“Yahoo,” she screams out with glee and spreads her arms open to feel the rush of wind kiss her skin in freedom.


IMG_4019 copy


The next day Celeste took Chief her painted draft horse out for a run through the snowy woods.  She feels free and light as a feather dreaming of traveling the world while racing across the open fields in her Indian buckskin attire on her horse.  “Yahoo,” she screams out with glee and spreads her arms open to feel the rush of wind kiss her skin in freedom.  She leans forward for more speed, Chief didn’t disappoint the girl when receiving the clue to go go go.  He put on the speed and flew past the woods bucking and kicking.  Celeste giggles out loud the pleasure of riding her big horse as she held on for fun and decides to do a few riding tricks on the back of Chief.  The cowgirl is riding bare back with no reins as she does a death defying stunt off her galloping horse.  She grabs the horse’s furry mane and slides off side to side touching the ground with a foot for a split second only to leap high in the air to the other side of the horse with skill.  She seats herself on his bare back and gives the clue to skip in between the trees in pole bending fashion.  After messing around for fun with her horse Celeste finds herself close to her father’s home.  She walks her horse through the snow cooling the equine down when she spots the log cabin home.  She stops the horse and slides off her horse to stare at the home with smoke coming out of the chimney. Doris is the first person that comes to her mind as she stands still pondering if she should give a peek in the windows. The urge to sneak a peek over rode the cowgirl senses and before she knew it her feet moved forward on their own accord.  Several human foot tracks in the snow coming and going showed proof someone lived in the ancient home. Memories flooded her nervous mind as she nears the old home.  The huntress decides to go around too the back of the house to take a peek into a room that once was her living quarters.  The room is empty except for guitars, amps and other music devices. Her heart is breaking to know her father still lives in the home and has never thought about visiting his daughter at her grandfather’s home for many years.

Celeste is bounced out of her thoughts when she dips down fast before being seen by the residents.  “Doris what the hell did ya do with my picks woman?”  Celeste eyes are wide with fear when she hears her father yell out in his deep southern drawl dialect slurring out his drunken words to his partner. It takes all her energy to spy and catch a glimpse of her father through the window when she slithers up the log cabin’s walls, and what she saw discussed her to no end. Her once handsome tall father is now a bag of bones and dirty with greasy hair wearing his tattered clothing that hung off his thin frame.  When Doris came into view Celeste didn’t want to see anymore, with care she creeps away and runs to the safety of Chief in the woods. The whole way home she cried her eyes out for the loss of her dysfunctional family, and when she entered her quiet home she threw away all the alcohol bottles into the trash. Several minutes ticked by as the cowgirl embedded a serious thought in her mind, and vowed she was leaving Ohio to venture across the United States to experience new beginnings.


picture by: lyndseysnewgroove.blogspot.com



“Well I be a monkey’s uncle,” she lisped out in awe staring at the bills littering the floor and gives the pretty sea shell her attention.



Several days had passed by without word from Westin as Celeste did her daily routine chores, and after fighting the freezing temps outside she closed herself up in the heated garage to go through the trunks of antiques.  The telephone rings many times, but she doesn’t pick up the phone while she carries onward with her dirty task. She drags out a heavy cedar chest with a carving of two turtle doves kissing and quickly dusted off the top. “Papa,” she slides her hand across the wood in loving reference to her grandfather’s wood craft, and opens up the heavy lid.  A beautiful hand knitted table cloth laid in perfect condition hiding the rest of the contents in the trunk when Celeste pulled it out and opened up the fabulous cover to display it’s beauty.  “Grandmother,” she whispers out and set the blanket aside.  Her eyes immediately rose in awe staring at a black and white picture of her mother when she was a little girl.  “Mama,” she choked out and picked up the picture to view.  She let her tears fall to see the little beauty her mother was before she grew up.  Carefully she kissed the face of her missing mother, and gently placed the photo on the side.  She reached for a jewelry box with one turtle dove and opens the container.  The music box chimed out its timeless tune as she touched the white paper and pulled it free to read.  Her mouth opened wide in shock to see hundred dollar bills neatly stacked and hiding underneath the white piece of paper.  Slowly the girl recovers and begins to unfold the letter of long ago.

