I am Cherokee not a Mexican not that it matters we are all human, and one color in my eyes.



Celeste didn’t feel the slapping of branches against her face as the draft horse ran through the woods with all his might.  She is close to Peter’s home when Damn dog shows himself and runs beside the pack to give Peter aid.  Celeste now confirms Peter is in trouble and gives the clue to her equine for more horsepower; however Chief wants to comply but his git is tuckering out from age.  Celeste feels the change in Chief and knows she pushed the aged horse to the max. Damn dog rushes forward leaving his friends behind.  Celeste stops her paint by the stream where Westin caught her sunbathing nude one day.  “I’m sorry my friend for pushing you’re limits, stay here and rest I will return.”  Chief understood the human’s command as the gentle giant huffed and puffed out from exertion.   The half breed runs at top speed through the woods whispering out to the earth to give aid to Peter until her arrival.  She shakes her head out of her worry thoughts to focus what needs to be done before coming to the child of light’s home.

“She comes mama,” Peter choked out in a weak smile.  The little boy coughs uncontrollable and spits out blood as his mother showers him with love wiping away the dark substance upon his lips.  Jean is weeping tears of sadness for her pale color son.  The little boy is getting weaker by the minute as he speaks his raspy words out in a soft note, “Mama I can’t breathe, I want papa?”  “He’s on his way my son as fast as possible.”  Peter grabs his burning throat when Jean places the medical poultice on his chest that Celeste made for him.  “Thank you mama I love you.”  Jean is beside her self with fear of losing her baby boy when she hears a loud thump on Peter’s window. Damn dog is plastering his nose against the window and whines out with a howl.  Peter turns his head in slow motion to his window and sees the funny dog whimper out his urgency to be with him.  “Let him in mama please,” Peter whispers out.  His mother leaves the room quickly to let the dog in, she opens the door wide and is barreled over by the large beast running towards Peter’s room as fast as a speeding bullet.  Jean tumbles to the ground in surprise, she has a helping hand reach out and smiles to see Celeste out of breath helping her up.  “Sorry Madame for my naughty dog’s behavior.”  Jean is stunned to see the change in the healer, she is stronger, different than she remembers with a essence of power beyond her understanding.  “Peter needs you,” Jean cries out and loses her restraint to keep it together.  Celeste carefully assist Jean to stand, and for some god reason the Indian girl embraces Jean into a mighty hug.  The feeling of holding a woman while she cries out her pain is foreign to the cowgirl; nevertheless, she holds the caregiver with care.  “Yes I know, tis his time mother of Peter the Great.”  Jean balls out her eyes while holding on to the tall half breed for dear life, and quickly begs the cowgirl, “Save him please.”  Celeste lets her tears fall with Jean and said tenderly, “If I could I would take his place, but your holy spirit has bigger plans for your little boy Jean.” She holds on tighter to Peter’s mother until she hears damn dog howl out with sorrow.  “Come dry our eyes first before Peter sees both of us ball guttin’.”  The half breed’s strange dialect calms Jean down enough to get a grip of her emotions.  They are about to head to Peter’s room when Westin’s father and sister run into the house.  “Jean what the hell is the door open wide for?” Celeste steps away from Jean in time to stare into Westin’s sister surprised face.

It takes Candice a second to gather who the hell the Indian woman is, she opens her eyes wide and spits out her venom.  “You, you filthy Mexican!”  The young girl is smaller than Celeste and takes a swing at Celeste with her fist balled up, Celeste grabs her fist in time before being struck in the face and squeezes the girl’s hand with intense strength.  “You are nasty and disrespectful I see you have not changed; however, this is not the time for your foulness girl. I am Cherokee not a Mexican not that it matters we are all human and one color in my eyes.”  Candice is winching and screams out in pain from the hurt Celeste is giving her fist.  Westin’s father finally snaps out of the crazy confrontation scene and steps forward to break them up when Celeste hears Westin’s auto pulling into the driveway and releases her hold on his sister.  Westin’s mother comes between the pair and screams out at her daughter, “Stop it, stop it now Candice I can’t bear this drama right at this moment. How do you think I felt when I have watched your brother go down hill without her aid just because I know she was the one who gave you the black eye!” Celeste keeps her composure strong and gives Westin’s father a glance who is mystified with Celeste’s eye color and compelling authority.  In a soft tone Celeste spoke to Jean, “Do not place blame Jean, I only postpone what is too come for Peter, so it wouldn’t have matter if I was here or not.”  “Dad do something, kick her back wood ass out of our house,” Candice yells out. “Enough Candice put yourself together,” the tall man barked out at his daughter.  He is about to extend his hand in greeting to the stranger when Westin runs through the open door and spots Celeste.  Candice recovers and is about to jump Celeste when Damn dog comes out of Peter’s room, and stands next to Celeste baring his sharp teeth at Candice.  “What the hell,” the frighten girl spoke out looking to and fro to Indian girl and mutt.  Westin does his famous move with his dreamy brown hair and steps forward to stand nose to nose with the cowgirl.  “I’ve missed you darlin’,” he whispers out as he reaches up with a tender hand, and moves Celeste’s long hair behind her ear with love.  Celeste blushes three shades of red and lowers her head. Candice is shocked and knows without a shadow of doubt this is the girl that has stolen both of her brother’s heart.  And to see the change in Westin adoring the half breed in a manner different that her best friend was enough to blow her mind with anger. “Mama,” the little boy calls out in a weak voice.  Damn dog gives Westin’s sister a growl and returns to Peter’s room while Westin’s father and mother follow in a hurry.

3 thoughts on “I am Cherokee not a Mexican not that it matters we are all human, and one color in my eyes.

  1. It’s amazing how people deal with their situations huh Cherri? Their choices could harm or damage the human mind. But hang in there remember Celeste is an unusual person as you know… 😉 She will find balance in time.

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