“Son of Bitch what the hell ya chicken shit for,” he yells out with frustration.



The half breed begins her track home after Chief left her behind in the woods when she displayed her bad attitude to the earth.  It gives her time to cry out her lost for Peter, “I’m sorry Peter I could not save you.  One day I will see you again Child of Light and together we will ride Ghost in fun and laziness.  You’re going to love my grandfather, he will teach you all he knows and shower you with love beyond imagination.”  Each step she took on the wet dirt in her moccasins she thought of the person who invaded her thinking process, and mucking up her dangerous thoughts of doing away with her presence.  Why on God’s green earth did she suddenly feel like tearing apart Westin with her bare hands in such a violent manner?  Several silent moments passed her by when hunger pains growled away in her stomach.  “Well I guess I can make shelter somewhere for the night, but right now I have to eat something.”  The cowgirl pulls out her slingshot ready to hunt for the evening before daylight slips away.  It takes the girl over an hour to kill a rabbit in the woods as she builds a fire warding off the cold night to come.  All is quiet in the dark woods while the half breed sits alone by the fire to eat her kill.  In a soft tone she speaks out her trouble thoughts, “I want to leave now more than ever, but what will I do without my forest?  Will society be worse or better for me to live a normal life?  Maybe I could find a place that I could be helpful to children who are alone and have lost their parents?”  Celeste ponders on the idea of visiting a children’s homeless shelter to work as an aid.  She smiles for the first time to her self the irony of Miss Savage teaching children how to protect themselves, and survive in the world without anyone.  She plants the seed of possibilities, and finishes her meager dinner without words.

Westin is waiting at Celeste’s farm for over three hours when Chief barrels into sight without his rider.  The evening is dark and cold when Westin rakes his fingers through his brown hair with worry for his cowgirl.  He knows his best option is staying put and waiting; but with the growing cold air and what he experienced in the woods, and at home when Celeste was present left him to think who the hell she was. He relives the anger that spurred forth out of the Indian girl by the stream he first saw her sunbathing. “Jesus God I swear she was going to rip me to shreds.”  He shakes his head in disbelief the rage in her eyes he saw and knew without a doubt she was ready to annihilate anyone and anything in her path. He decides to quit thinking, and gets out of his auto to put Chief away for the night in the barn.  “Where did ya leave our girl Chief, do ya think she is safe?”  Chief turns around and whinny’s at the woods, “Will ya take me boy to her?” The young buck instantly makes a decision to jump onto the horse’s back.  Chief side steps the boy the minute Westin grabs his mane and refuses the man a ride upon his back.  “Damn it boy I have to find her, please.”  Chief stood firm refusing the boy his request.  Once again he streams his hand through his hair when Damn dog shows up.  “Dog take me to Celeste?” The dog gives Westin an unsure glance and lays down on the cold earth.  “Son of Bitch what the hell ya chicken shit for,” he yells out with frustration.  He quickly remembers the fear she inflicted upon dog when she barked out like a ferrous mutt after Damn dog growled at her with anger.  “Fine then I will wait till she arrives.”  Westin opens the barn and takes note all her animals were gone.  With care he throws hay to Chief and quickly builds a fire to stay warm.  The fire is flaming hot when he heads to her kitchen in the back for a drink.  The cabinet is bare and free of all alcohol when he slams the door shut.  On the counter he spots her flask and shakes it to hear if liquid swished around in the container, and is denied the pleasure of the deadly spirit.  He stomps his way back to the fire and sits to warm his blood in peace.  Peter enters his mind at once all the times they played and laughed, his heart breaks into for the lost of his brother’s life.  He lets his tears fall in solitude for many hours until the sickening words of Sandra’s pregnancy creep-ed into his lost soul.

“I don’t know who the hell ya are, but ya keep your stinking filthy ass out of my head.”




