No Westin stop using sex as a crutch, it doesn’t cure all ailments of sorrow or hurt.

Man Kissing a Woman --- Image by © Hans Neleman/zefa/Corbis


Celeste shivers with cold in the woods and since she had not the proper attire to last throughout the night sleeping in the forest, she headed for home. It takes her several hours before she reaches her home nestled off the beaten path of roadways.  Tired to the bone she opens the back door to her dark house at three in the morning an immediately brews a hot cup of tea. She sits at the kitchen table and views her earthy kitchen with herbs hanging out to dry.  Tinctures of healing oils littered the counter tops along with ancient knifes and devices to cook. She ponders on Mr. Spencer’s request of living in her grandfather’s home and begins to cry her tears of leaving all she knows behind just to escape memories. The tea kettle blows a whistle of warning as she stands up from the table to pour her hot water over chamomile leaves.  The healer spots on the counter the deadly herb of Foxglove she used in small amounts to strengthen Peter’s heart, and knows if used in a large dose it would kill the patient.  Without any further ado the girl is about to sprinkle the poison into her tea when the door burst open. Westin scares the cowgirl to death when he storms into her house with an angry wild gaze, she spills the deadly herb all over the table and some into her cup of tea from the surprise entrance of Westin.  Fast as lightening Westin zips around the table and stands in front of the girl stripping the cowgirl of her death defying act.  He swings his hand in the air and knocks the bottle out of her hand.  The glass container flew in the air and shattered the rest of its contents against the wall.  They stand nose to nose ready to do battle when Westin cups her face into his hands.  “Who are you,” in a soft tone Westin requests. Celeste knocks the man’s hands off her face and becomes protective of her self.  “What the hell ya doing here boy, go back home where ya belong.”  Westin grabs her arms, and squeezes hard as possible using brute force to slam the girl against his chest.

“Stop it Westin you’re hurting me,” she gives the handsome man who seems to have been crying out his eyes a warning he over stepped his boundary.  “I won’t let you do it Celeste!” Celeste wrinkles up her brows and snarls up her lips in defiance. “Do what,” she spits out.  Westin doesn’t answer, he separates their bodies to pick up her tea and is about to take a drink of the hot liquid.  Celeste opens her eyes in surprise and knocks the cup out of his hand sending the deadly concoction across the table.  Westin takes his hand and pulls back his long hair away from his face, “You’re going to kill yourself, why else would you knock that cup out of my hand.  Don’t do it Celeste for I can’t bear two deaths in one day from two people I love dearly.”  She is confused how the man knew what her intentions were and stands still in shock.  “I believe there is something different about you more than meets the human eye cowgirl.” He watches the healer’s confusion written all over her face.  “Please lets sit by a fire and talk, do ya think we can do that together peacefully?” Celeste walks away from Westin to clean up the mess of water and herbs.  He follows closely behind the girl refusing to let up. “Get the hell away from me Westin, go home and forget me for I am nothing but a fuck up.” She is about to bend down to clean up the shatter glass bottle on the floor when Westin spins her around and kisses her.

She fights the strong man trying to wiggle out of his intense hold, but Westin doesn’t let up and urgently holds on tighter.  His kisses are sending her head whirling into a heated spiral of a tornado.  She feels her body melting and begins to lighten up to return his kiss with hunger unknown.  “That’s it baby kiss me for I need you more than ever my love,” Westin whispers out upon her lips.  Celeste is lost in the closeness of Westin’s embrace and begins to devour his body unconditionally. She feels her womanhood between her legs act out and flow with juices in the heat of the moment to Westin’s man handling demands.  He undertones her with gentle care upon her lips his devotion and love.  Celeste snaps out of the moment and breathes deeply.  She shakes her long mane and said, “No Westin stop using sex as a crutch, it doesn’t cure all ailments of sorrow or hurt.  I don’t love you nor do I love anyone else.  Just leave please; because you and I are not having sex.”  Westin takes a step backwards giving space between the couple, “Are you pregnant Celeste?” Celeste laughs out and stated, “No Westin I have made a tea to prevent, so you are safe from all responsibilities.”  “Then we will talk all night till the next day until we clear the air. And for your information I didn’t have sex with you, I felt we were making love.”  Her restraint of hearing his kind words started to ebb away, she nods yes with her head an asked, “Make a pot of coffee then and start a fire in the living room while I take a bath.”  Westin breathes out a happy breath to hear she stopped pregnancy with a tea, and hearing her agreement to at least try and talk with him in a civil tongue gave him hope for a future with Celeste…the girl of his ultimate desires.

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