God damn that Prim-a-Donna sure has a temper that I ain’t willing to cope with!


After clearing the barn out and selling most of the machinery of her grandfather, Celeste had to leave her home to clear her mind of all troubles of leaving the only home she knew since child birth behind.  She stands with tears in her eyes gawking at the statue of horse shoes she created in the barn when her grandfather died, and comes to the conclusion she made the right choice to donate the artwork to Peter’s grave site in the morning as she closed the barn doors.  It has been over two weeks since Celeste had seen Westin when she decides to take her usual mid night stroll with Chief her painted draft horse and Damn dog.  The ride is actually what the cowgirl needed to wash away all the sorrow she endured today selling off her grandfather’s possessions.  The odd family races together through the meadow in a carefree fashion, Damn dog is keeping up with the draft horse stride for stride when Celeste yodels out her Indian cry and pushes the limit of her aged steed in speed doing trick riding in total darkness under the hidden moon’s glow.

“God damn that Prim-a-Donna sure has a temper that I ain’t willing to cope with!  And I ain’t cutting my hair for ya either Sandra.  So ya can suck on your own bottle of milk!”  Westin slurs out his words in a drunken stupor in his hot rod while traveling at a high speed off a beaten path of roadway.  His music is blaring to a heavy metal tune when he takes another long drink of alcohol from his flask.  After the horrible confrontation with Sandra and her parents about getting married, he headed straight to the store, and decided to get shit face to escape the horrific scene of the possibilities of marrying Sandra.  He is trying his best to man up to the demands of Sandra, but how she is going about blabbering to others before they got the results was enough to send him off the band wagon.  He takes another long swig of the fire liquid, and thinks of his luxurious earthy Indian woman how she never made ultimatums upon him.  They were so different when comparing the two women together when Westin’s car weaves across the road in a drunk driving mistake.  He corrects the error in time and blinks his red eyes to clear his double vision.  With great care he tries to do multiple tasks behind the wheel while driving and tries to twist the lid on his flask when out of the blue his car is impacted by a great force.  Westin drops his whiskey container and swerves out of control squealing his brakes on the hard surface from what the hell happened.

Celeste and Chief are at the edge of woods walking to cool down from their night time ride when she hears Damn dog’s death defying cry.  She hears the sound of loud screeching tires in the distance, and doesn’t hesitate to dig her heels into her rested equine’s tummy for speed. Fear and doom entered her heart while she bolted through the dark woods upon her gelding.  Fear robbed her of her earth sense in unfamiliar night territory, so she gives the reigns to her horse in trust to guide them to aid dog, but doom hit the pit of her gut when she immediately thinks of the worst.  Several near misses of her being swiped off her horse’s back from thick branches did she realize to lean in against her painted horse’s neck for safety. Celeste screams out to dog while racing through the dark woods by the skin of her teeth.  She feels the change in her horse’s footing sloshing in the mud, and sits tall upon the bare back horse once again as the equine plows with speed. Chief clears the woods, and heads towards the headlights in the dark.   She senses between her legs a descending motion of her horse’s body as Chief stomps the ground in-surety and power unknown to her gaining speed in seconds. And in a split second she feels the horse ascend into the night air with his mighty pulling power when Celeste holds on for dear life as the horse leaps into the air suddenly. She bears witness while sailing through the air in slow motion a man sitting on the cold stone roadway holding her dog in his arms as she lands on the other side of the roadway in front of his car.  Chief blows out loud breaths through his nostrils and prances in anger from the near miss of jumping over Westin’s automobile.  Celeste slid off her horse and stopped in her tracks before approaching, Chief continued to pace around the cold mud in a ditch puffing out his heated breath.  Celeste’s heart sank into depression seeing Damn dog lying limp in Westin’s tight arms as he rocked the beast in his arms sitting on the road in front of his auto’s headlights. The sight of witnessing Westin crying out his sorrow of his latest destruction in slur tongue to her dog was enough to burn hatred into her heart.

Strength unknown to her she took a deep breath and pushed her stunned body forward to take her dog from the drunken hands of Westin.  Westin is dazed out of his mind with regret, he feels someone trying to take dog out of his arms and hears a dangerous demanding tone from a woman.  He tries to clears his eyes to see who it was and holds on tighter to dog in his arms.  “Let go now Westin, or I will cut off your arms without a blink of an eye…now give me my dog you stupid drunken fool.”  Westin shakes his drunken mind to wake out of killing Celeste’s dog and tries to focus on the double vision of Celeste.  “Celeste oh God no not you, I’m sorry oh God I’m sorry,” he wails out in a slur.  She could give a rats ass about Westin’s woes, and rips dog’s body out of the drunken boy’s strong embrace.  She feels the dog’s faint heart beat against her chest when she throws his limp body over her shoulders and whistles out to Chief to approach.  Westin is yelling and crying out louder when Celeste throws the Great Dane’s body over Chief’s back, and jumps up behind the dog’s body to secure his position while they ran hard and fast into unknown darkness.  When she finally gives Westin a look, she is discussed at the sight of the broken down drunken man on the roadway.  It doesn’t take her long to show no mercy, and left his sorry ass behind without a word in the dark while she raced against time to doctor Damn dog’s injuries.


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