“Come on sweetie rise,” Westin coast the Indian girl to stand.  “Don’t touch me,” she spits out and moves her body away from Westin.  She quickly crawls on the wet surface and springs up into action. “Leave now Westin go back to you’re home where you are needed and safe from the likes of me.”  Westin is stunned to see the girl lose her temper while Damn dog growls out at Celeste. He could have sworn he heard a male’s voice demanding him to go home instead of the cowgirls tone. Celeste rips out a return growl to the dog and could careless who she barked at.  Fearful of the power of Celeste the dog cowards and seeks shelter behind the tall frame of Westin.  Chief explodes into bucking and kicking frenzy while screaming out his battle cry.  Westin rakes his fingers through his hair and yells out to Celeste, “What the hell has taken hold of ya girl?” In the heat of the moment the cowgirl leaps upon her painted steed’s back, and leaves Westin to himself as she rushes through the woods with reckless speed.  Westin knows he can’t follow her and turns around to go get his car with dog in tow.

Celeste knows not why she is acting out with hatred beyond her imagination as she races across the land in a hurry.  At one point Celeste feared she was going to rip out Westin’s throat when coldness seeped into her soul if she didn’t leave on the spot.  J’hara fights for supremacy of Celeste’s body as he wards off her destruction of ill thoughts to end her life for a mere boy.  He would be damned if he came this far only to lose the battle of freedom of his magical soul that laid in limbo inside the cowgirl’s spirit from his deadly actions of defying Mother Nature.  It’s taking all his energy to control the strength of the half breed as she whizzes past the wooded trees on her horse.   J’hara is stunned in awe the power and might of the girl when she slides off her horse, and runs on her long legs beside her horse.  Part of J’hara fears to show himself to the girl as she growls out her plight in flight.  The need to transform Celeste into a wolf is weighing heavily upon J’hara prince of the woods, and brother to Mother Earth.  “No brother do not dare,” he hears his sister’s warning, and banishes his thoughts before putting them into action.  “She will cool down, and stop you’re meddling remember you need her approval.”  He senses the girl is taking back domination, and releases his magician hold upon the beauty he has fallen in love with since birth.  Celeste is slowing down to a trot when J’hara disappears and lays dormant once again. Her fast breathing slows down as she stops to gain reality.  “I don’t know who the hell ya are, but ya keep your stinking filthy ass out of my head.”  Celeste roars out in a bear cry, and leans her sweaty body against a tree to figure out what the freaking hell just happened to her.  The painted horse comes to attention hearing her bear call and bolts home without blinking an eye.  In a sad tone Celeste calls out, “Chief come back here, I didn’t mean to scare ya boy!”  The horse didn’t hear a single word from his owner as she watched his painted ass whip pass the trees in retreat for home.


And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!



The air is thick with doom and gloom as Celeste is about to bolt out of the house, she opens the door and jumps in fright as the black garb man with a cross around his neck was about to knock on the door.  The gentle religious man and savage of the earth stare at each other for a few moments when Celeste steps aside to let the man enter Peter’s home.  Celeste senses his scrutiny on her soul and returns his glare.  “You must be Peter’s friend,” he extends his hand in greeting while he scans her attire from head to toe. Celeste slowly lifts her hand up to shake the holy man’s hand, and thinks twice before extending her arm out.  “I don’t bite,” he offered out with a smile.  She takes a hold of his hand in greeting, and senses the man is sweet in nature, “You’re too late sir, Peter has passed,” she lisped out.  “Excuse me then I don’t mean to be rude,” the man in cloth replied.  She nods her head yes and stands aside to let the man pass, and then runs out of the house with speed into the woods where Chief lies waiting for her return; and with only one lethal thought in her pea size brain.  The cold air kisses her skin as she breezes through the woods silently to reach Chief.  The horse greets his owner with a nicker, and bobs his head up and down. Celeste immediately hugs her horse and sheds her tears she bottled up until out of eye sight of human beings. “Papa take me too,” she wails out in Scottish language.  Silent time ticked pass when she feels a presence enter the woods, she steps away from her horse to give reference to the uncharted spirit.  The bare trees of hibernation bow to what is coming, as she scans the wooded landscape to see all kinds of wild life suddenly come out of their hidden shelter to pay homage. The slow moving icy stream begins to boil up into a water figurine, Celeste blinks her orbs in amazement and wipes away her tears.  As clear liquid forms into a woman’s nude body three times taller than the six feet cowgirl; Celeste is mystified into a strange abyss with goose bumps covering her body.  The windless cold air is heavy with magic unknown to the half breed as she lays claim to the extraordinary alien visit.