To whom ever finds me!  This money I have saved for many years with Henry’s help. Whoever finds this money has the privilege to enjoy it.  Maybe travel the United States, go where I never was able to go. I was saving this money to travel back to Scotland one day with my love of my life Henry. There is over sixty thousand dollars neatly piled into this lovely box Henry made me as a gift when he asked me to marry him.  The only thing I ask from you whoever finds me is take a trip to California.  Spend the day on one of the beaches, bask and play in the sun, and watch a sunset only for me! You will find a shell that my mother found on the beach of Santa Barbara when I was a little girl.  Please return it back to the sea it came from.  XOXOX  Clarisse

Celeste tips the box upside down and lets the money flutter to the floor while catching the little sea shell in her lap before it dropped and shattered on the concrete floor.  “Well I be a monkey’s uncle,” she lisped out in awe staring at the bills littering the floor and gives the pretty sea shell her attention.  The cowgirl never really had a desire to use money since she lived off the land, an after her grandfather’s passing she needed no money to spend since the man left her a large amount of money and the home she lives in.  In a soft tone she gives her grandmother a seal the deal statement, “I promise grandmother I will return your shell back to Santa Barbara.”  For over an hour she sits staring and talking to her mother’s picture with tears in her eyes.  In over five years Celeste thinks about her father and what might have happened to her family if her father had a different career.  She looks out the garage window and notes the evening is passing, and picks up the hundred dollar bills to neatly stack them back into the box.  Thoughts of taking a California trip filled her mind with hope as she closes the cedar chest with her mother’s picture inside.  She slides the trunk back where it came from and covered it back up with the same dirty sheet.  Her tummy growls with hunger as she shuts the garage door and heads to the kitchen to make her a light dinner.  In her dark house sitting by the fire with Damn dog sleeping beside her on the bear rug, Celeste drank herself into a stupor while reliving her lonely childhood, and when she finished her last glass of whiskey she stumbled into the bathroom and took a long soaking bath to ward off the chilly night air.

“Well darlin’ I hate to burst your bubble but its a permanent fixture and it’s sexy as all hell.”



The shameless lovers are resting on top of each other in between the broken round table when they hear Damn dog growling.  Celeste and Westin lift their heads up to see why the dog is having a fit.  They spot the beast stand on his hind legs eating their bacon out of the frying pan on top of the stove.  “Westin get up please, so I can kick that damn dog out of the house, plus I think I have slivers of wood stuck in my ass.”  Westin immediately roared out with laughter and kissed the girl deeply.  By the time they picked themselves up off the floor Damn dog scatted away knowing Celeste was going to give him a tongue lashing for his in-subornation.  She rubbed her rear-end and felt the sharp wood embed itself into her rump, and went straight to the door.  “Out,” she barked at the dog and when she opened the door the dog flew out with speed with his tail between his legs.  Westin is laughing hysterical when Celeste slams the door and turns her attention on the handsome nude man with a smile on her lips.  Her eyes drop down to the floor to take in the broken table, and what they had done in the heat of the moment and loses her happy grin.  She stands unsure how to feel as she stares at the table her grandfather made with his own bare hands and feels the sense of loss in her heart.  Memories flooded her mind of all the times she and Henry sat at the table together.  Westin notes the change in the girl and carefully walks up to her and hugs her tightly.  “It’s just a table my love, I should have known better.”  Celeste eyes begin to water for the lost of the giant round table against Westin’s chest.  “It was my fault Westin I had no business on top of the table anyways.” She wiped her tears away before pulling her self together to leave the tender arms of her lover.  “Let me see you’re rump darlin’ so I can pull them out.”  Celeste turned around in sorrow to let Westin pluck out the sharp wooden objects in her ass.  “You’ve got several long splinters that are deep, but Celeste, you’ve got a small red heart stamped on you’re rump.  That’s funny it wasn’t there last night.” Westin is confused how she obtained the red marking when last night it wasn’t there.  “Just pull the pieces out and get it over with Westin.  As for a red tattoo, I don’t like markings on my body unless it’s war paint.”  Westin touched the tiny heart and said, “Well darlin’ I hate to burst your bubble but its a permanent fixture and it’s sexy as all hell.”  She pivots her torso around and spots the tiny symbol on the left side of her butt, and scowls her dislike. She changes in mood and begins to mumble out to no one in Cherokee language of what her gods did without consent.  She stomps her way to a drawer and pulls out a pair of tweezers and hands them over to him.  “Just pull them out and be done with it.”  He is at total lost the change in her mood, but knew she is extremely upset at the mysterious deed. “Maybe it was the Little People who cut my hair,” he softly spoke out while pulling out the wood pieces.  “No they already did their damage last night.  They play tricks and watch out for children who are lost and that’s all.” She offered Westin the information, and let the deed pass as she stared at the broken table with anger.

