And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!



The air is thick with doom and gloom as Celeste is about to bolt out of the house, she opens the door and jumps in fright as the black garb man with a cross around his neck was about to knock on the door.  The gentle religious man and savage of the earth stare at each other for a few moments when Celeste steps aside to let the man enter Peter’s home.  Celeste senses his scrutiny on her soul and returns his glare.  “You must be Peter’s friend,” he extends his hand in greeting while he scans her attire from head to toe. Celeste slowly lifts her hand up to shake the holy man’s hand, and thinks twice before extending her arm out.  “I don’t bite,” he offered out with a smile.  She takes a hold of his hand in greeting, and senses the man is sweet in nature, “You’re too late sir, Peter has passed,” she lisped out.  “Excuse me then I don’t mean to be rude,” the man in cloth replied.  She nods her head yes and stands aside to let the man pass, and then runs out of the house with speed into the woods where Chief lies waiting for her return; and with only one lethal thought in her pea size brain.  The cold air kisses her skin as she breezes through the woods silently to reach Chief.  The horse greets his owner with a nicker, and bobs his head up and down. Celeste immediately hugs her horse and sheds her tears she bottled up until out of eye sight of human beings. “Papa take me too,” she wails out in Scottish language.  Silent time ticked pass when she feels a presence enter the woods, she steps away from her horse to give reference to the uncharted spirit.  The bare trees of hibernation bow to what is coming, as she scans the wooded landscape to see all kinds of wild life suddenly come out of their hidden shelter to pay homage. The slow moving icy stream begins to boil up into a water figurine, Celeste blinks her orbs in amazement and wipes away her tears.  As clear liquid forms into a woman’s nude body three times taller than the six feet cowgirl; Celeste is mystified into a strange abyss with goose bumps covering her body.  The windless cold air is heavy with magic unknown to the half breed as she lays claim to the extraordinary alien visit.

As the massive water figure blinks several times her water log eyes with a smile upon her liquid clear lips; Celeste sucks in a wonder breath and spots the powerful spirit’s optical change into an emerald green.  Celeste feels her body kneeling down on the wet surface, an automatically bows to the supernatural force.  “Hialeah Elena you’re path of travel does not end here with Peters death.  Do not take your breath away thinking he will return in trade for your life.”  Celeste snaps up her head in surprise at the element of water and growls out, “How dare you take him, it should have been me not a child who could change the world with his beauty.”  Celeste gathers up her body to stand and feels a heavy weight on her shoulders to stay put until released.  She feels the spray of water touch her face as the spirit being spits out her words with care, “He belongs into the circle of life where his holiness of innocents will be honored Hialeah.” The cowgirl shakes her head no as she hears a lone wolf cry out, not in the woods but inside her head. “I don’t belong here in this world please take me,” she begged to the powerful force while grabbing her head with her hands an acting out pulling her hair lose from the roots.  The lonely wolf cries out once again when Celeste in flicks pain upon her body.  It takes the girl a few moments when she curls her lip up in defiance at the holy spirit.  “All my life I have wondered alone on a path I know not where nor do I understand.  You have taken from me all that I love, and now you have the gall to tell me not to take my life.  Is there no mercy for this wicked half breed who has been plagued with ordain shit all her life? I’m sick of it ya hear!  My heart can’t bear any more trials of this hocus pocus crap, and who the fudge are you anyways to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own life?  And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!”  Celeste is fuming up with anger at the holy beautiful figurine, when she captures the wild creatures flee the scene to return back into their hiding places.  The spirit slowly ebbs away and returns to the slow moving icy stream, she hears Peter’s voice whisper out, “No cowgirl,” just before Damn dog and Westin interrupts her chance to hear her questions answered.  “Grrrrr…” she yells out loud in frustration and sinks her hands into the dirt to squeeze the black wetness in her mighty fist.



6 thoughts on “And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!

    1. Like I said, for some reason the minute I sit my ass in this seat at the computer in the early morning light the story flows out of no where. Jealous, hummm your writing is banging too baby…. Kiss Kiss and thank you so much for stopping by to read Poco Celeste.

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