As the massive water figure blinks several times her water log eyes with a smile upon her liquid clear lips; Celeste sucks in a wonder breath and spots the powerful spirit’s optical change into an emerald green.  Celeste feels her body kneeling down on the wet surface, an automatically bows to the supernatural force.  “Hialeah Elena you’re path of travel does not end here with Peters death.  Do not take your breath away thinking he will return in trade for your life.”  Celeste snaps up her head in surprise at the element of water and growls out, “How dare you take him, it should have been me not a child who could change the world with his beauty.”  Celeste gathers up her body to stand and feels a heavy weight on her shoulders to stay put until released.  She feels the spray of water touch her face as the spirit being spits out her words with care, “He belongs into the circle of life where his holiness of innocents will be honored Hialeah.” The cowgirl shakes her head no as she hears a lone wolf cry out, not in the woods but inside her head. “I don’t belong here in this world please take me,” she begged to the powerful force while grabbing her head with her hands an acting out pulling her hair lose from the roots.  The lonely wolf cries out once again when Celeste in flicks pain upon her body.  It takes the girl a few moments when she curls her lip up in defiance at the holy spirit.  “All my life I have wondered alone on a path I know not where nor do I understand.  You have taken from me all that I love, and now you have the gall to tell me not to take my life.  Is there no mercy for this wicked half breed who has been plagued with ordain shit all her life? I’m sick of it ya hear!  My heart can’t bear any more trials of this hocus pocus crap, and who the fudge are you anyways to tell me what I can and can’t do with my own life?  And now that I have ya here Miss pop in and out whenever ya damn well feel like it, stop putting artwork on my body!”  Celeste is fuming up with anger at the holy beautiful figurine, when she captures the wild creatures flee the scene to return back into their hiding places.  The spirit slowly ebbs away and returns to the slow moving icy stream, she hears Peter’s voice whisper out, “No cowgirl,” just before Damn dog and Westin interrupts her chance to hear her questions answered.  “Grrrrr…” she yells out loud in frustration and sinks her hands into the dirt to squeeze the black wetness in her mighty fist.



“I love you too Peter, doh-nah-dah-goh-hun-i (until we meet again) my brother,” Celeste murmurs out with devotion.



Time seem to stand still between Westin and Celeste when Candice barks out, “How dare you Westin my friend doesn’t deserve.”  Westin cuts off his sister’s sentence in mid stride, “Candice calm down now is not the time for bullshit.  I’ll talk with you later.” Westin gives Candice a deadly gawk and shuts her up immediately.  She stomps her feet heading toward Peter’s room in anger leaving Celeste alone with Westin.  “I’ve been trying to call you cowgirl.”  Celeste nods yes in silence, “Tis strange for me to answer phones Westin; besides there was nothing else I could have done.  The illness is inevitable unless caught in an early stage.”  She withers with care looking into his tired distraught eyes, and touches his lips softly with her finger in a tender moment to ease his agony.  Westin closes his eyes to relish in her gentleness, “I’m happy you’re not mad at me for not showing up.”  Celeste softens her gaze on the trouble man and runs her fingers through his soft hair, “We don’t own each other my darlin’ just because we’ve grind each others core.  Remember it was I who wanted to learn and explore the boundary of love making, and yes I too have missed you.”  Westin soared in spirit of no restrictions with Celeste’s views on relationships, and is about to plant a kiss on her lips when his father came out of Peter’s room to request her presences.  “Westin, Peter wants to talk with cowgirl,”   Celeste feels goose bumps spreading with urgency throughout her soul.  Part of her spirit is screaming out not to enter his bedroom to partake in the suffering of the little boy who loved her unconditionally until she hears inside her head a powerful man’s voice pushing her forward.  Westin senses she is fearful of something and is battling debating to move.  With loving care he grabs her hand and walks her to Peter’s room with a heavy heart.

