“Does this mean you’ll return to my chambers of dangers?”


The telephone rang loudly in the early afternoon light as the modern device woke up the sleeping couple on the bear rug.  Westin automatically knew the call was for him since she never received any phone calls, and quickly got up to answer the phone.  Celeste sat up and ruffled her wild hair with her hands to a taming position as dog whined out a morning greeting.  “Faithful companion whatever will I do without you.  I love you so much my poochie.”  Dog wagged his tail and leaps off the leather sofa to sit next to her.  The minute he sits down, Celeste slowly scans up into his Great Dane frame, and gives her beast a radiant grin when she captures his loving emotion in his golden color eyes.  She is reward with a lick across her lips when Westin hangs up the phone and joins in on the precious moment between hound and owner.  “Since I’m up I’ll make coffee unless you plan to return sleeping my beauty,” Westin stands nude at the doorway of the living room, and rakes his fingers through his messy hair feeling agitated from the urgent telephone call.  Celeste doesn’t bother gawking at the man when dog jumps on top of her head with his paws and slams her head downwards in play.  She instantly yells out to Westin in glee, “Yes go ahead!” Westin turns around to head into the kitchen while mumbling words to himself.  Since it was his father who called asking him to return immediately for a serious meeting and funeral arrangements for Peter; he had no choice but to leave the safety of Celeste’s home and soon; especially when his father had a icy tone to his voice was enough to warn Westin he messed up once again.

He looks around the cozy herb kitchen of Celeste’s and ponders a life with the girl while the coffee brewed.  The young buck sits down at the new table and smiles to hear Celeste screech out in play in the living room with dog.  Last night tender love session was out of this world for Westin.  Never in his life being with a woman did he feel complete when he was with Celeste.  Her earthy muscle frame fit him to a Tee in all attributes even if she was three inches shorter than him. He thinks back to the time her first session of learning the art of coupling with him, and marveled at the virgin who blew his doors open with her free form love making style.  No man would have realized she was inexperience by the way she devoured his body to perfection.  And since she shaved her two-tone flower all of pubic hair the intensity of skin on skin was an epic sensation.  He begins to grow hard sitting naked at the table, and pulls his messy hair back out of his face.  He could have sworn last night he was floating on a sea of love when he entered her warm honey tunnel.  In fact now that he is thinking about it, every time he does enter her, a mystical dream appears inside his brain of being in a far away place in a forest with Indian girl Celeste by his side.  He is knocked out of his thoughts when he feels her strong fingers massage his bed head.  “Thank you for last night Westin, it truly was a delicious yummy event,” she spoke in a slow husky tone and kissed the crown of his head. Westin busted up laughing and watches the nude curvy rump with a tiny red heart tattoo pull down two mugs.  “I thought you said we were to have no sex?”  Celeste moves her long waist length hair out of her face, and pours hot coffee into the mugs. She gives him a wink with her yellow color eye, Westin melts in love with her wild sexy look when Damn dog licks Westin’s hip and wags his tail.  “Hey don’t lick me dog,” Westin moves his nude body away from the tall beast. He smiles and pets dog’s giant head, “Want to go outside boy?”  Dog barks out and jumps for joy towards the door.


She views the naked man an adores the beauty of how god created man into a perfect specimen for a woman.  She blushes red when her body calls for more, Westin senses the desire permeating from her body an approaches the wild cat in slow movement.  She sits the mugs on the table and stops his advancement, “We can’t play right now my darlin’ you must get ready to leave.”  Westin scrunches up his brow and lovingly pulls her close to his body to wrap her in his arms.  The feel of her breast against his chest and the smell of her sandalwood brings peace to his reckless heart.  “How did you know cowgirl?”  She takes a deep breath of his body and kisses his neck, “You’re family needs you now Westin to help with arrangements for Peter’s funeral.” Westin separates their bodies with a sad grin, and moves her wild hair behind her ear to expose her emerald green orb.  “I don’t know when I will return are you okay with that?”  Celeste turns her body towards the table and picks up her mug to take a sip showing him that she would be fine without him.  “You have another life that requires your attention Westin, I’m not your keeper; nevertheless, I do have something to talk with you about, but for now deal with you’re present situations one at a time and then come back to me, and not just for sex!” Westin scoops her up into his arms and nestles his nose in her intoxicating neck line.  “Your so special cowgirl and ya don’t even know it.  I don’t have sex with ya I like to think we are making love.”  She lifts her hand to his nubs of sharp hair surrounding his chin in shadow, “Does this mean you’ll return to my chambers of dangers?”  Westin hugged her tightly and kissed her lips sweetly while whispering out, “I never seem to get enough of you my lethal wild woman, I constantly ache for you.”


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