I want you the right way, and want you to want me just like I want you.


Westin handed her mug steaming with fresh java by the fireplace on the bear rug. He adores how simple the nature girl lives her life without societies amenities. The fire light casts a golden tone to the blonde hair beauty’s essence when he sits down beside her.  They take a few quiet moments to survey each other, the growing need to devour the girl weighs heavy upon Westin soul. He thinks of the snaps on her blue flannel shirt instead of buttons and desperately wants to unsnap the shirt off her body.  It has been over a month or so since the last time they coupled.  He turns red in the fire light just thinking of how they broke her round table with their wild sex.  Celeste smiles at the handsome man, “Stop Westin you’re wicked thoughts will get you no where today.”  Westin chuckled, “Sorry darlin’ it seems every time I am around you all I can think of is how delicious, sensual, and how crazy I am about you.  It’s like my heart bleeds for you when I am away from you’re body.”  He slowly reaches out to touch her bare leg skin with his finger tip, and strokes her knee cap tenderly with his thumb.  The simple touch of the man’s finger sends her mind into limbo of want and need to sex him up and down. “I can never get enough of you’re untamed spirit my wild lassie, and from what I sense ya dig me too,” he proclaimed. Celeste raises her eyes in wonder to hear Westin pour out his heart.  She sits patiently letting him tell all that he feels about her, “Celeste you’re so much different than other women I’ve been with. When I’m inside you I’m in another world of beauty, desire and lust unknown to me. Even in the way ya think about relationships, life, emotions, awe damn you name it you hold the title to being a perfect woman a man would jump through hoops for.  Sometimes I can’t think of the right words to describe you cowgirl.  Do ya know your the first girl that doesn’t make demands from me? Or yell at me when I’ve been missing in action.”  Celeste shakes her head no and continues to sip her coffee with mischief in her eyes.  “Now you stop that girl ya got a sexy look about ya that could cause me to stop thinking like a gentleman and rape you right here and now.” Celeste busted up with laughter, “Why are you telling me this now Westin how ya feel about me?”  Westin leans in close to her lips and whispers out, “Cause I’m crazing in love with you.”  Celeste lost her happy face, and cast her eyes on the bear rug in shame. Westin lifts her chin up and sinks deeply in love with her two different color eyes.  “I love how different in body, mind and soul you are compare to others. I know you and Peter had a bond that I could never phantom in my life time, but I got to know if you love me too?”  Celeste had to stand up from the odd moment of Westin professing his heart out, and puts another log on the fire.  She turns around and spots dog staring in the window.  “I’ll be right back Westin dog wants in, and I do believe I must make amends with my friend from my horrible outburst.” He stood up and said, “I’ll do it since he was scared to death to come into this house,” Celeste nodded in agreement.

She watches Westin leave the room and turns to the fire in a soft secret tone, “Yes Westin I too love you.”  Westin walks into the living room while dog crawled on his fours to reach Celeste whining out pleads of submission.  Westin is amazed at the dog’s action when he sits next to Celeste on the floor by the fire.  Inch by inch he crawls his way to the huntress, she opens her palm without words and let the dog sniff her.  He licks her finger tips in greeting, “Forgive me dog for being rude to you, I meant no harm.”  The mutt wags his tail and forgives her immediately when he places his big head on her lap for her to pet and caress.  “To this day Celeste you floor me with your loving care of animals.  I do know for a fact they love you too.”  Celeste smiles and dips down to place a kiss on dog’s big head. Celeste lays her eyes upon Westin dreamy hazel color orbs.  For several quiet moments they stare at each other when Westin acts out his steamy thoughts and touches her neck.  She closes her eyes to relish in the jitters the man’s mere touch produced in her body, “Do you love me Celeste?”  She hears nothing but lives in the sensual moment, “Tell me baby do you want me as much as I want you?” He unsnaps one snap on her shirt, “Won’t ya tell me my darlin’ that you feel the same about me?”  Dog senses the time to leave the two alone and moves his head off Celeste’s lap and situates himself a distance away from the couple.  Westin releases another snap until her bare breast is almost expose.  In snail pace Westin begins his tracing with a tender touch upon her chest.  He sees her chest rise and fall faster from his touch.  “Will you let me love you my sunshine once again,” and unsnaps another button on her shirt.”  He watches her eyes turn and swirl into emerald green, “Yes Celeste I pledge my body to you now and forever.  I want you the right way, and want you to want me just like I want you.”  The magical cowgirl finally lets her guard down, and melts into mush hearing his cherish-able words echo out.  Westin leans in and kisses her lips delicately.  She responds with open arms and plays the intimate game between lovers upon her bear rug.

Celeste takes the reigns and carefully lifts her body up out of her cross leg position to sit upon Westin’s lap.  She looks fixedly into his eyes with lust and unsnaps the rest of her shirt in slow motion.  Westin is hard and ready, but lets the girl seduce him into a beautiful unforgettable reunion sitting on top of him.  She disrobes his shirt and feels his manhood ready for action between her legs, “Love me softly Westin until we both are sedated.”  That’s all he needed to hear from her lips; even though she side stepped his question multiple times. The lovers made passionate carefree tender love by the fire light for many hours.  Over and over Westin heightens her body to ecstasy as she explodes out to the heavens countless of times her orgasmic zenith.  “My God girl your so venereal. I crave more from you, do you love me,” he whispers out upon her swollen lips as he held her face tenderly into his hands and instantly feels her juices drip down his leg. She is lost in a wonder world of sexual freedom when she lets slip her guarded words, “Yes I do.”  “Do what my cowgirl?” Westin dares to encourage her for more.  “I love you Westin.”


6 thoughts on “I want you the right way, and want you to want me just like I want you.

  1. Oh Celeste you poor girl under the influence of bodies craving each other. Once again beautiful post of tenderness.

    1. Thank you my faithful reader, Hum the desire to crave a body could ruin others emotions or belief’s what love is all about. Celeste might surprise ya so watch out she is getting wiser about emotions and their meanings.

  2. I have read all of your posts, Dawn, very juicy!!;) But dang, I feel kind of sorry for Seleste… How old is she?? From the stories you tell us, I am thinking older and a little vulgar.. I dont think Weston is going to stay with her for long.. like a typical man, he probably has other women, to whom he says the same thing :’ hello my love, I crave you; tell me that I am your slave..your dog..” Men into kinky stuff, sexual games and never with the same woman for long.. But I am interested what is going to happen next.!

    1. Hola Vita,
      Celeste right now is 18 years old. I agree about feeling sorry about our cowgirl but she has had a rough and rocky road to learn life lessons without adults. For now you have been reading Celeste’s first male encounter and must find balance what is real or not? Watch out this girl has many strange dialects and takes no gruff from anyone, and has an attitude of a I Can Do girl with a potty mouth at times, making her seem vulgar to readers.
      And Yes those damn men- some have no clue how their lovely dovie words effect woman who only want to be love. I guess some men must woe before the power of the V in order to think clearly. hahaha I will leave the mystery for you to read how she might handle her boy toy~ 😉 Poco Celeste started on December 11, 2013. This is the link for the beginning of Poco Celeste story created here on WordPress daily. http://wp.me/p3zpwh-4LJ
      Also thank you for thinking my posts are juicy…tis my favorite word. hahah Hope I leave the mind to wonder instead of being vulgar when writing about sex?
      I am sure you will love to read the short humanitarian adventure story its a page turner and begs for more storytelling of Celeste afterwards. This link will take you too my website and from there click to read about Slingshot!~ http://slingshotbaby69.wix.com/slingshot Kiss Kiss Vita and thank you for your comment…I LOVED IT!~

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