Cold shivers invaded her body the minute she is close to Peter’s room.  She releases her sweaty hand from Westin’s to stop and take a deep breath to gather her spiritual strength before entering.  “Go Westin please give me a second to compose myself.”  Westin kisses her forehead and leaves her side.  She leans her body against the wall in the hallway and hears the raspy weak voice of the child of light. Celeste had stopped praying to God long ago, and reverted to the Cherokee ways of spiritual guidance; but when Peter educated her one evening she promised her little crush to keep an open mind about praying to his religious God.  “If you are up there god of Peter’s, then show mercy and give the boy a painless path.” She grabs her throat in a hurry the minute she spoke her words and feels the pressure of what Peter is experiencing.  She squeezes her fist hard in pain and chokes out to catch a breath.  The half breed hears Damn dog howl out with sorrow, and shakes her head to fights back the urge to breathe with normalcy.  In a few seconds she feels the dog nuzzle his wet muzzle across her fist, and bumps her out of arbitration with spirits to enter the death room.

Celeste gathered up her mustard and steps into the doorway with dog by her side.  She takes a quick intake of breath and stood shock still to see her Scottish grandfather’s spirit float beside the little boy’s death bed.  She sees no one else in the room when she whispers out, “Mi Papa.”  The family turn their eyes upon the half breed with inquisitive stares who in the hell was she talking too, and moved out of her way as she reaches out her hand in the air for her father to touch. The half breed takes careful steps forward with dog by her side as her tears stream down her face.  In a blink of an eye she kneels down beside Peter’s bed and speaks in Scottish tongue.  Peter smiles at the cowgirl and chokes out, “He said he will take care of me, so should I go with him?”  Celeste quivers her lips in distress and nods yes to the cloudy eye boy. She hears a woman yell out, but their words are muffled in her ears as the half breed takes out a brown eagle feather from her medicine bag, and the horseshoe diamond necklace her grandfather never gave her on her sixteenth birthday.  She sees his spirit approval and warms to her grandfather’s ghost.  In Cherokee she sings out a passing tune to Peter and places the eagle feather in one cold hand, the necklace she places over his heart. She holds the gold against his tiny pale blue chest, and is about to whisper out in English as Peter slowly covers her shaky hand.  “I feel better with your magical touch upon me. Thank you for everything you’ve given me my love, my teacher, my sister of God’s light hood, and my mystical cowgirl.”  Celeste melts into tribulation and begins to sense the evil spirit of death consuming his weak body.   She takes a leap of faith to beg Henry too give her a miracle of life.  Henry’s large ghostly frame stands before the kneeling Celeste.  She hears his words of comfort inside her brain and realizes there was no turning back the clock of time. Damn dog howls out and whimpers while licking Peter’s blue finger tips on top of Celeste’s large hand.  “I love you too Peter, doh-nah-dah-goh-hun-i (until we meet again) my brother,” Celeste murmurs out with devotion.  Peter’s breath is failing when Celeste senses her grandfather touch her elbow.  She looks up to her father’s ghost and rises only to reach inside her medicine bag for a dry stalk of lavender.  With loving care she kisses the dying young man’s lips, and blows her breath of life upon his kisser only to hear his soft tone words with a smile before he took his last breath, “I love you cowgirl…always.” Celeste places the herb in his other hand and leaves the room with a bleeding heart.



I am Cherokee not a Mexican not that it matters we are all human, and one color in my eyes.



Celeste didn’t feel the slapping of branches against her face as the draft horse ran through the woods with all his might.  She is close to Peter’s home when Damn dog shows himself and runs beside the pack to give Peter aid.  Celeste now confirms Peter is in trouble and gives the clue to her equine for more horsepower; however Chief wants to comply but his git is tuckering out from age.  Celeste feels the change in Chief and knows she pushed the aged horse to the max. Damn dog rushes forward leaving his friends behind.  Celeste stops her paint by the stream where Westin caught her sunbathing nude one day.  “I’m sorry my friend for pushing you’re limits, stay here and rest I will return.”  Chief understood the human’s command as the gentle giant huffed and puffed out from exertion.   The half breed runs at top speed through the woods whispering out to the earth to give aid to Peter until her arrival.  She shakes her head out of her worry thoughts to focus what needs to be done before coming to the child of light’s home.

