it Westin did you hear what I said?”  Westin shakes his head and said, “No I didn’t sorry Sandra my mind is else where.”  Sandra became furious with her boy toy and bellowed out, “Westin pull the car over now before we are at my house I need to tell you something.”  Westin does what he is told and puts his car into park, and then gives his undivided attention to the materialistic girl.  “Westin we’ve been together now for several years.”  Westin watches her move her painted lips and finds he no longer thought she was gorgeous.  “I think we should get married,” she blurted out.  Westin immediately comes to life, “I don’t love you Sandra enough to marry you, in fact I would like to break up with you.” Sandra gives the young man an angry glare and spits out, “I think not Westin; because I might be pregnant.”  Westin is motionless, he feels his blood leave his face and is turning sheet white from the unexpected news.  He grips his wheel hard boiling up with resentment, “I thought you were on the pill?”  “Silly boy even if I am taking birth control pills there is the chance of impregnation. I wanted to tell you that I took a test and it came back positive. I’ve already told my father and mother who seems to be very excited about the news.”  Westin sat wordless in his driver’s seat, it takes him a few moments to calmly put the car into drive.  “I think a summer wedding would be nice before I get too big, don’t you agree?” Westin comes to attention, “Set an appointment Sandra to take another test and I want to be present for the results, but for now I don’t want to see you.  I need space away from you to think about this; because I don’t want a kid from you nor do I want to be married.  This fucking sucks and I can’t believe you told your parents without consulting me first.  You’re cruel girl for waiting till now to tell me this secret when you know my brother is suffering.”  Sandra smiles to her self for planting a seed of destruction into Westin’s brain.  Westin pulls up into her elaborate mansion’s driveway when Sandra is about to break the silence between them.  Westin sticks up his hand and said, “Don’t, not another word just leave, and call me when you have the date to see the doctor.”  Sandra opens her door and states out, “See you soon Westin.”  She slams his car door and starts walking up her walkway.  Westin puts his car into reverse squealing his wheels on the pavement as he left in a hurry to Celeste’s home.  While driving down the road at a high speed Westin instantly thinks about Celeste, and if she too might be pregnant. He pounds his fist on the steering wheel in frustration, “Shit and damn fire how stupid I am.”  He runs his fingers through his long hair and yells out, “Why can’t I do anything right!”


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3 thoughts on “In one huge leap in the air, Celeste pushes off on the rump of her horse and plants her self into the saddle dressed in her Indian attire.

    1. Me??? Hummm perhaps you mean Celeste. However, our girl doesn’t view relationships like others. And Westin should have dumped the girl when he was making his move on the cowgirl. Kiss Kiss Curt 😉

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