“Go away Injin you’re not welcome here.”



Celeste knew not where she is in the darkness in Ohio, all she could think of is run, run, run for help.  Anger built up inside her as she races in the dark.  She remembers her childhood life with her drunken father and instantly screams out, “Fucking drunks why am I always plague by drunken assholes.  Not this time I’ll be damn if I stick around for a boy or anyone else who can’t control their nasty habits.” She pats her limp dog who was barely hanging on by a thread of life, “Stay with me boy we are running as fast as possible.”  Chief could feel the urgency demanded by Celeste; however, the continuous speed started to take a toll on his body.  “Chief I see a light in the distance, go to the light boy, go,” she called out with hope in her heart.  By the time they got closer to the little wooden shack nestled in the woods, Celeste leaped off her horse and ran to knock on the door.  She hears her horse puffing out his exertion of intense speed, and knocks harder on the door. “Please I need help, I mean ya no harm,” Celeste yelled out on the porch.  Precious minutes ticked by when Celeste turns around and steps off the porch with a bleeding heart of rejection.  She stops in her tracks when she hears the opening of the door.

The sight the little old woman saw when she opened her door almost scared the piss out of the woman, “Go away Injin you’re not welcome here.” Celeste was shock to hear the weak response from the little old lady.  She puffs up her chest and smells the scent of herbs permeate out of the elder’s home.  She becomes defiant and barks out in a rude manner, “I mean ya no harm ya old wench, I have no where else to go and must give aid to my dog.”  Celeste takes a foot step forward in her Indian gear, the lady shuts her door immediately from fear and bellows out, “Go away Injin!”  Celeste’s heart plummet in rejection and turned around to return to Chief with tears in her eyes. She slides her dog off the back of her horse, and throws the limp furry black body across her shoulders and headed for the tiny house once again.  “Woman I will leave you alone, but all I ask is to have some light to see, please my dog was hit by a car and is dying.”  Several quiet moments passed by when the elder opened up her door to let Celeste in.  Celeste didn’t hesitate she walked through the door with speed.  “Put him on the table girl and let’s take a look,” the tiny old lady spoke out with authority.  “Holy Jesus your a tall woman,” the four feet eleven in height lady proclaimed.  Celeste didn’t pay attention to the remark of her size when she gently placed her dog onto the large kitchen table.  Immediately the cowgirl took inventory on Damn dog and saw no open wounds.  “Move out of the way Injin,” Celeste obeys her elder’s request and steps away from dog.  She watches the old woman smell the dog’s breath and bends down her head to hear a heart beat.  Celeste takes a split second to view the small herb infested kitchen, and lays her eyes on dog once again.  “He’s almost gone little one, I’m sorry you can’t help him he bleeds out internally.”

The news from the old lady crushes her heart, the only thing the cowgirl could do is ease her faithful companion’s misery. Celeste withdrawals her large Bowie knife from her moccasin boot ready to cut Damn dog’s throat.  She hears his weak whimper and melts down on the floor by the table crying out her heart to her ancestors to forgive her for what she was about to do to her friend. She sings a farewell song in Cherokee to her beast and is reward when dog springs to life for a quick second and howls out.  Celeste places her nose against Damn dog’s muzzle and balls out her eyes.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, thank you for being here when I needed a friend the most.  Tis time you return to the circle of life and join Peter.” Damn dog licks her tears from her face and whimpers out.  Her hands shook in fright to cut her friends throat when she placed the sharp blade against the dog’s throat.  She feels a tiny aged hand stop her actions upon her head, the huntress stares her teary eyes into the old woman’s soul. “I can’t do it, oh God I can’t do it,” Celeste wails out.  The elder holds onto her hand firmly with the knife in hand, and shakes her head no to the distress cowgirl, “He is gone girl look…”  Celeste bores her wet eyes into Damn dog’s chest and watched the last breath of life leave his soul.



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