“She comes mama,” Peter choked out in a weak smile.  The little boy coughs uncontrollable and spits out blood as his mother showers him with love wiping away the dark substance upon his lips.  Jean is weeping tears of sadness for her pale color son.  The little boy is getting weaker by the minute as he speaks his raspy words out in a soft note, “Mama I can’t breathe, I want papa?”  “He’s on his way my son as fast as possible.”  Peter grabs his burning throat when Jean places the medical poultice on his chest that Celeste made for him.  “Thank you mama I love you.”  Jean is beside her self with fear of losing her baby boy when she hears a loud thump on Peter’s window. Damn dog is plastering his nose against the window and whines out with a howl.  Peter turns his head in slow motion to his window and sees the funny dog whimper out his urgency to be with him.  “Let him in mama please,” Peter whispers out.  His mother leaves the room quickly to let the dog in, she opens the door wide and is barreled over by the large beast running towards Peter’s room as fast as a speeding bullet.  Jean tumbles to the ground in surprise, she has a helping hand reach out and smiles to see Celeste out of breath helping her up.  “Sorry Madame for my naughty dog’s behavior.”  Jean is stunned to see the change in the healer, she is stronger, different than she remembers with a essence of power beyond her understanding.  “Peter needs you,” Jean cries out and loses her restraint to keep it together.  Celeste carefully assist Jean to stand, and for some god reason the Indian girl embraces Jean into a mighty hug.  The feeling of holding a woman while she cries out her pain is foreign to the cowgirl; nevertheless, she holds the caregiver with care.  “Yes I know, tis his time mother of Peter the Great.”  Jean balls out her eyes while holding on to the tall half breed for dear life, and quickly begs the cowgirl, “Save him please.”  Celeste lets her tears fall with Jean and said tenderly, “If I could I would take his place, but your holy spirit has bigger plans for your little boy Jean.” She holds on tighter to Peter’s mother until she hears damn dog howl out with sorrow.  “Come dry our eyes first before Peter sees both of us ball guttin’.”  The half breed’s strange dialect calms Jean down enough to get a grip of her emotions.  They are about to head to Peter’s room when Westin’s father and sister run into the house.  “Jean what the hell is the door open wide for?” Celeste steps away from Jean in time to stare into Westin’s sister surprised face.

It takes Candice a second to gather who the hell the Indian woman is, she opens her eyes wide and spits out her venom.  “You, you filthy Mexican!”  The young girl is smaller than Celeste and takes a swing at Celeste with her fist balled up, Celeste grabs her fist in time before being struck in the face and squeezes the girl’s hand with intense strength.  “You are nasty and disrespectful I see you have not changed; however, this is not the time for your foulness girl. I am Cherokee not a Mexican not that it matters we are all human and one color in my eyes.”  Candice is winching and screams out in pain from the hurt Celeste is giving her fist.  Westin’s father finally snaps out of the crazy confrontation scene and steps forward to break them up when Celeste hears Westin’s auto pulling into the driveway and releases her hold on his sister.  Westin’s mother comes between the pair and screams out at her daughter, “Stop it, stop it now Candice I can’t bear this drama right at this moment. How do you think I felt when I have watched your brother go down hill without her aid just because I know she was the one who gave you the black eye!” Celeste keeps her composure strong and gives Westin’s father a glance who is mystified with Celeste’s eye color and compelling authority.  In a soft tone Celeste spoke to Jean, “Do not place blame Jean, I only postpone what is too come for Peter, so it wouldn’t have matter if I was here or not.”  “Dad do something, kick her back wood ass out of our house,” Candice yells out. “Enough Candice put yourself together,” the tall man barked out at his daughter.  He is about to extend his hand in greeting to the stranger when Westin runs through the open door and spots Celeste.  Candice recovers and is about to jump Celeste when Damn dog comes out of Peter’s room, and stands next to Celeste baring his sharp teeth at Candice.  “What the hell,” the frighten girl spoke out looking to and fro to Indian girl and mutt.  Westin does his famous move with his dreamy brown hair and steps forward to stand nose to nose with the cowgirl.  “I’ve missed you darlin’,” he whispers out as he reaches up with a tender hand, and moves Celeste’s long hair behind her ear with love.  Celeste blushes three shades of red and lowers her head. Candice is shocked and knows without a shadow of doubt this is the girl that has stolen both of her brother’s heart.  And to see the change in Westin adoring the half breed in a manner different that her best friend was enough to blow her mind with anger. “Mama,” the little boy calls out in a weak voice.  Damn dog gives Westin’s sister a growl and returns to Peter’s room while Westin’s father and mother follow in a hurry.

