“I don’t know who the hell ya are, but ya keep your stinking filthy ass out of my head.”




“Come on sweetie rise,” Westin coast the Indian girl to stand.  “Don’t touch me,” she spits out and moves her body away from Westin.  She quickly crawls on the wet surface and springs up into action. “Leave now Westin go back to you’re home where you are needed and safe from the likes of me.”  Westin is stunned to see the girl lose her temper while Damn dog growls out at Celeste. He could have sworn he heard a male’s voice demanding him to go home instead of the cowgirls tone. Celeste rips out a return growl to the dog and could careless who she barked at.  Fearful of the power of Celeste the dog cowards and seeks shelter behind the tall frame of Westin.  Chief explodes into bucking and kicking frenzy while screaming out his battle cry.  Westin rakes his fingers through his hair and yells out to Celeste, “What the hell has taken hold of ya girl?” In the heat of the moment the cowgirl leaps upon her painted steed’s back, and leaves Westin to himself as she rushes through the woods with reckless speed.  Westin knows he can’t follow her and turns around to go get his car with dog in tow.

Celeste knows not why she is acting out with hatred beyond her imagination as she races across the land in a hurry.  At one point Celeste feared she was going to rip out Westin’s throat when coldness seeped into her soul if she didn’t leave on the spot.  J’hara fights for supremacy of Celeste’s body as he wards off her destruction of ill thoughts to end her life for a mere boy.  He would be damned if he came this far only to lose the battle of freedom of his magical soul that laid in limbo inside the cowgirl’s spirit from his deadly actions of defying Mother Nature.  It’s taking all his energy to control the strength of the half breed as she whizzes past the wooded trees on her horse.   J’hara is stunned in awe the power and might of the girl when she slides off her horse, and runs on her long legs beside her horse.  Part of J’hara fears to show himself to the girl as she growls out her plight in flight.  The need to transform Celeste into a wolf is weighing heavily upon J’hara prince of the woods, and brother to Mother Earth.  “No brother do not dare,” he hears his sister’s warning, and banishes his thoughts before putting them into action.  “She will cool down, and stop you’re meddling remember you need her approval.”  He senses the girl is taking back domination, and releases his magician hold upon the beauty he has fallen in love with since birth.  Celeste is slowing down to a trot when J’hara disappears and lays dormant once again. Her fast breathing slows down as she stops to gain reality.  “I don’t know who the hell ya are, but ya keep your stinking filthy ass out of my head.”  Celeste roars out in a bear cry, and leans her sweaty body against a tree to figure out what the freaking hell just happened to her.  The painted horse comes to attention hearing her bear call and bolts home without blinking an eye.  In a sad tone Celeste calls out, “Chief come back here, I didn’t mean to scare ya boy!”  The horse didn’t hear a single word from his owner as she watched his painted ass whip pass the trees in retreat for home.



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