She doesn’t feel the needle points being pulled out by Westin until she felt his tenderness kiss each wound to make it feel better.  As she melts away her anger in a soft tone she states, “My papa made the table Westin.”  Westin spins the girl around slowly and kisses her lips with love, “I’ll get ya a new one darlin’.  I know it won’t be the same but it’s something.”  Celeste shakes her head no and said, “I have another one in the garage if ya help me take this one out.”  Westin picks up her shirt up off the floor and covers her with care, and then slips into his britches before moving the table out.  “Celeste there is a lot of stuff here, have you ever gone through it?” Celeste and Westin sit the broken table in the middle of the cold garage when she stops and turns around to view all the hidden treasures of the past.  “No I’ve never cause I ain’t a snoop dog, nor did I ever have a desire to mess around with what is not mine.” She moves forward to a corner and pulls away sheets that covered the ancient goods.  Many storage chest lays waiting for the girl to rummage through in leisure when they dragged out the old cherry oak square table from it’s dusty spot.  “Wow this is gorgeous red wood needs cleaning, but it will work out fine in the kitchen,” Westin proclaimed out.  Celeste nods in approval and begins to dust the table off.  “This table I think was my grandmother’s before my papa made her the round table, I guess it will do for now.” The lovers move the table into the warm kitchen with ease while the cowgirl begins to take a wet rag to the wood.  The phone rings out breaking the silence between the lovers.  “Westin the phone is for you could you please answer it.”  Westin runs his hand through his hair and gives the girl an odd look, “How do you know it’s for me?”  The cowgirl simply replied, “I don’t get calls darlin’ so it must be for you.”  He picks up the receiver and said hello, “Hi mom, yeah I’m about to leave I’ll be home in a few with Peter’s medicine. See ya later.”  Celeste knew it was time for him to leave and kept herself busy cleaning the table.  “Westin go take a shower while I prep Peter’s medicines for you to take home.”  Westin walked up to the cowgirl with her wild hair cascading down in curls and touches her sad face, “I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow cowgirl I promise.” She smiles and nods yes silently and lets her lover smother her with tender kisses before he took a shower and left her home.

“Ride me baby,” he dares to say to the hungry cowgirl.



In the kitchen Celeste takes her time to make breakfast of bacon and eggs for the lovers.  Westin walks into the scent of delicious food wearing only his jeans and immediately heads straight for the wildflower.  “How ya feeling today my darlin’,” Westin drawls out in a husky southern tone.  “I feel smashing Westin, thank you for asking.” Celeste responds and blushes red.  “Are you sore?”  Celeste isn’t sure what he means, “No I don’t think so.  Why would I be sore?”  Westin hugs her tightly as she flips the bacon over.  He moves her wild hair away from her neck and kisses her softly.  Celeste shivers with lust ready to do the man once again.  “Are you sore?” She asked the handsome man. Westin chuckled in her ear, “I’m not a virgin darlin, but my stick is a happy camper.  Virgins usually get sore and bleed the first time when a man enters her.” Celeste scrunches up her brow and states, “I did neither.”  Westin is confused, “How is that possible?” Celeste flips the bacon once more and spots dog licking his chops by the stove.  “Dog go lay down,” she barked out at the beast for intruding while she is cooking.  Dog quickly heads under the table to hide.  “Westin I’ve rode horses all my life, perhaps me riding has helped break my hymen and not make me sore.”  Westin reaches for a mug on the counter Celeste set aside for him, and pours him a cup of coffee.  “Mmm, good coffee can I steal a piece of bacon?”  Celeste giggles and nods yes trying to occupy her wild thoughts of shagging the man once again.  She hears him sit his cup on the counter and returns to torment her while she cooks.  He leans into the spitfire frame for a loving moment and hugs her tightly taking a whiff of her wild hair. “I love your scent cowgirl, you’re intoxicating to me.”  Celeste’s womanhood responded instantly to his cuddle moment and feels the man’s hand wonder up her oversize flannel shirt tickling her bare legs with his soft touch. “Oh baby you’re still wet,” he whispers out when he tickles her tunnel of love with his finger.  She leans back against his naked torso and said in a hushed tone, “Watch out Westin I’ll do you right here if ya don’t stop now.” Westin turns off the stove and sets the cast iron skillet aside, and turns the cowgirl around to face him.