In one huge leap in the air, Celeste pushes off on the rump of her horse and plants her self into the saddle dressed in her Indian attire.



Charles is on cloud nine when he left Celeste’s home after his cup of coffee and productive conversation.  When Charles is out of sight Celeste whistles for her dog who vanished before Mr. Spencer arrival into the woods.  By the time she saddled up her horse the dog hadn’t obeyed her command.  It takes her a few moments to scan the moist ground from the melting snow when she spots his tracks.  Her skin crawls with goose bumps to hurry, “I know there is something wrong, because damn dog knows more than I about sensitive situations with people.”  The minute she said people her eyes widen in fear and immediately thought of Peter.  “Maybe that is why Westin didn’t keep his word about coming to see me again.  Peter must be getting worse and Damn dog knows it.”  Fast as lightening the cowgirl high tails it into her home for her medicine Indian backpack and runs out the door towards her waiting horse.  In one huge leap in the air, Celeste pushes off on the rump of her horse and plants her self into the saddle dressed in her Indian attire.  “Run like the wind my friend,” she yells out with urgent demand.  Chief jumps into action and speeds through the woods heading towards Westin’s home.

“Westin I’ve been feeling neglected lately.” Westin is in a trance driving fast towards Sandra’s house to drop her off before going to Celeste’s home.  His thoughts are on watching Celeste glide with mystery into a room when his girlfriend barks out, “Damn it Westin did you hear what I said?”  Westin shakes his head and said, “No I didn’t sorry Sandra my mind is else where.”  Sandra became furious with her boy toy and bellowed out, “Westin pull the car over now before we are at my house I need to tell you something.”  Westin does what he is told and puts his car into park, and then gives his undivided attention to the materialistic girl.  “Westin we’ve been together now for several years.”  Westin watches her move her painted lips and finds he no longer thought she was gorgeous.  “I think we should get married,” she blurted out.  Westin immediately comes to life, “I don’t love you Sandra enough to marry you, in fact I would like to break up with you.” Sandra gives the young man an angry glare and spits out, “I think not Westin; because I might be pregnant.”  Westin is motionless, he feels his blood leave his face and is turning sheet white from the unexpected news.  He grips his wheel hard boiling up with resentment, “I thought you were on the pill?”  “Silly boy even if I am taking birth control pills there is the chance of impregnation. I wanted to tell you that I took a test and it came back positive. I’ve already told my father and mother who seems to be very excited about the news.”  Westin sat wordless in his driver’s seat, it takes him a few moments to calmly put the car into drive.  “I think a summer wedding would be nice before I get too big, don’t you agree?” Westin comes to attention, “Set an appointment Sandra to take another test and I want to be present for the results, but for now I don’t want to see you.  I need space away from you to think about this; because I don’t want a kid from you nor do I want to be married.  This fucking sucks and I can’t believe you told your parents without consulting me first.  You’re cruel girl for waiting till now to tell me this secret when you know my brother is suffering.”  Sandra smiles to her self for planting a seed of destruction into Westin’s brain.  Westin pulls up into her elaborate mansion’s driveway when Sandra is about to break the silence between them.  Westin sticks up his hand and said, “Don’t, not another word just leave, and call me when you have the date to see the doctor.”  Sandra opens her door and states out, “See you soon Westin.”  She slams his car door and starts walking up her walkway.  Westin puts his car into reverse squealing his wheels on the pavement as he left in a hurry to Celeste’s home.  While driving down the road at a high speed Westin instantly thinks about Celeste, and if she too might be pregnant. He pounds his fist on the steering wheel in frustration, “Shit and damn fire how stupid I am.”  He runs his fingers through his long hair and yells out, “Why can’t I do anything right!”


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“Isn’t it grand to be free,”



Westin is beside himself with need for Celeste as he sits by his brother Peter’s bedside who suddenly started to spiral downwards with Tuberculosis. He has devoted his time to his brother day in and out except for Sandra who seemed to never leave his side.  There were many times he wanted to visit Celeste since she refused to answer her phone.  He knew it was a long shot calling the girl; but whenever he picked up the phone Sandra appeared out of nowhere and mucked up his plans to talk with the juicy cowgirl.  He is going stir crazy without seeing Celeste when Peter whispered out in a weak tone, “I need the cowgirl brother please bring her here before it’s too late.”  Sandra gives Westin a odd glance with a scowl on her face.  For several weeks Sandra and Westin hadn’t coupled as Sandra found Westin slipping away from her reach.  There were times when she heard the boys talk about a girl who was a healer with admiration and laughter. And when she over heard that they both stayed the night over her house in a snow storm and what they did at her house, Sandra became jealous and full of curiosity who the girl might be.  She swallowed her pride to question Candice Westin’s sister and her best friend; however Candice didn’t know anything about the healer except she prolonged her little brother’s life with her medicines.  “I will return brother come hell or high water I’ll bring you Celeste,” Westin softly spoke to his brother.  Peter spots Sandra standing at the doorway to his room and turns his head to stare out the window wishing for his cowgirl to help him.  Westin stands up and runs his fingers through his brown hair ready to do Peter’s bidding. “Westin can you take me home,” Sandra sweetly asked her suitor.  “Candice will take ya home when she returns.  I have to do a few things.”  Sandra didn’t like his response and begins to pout out.  “We never spend time alone anymore Westin, and I need to talk to you privately.”  Westin agrees without a fight, and slips pass his pretty girlfriend to head into the kitchen to talk with his mother before he left.

Celeste had kept her self busy in the month of March inside her barn with her friends.  The day came to release the bobcat she had saved from a trap among other bird life ready to spread their wings and fly away.  She had just finished freeing the birds and is about to open the container to the three legged Linx when she hears Mr. Spencer’s car pull into her driveway. It has been many months since she last saw the scholar man as he steps out of his auto and heads to her house. She whistles out and catches his attention, Mr. Spencer spins on his heels and approaches the half breed in long strides.  “Well what do I owe the honor of you’re visit?”  The humble book worm hadn’t changed much except for cutting his hair as he nears Celeste.  “Hi sweetie just wanted to come over and check on you to see how you are faring; plus I have a favor to ask.”  Celeste nods in agreement and stated, “Let me discharge this last animal and then you and I can chat in the house over a cup of coffee.”  Mr. Spencer’s follows the spitfire and said in a good note, “I swear you haven’t change Celeste still taking care of animals.  I hope you go to college to become a Veterinarian, because the animal world would be a better place with you as their doctor.”  Celeste smiles at the man and requests him to stand aside in a safe spot when she releases the wild animal.

Mr. Spencer is in awe as he witness the wild three legged critter hiss out to Celeste.  Slowly she opens the container and let’s the cat free to wonder outside his box.  The bobcat takes his time to break free and slowly cuddles up against the cowgirl’s leg.  Celeste carefully purrs out warnings to the animal with a tear in her eye and watches the animal limp his way back into the woods.  “I rest my case girl you are a whisper to animals and belong to give aid to all kinds of species in this world.”  The huntress smiles her happy lips at the man. “Isn’t it grand to be free,” she calls out and heads towards the house to talk with Charles over a cup of brew. “Where’s the round table at Celeste?”  Mr. Spencer questions the girl when they step into the warm kitchen.  “I busted it in half from all my intense pounding.”  Mr. Spencer remembers the day they had a food fight after the loss of her grandfather and how she pounded her fist on the table with strength unknown to him.   “So what’s up darlin’?” she softly spoke to the scholar.  “Well I’m looking for a new place to live.  I thought to ask you if you would let me stay here until I find a place to buy.”  Celeste is shocked but recovers as she pours them a mug of java.  “How about if we make a compromise. I’ve been thinking that I want to travel it would be groovy if you stay here while I’m gone.”  Mr. Spencer is excited to hear her news and agrees kindheartedly to her perfect solution.  They are sitting across the table when Charles senses the change in Celeste.  “There is something different about you Celeste.  You are more beautiful than I remember, perhaps you have found yourself a boyfriend?”  Celeste nods no with a smirk and keeps a tight lip to his question. She instantly senses danger invade her body and bunches up her brow deep in thought.  “What’s the matter girl?”  She shakes her head free of the ill feelings and ventures onward without letting Charles know something terrible was about to happen.


picture by: silviakusada.wordpress.com

“Come on hombres ya want a piece of me!”



“Oh HELL no…” the spicy cowgirl murmurs out in her deep dreaming stage.  The half breed is living in the moment somewhere in time fighting a band of men in uniform with her Bowie knife, and Slingshot on an island that is surrounded by ocean water.  Her dream does not show faces only shadows as she fights her way pass armed guards from a different culture unknown to her.  “Come on hombres ya want a piece of me!” She hisses out in her strange dialect, and swings her deadly sharp blade in the air at the advancing men while gathering information how many men were present.  Celeste hollers out in her Cherokee war cry to the heavily armed men, and throws her knife with skill at a wall.  She dreams of sliding on a hard surface in her daisy duke shorts and cowboy hat between someones legs, and high tails it to her knife with speed.  Celeste finds herself suddenly smashed against a wall and smells hostility fill the dream air with reality someone is pressing up against her back while barking out orders in her ear.  As soon as the dream began it ended into another time and place in the world.  She leaves a painted black and white horse behind as she struggles climbing up a lava rock in mountains foreign to her with an injured leg as a Serbian wolf follows her.  “Wolf,” Celeste yells out when the Lupus canine leaps over the boulders and disappears from sight.  In a matter of seconds she witness several mountain sheep with big curly horns fly over her head to fall to their doom as the wolf is hot on their trail.  She plasters her self against the sharp rocks and pulls out her bow and arrow to release the pointing object at a ram in flight.  “Yahoo,” she screams out in happiness when her arrow hits home. Celeste tries to climb down the vertical wall of rock when she falls into another strange dreaming scene.

Her energy is all mighty stomping her way through blizzard conditions at the tip of the North Pole.  She hears a deep throat-ed cry for help hum inside her ears.  The huntress is dressed in grizzly bear fur from head to toe when she puts on speed to give aid to Mother Earth’s children. Celeste slides her way on ice to reach the huge dark mound that is wounded. Her speed is fast and furious as she nears and bears witness to the horrible destruction of the ocean beast. The whale’s shallow breathing told the huntress his time has come as she gives the whale her undivided attention into his wise orbs, and hears his unspoken words in her mind to release him from the agonizing pain.  She touches the leather cold skin with her hand and hums out peaceful symbols of ancient ancestors.  The water fish relaxes as the huntress absorbs his pain away.  He moves his big eyeball down to the tiny spiritual being to ask a question in song before he dies, “Who are you earth human?”  Celeste puffs up her chest and whispers out, “I am daughter too.”   Celeste didn’t finish the dream when her mind slipped into another.

“Push Celeste one more time,” the gentle male voice cried out in a dark room with the scent of horses.  She bears down one more time with all her might, and pushes the little body out of her birthing canal.  “It’s a baby girl, a beautiful healthy little girl with black hair.”  Her body feels like she is floating in the air of time when she senses a bundle of joy being placed softly on her chest.  Celeste moistens her dry lips with her tongue and smiles down at the crying child.  Celeste moves her hand toward her face to stop someone from licking her cheek.  She mumbles out, “Be gone,” and feels a long tongue lick inside her mouth.  She springs up out of sleep and spits out her dislike of being licked in the mouth.  Damn dog is whining out his concern for her in front of the burning fireplace wagging his tail in greeting.  It takes her befuddle mind time to clear from her weird dreams and touches Damn dog’s head to stare into his sweet golden eyes.  Without words the cowgirl picks herself up off the bear rug and begins her day heavy in thought about her dreams and their true meanings.


picture by: calcimined.rssing.com