“I do believe you’re a nymph, are ya ready to play again cowgirl for I could use another session like last night, but a little more wilder.” Celeste is lost in Westin’s dreamy hazel eyes and messy hair from last nights steamy episode on the bear rug.  He cradles her head into this hands, and nibbles on her lips to encourage the cowgirl to respond.  She reciprocates with hunger unknown to her, and begins to melt to his calling.  Westin picks up the girl and sits her bare rump on the counter to ravish her body anywhere he pleases.  She leans back her head against the cabinets in pure beatitude as Westin unbuttons her shirt.  He takes his finger in slow movement and trances her thirty six C cup breast.  Her perky nuggets rise to the sexual occasion of the man’s yummy touch, and groans in delight when he dips his head down to sample her hard nipples.  Her eyes open wide in surprise when he carefully inserts his finger into her wet folds to play and sucks harder on her breast to enlighten the playful act.  “Westin, mmm your making my head swim once again.”  “Good for I plan to shag ya rotten my darlin’ and it’s you’re turn to work.”  Celeste is given the full reins and pleads with Westin to further his scrumptious seduction upon her body. His act of oral sex is driving her mad as she wraps her legs around the man squeezing him tight.  “Easy girl your going to squash me,” he lisps out.  She relaxes her strength, and lets him devour his fill of her body in complete ecstasy. The same feeling she experienced last night started to boil over while Westin moved his fingers in and out of her juicy wet tunnel.  She dips her head back and wails out loud her sublimity. Westin smiles and drives his fingers carefully inside her to work their magic.  The minute she comes back down to earth, she unbuttons his jeans in slow snail movements.  Westin groans out is delight to be released.  “My turn,” the cowgirl whispers out and slides off the counter to disrobe the man from his blue jean confinements with greed.

Westin takes note her eyes swirling once again into one color of emerald green and knows she is ready to fulfill his every desire once his baloney pony is free of restrictions.  With slow care he slips her open shirt off her shoulders and lets the fabric drop to the floor.  They stand together nude unsure who will make the move first.  “You’re gorgeous Westin, more than I can describe.”  Westin blushes but not too long when Celeste jumps his bone with intense sexual heat.  Her strength kept him on board to control her before he ended up hurt; however, he didn’t have a say when the pair were leaning slowly on top of the round table.  Celeste’s eyes are on fire with extreme passion as her back touches the solid wood.  Damn dog quickly left the scene and headed into the living room giving the wild pair space to do their thing alone.  Celeste inches more onto the wooden sturdy table kissing the man to death with gluttony.  In one full sweep Westin clears the table of all goods with one arm and sends the objects zooming across the room with a crash.  Celeste didn’t pay attention nor cared as long as they tore each other up with frenzy and lust.  Without missing a lick Westin and Celeste is on top of the large round table doing the wild thang in the heat of the moment.  It doesn’t take long for Westin to insert his fire stick into the girl’s blooming flower.  She arches her back and drives him deeper inside her wet folds.  Westin coos to his girl sweet nothings as he pushes his hips deeper into her creamy center.  Celeste purrs out and rapes his lips with robust.  Her fingers immediately runs through his hair and demands more from Westin.  “Jesus god you’re out of this world, you’re going to make me cum love if ya don’t slow down,” he hisses out between kisses laying on top of her.  “Put me on top Westin I want to feel all of you.”  Westin obeys as the table is big enough to handle their tall frames.  He rolls her into the center of the table and falls completely in love with the wildness of Celeste’s aura the minute she is seated on top of him.  Celeste couldn’t hide her delight as she softly speaks out glowing golden with wonder, “Oooo I like this position.”  Westin chuckles out with happiness, “Ride me baby,” he dares to say to the hungry cowgirl.  “Oh Westin I feel alive and you’re bigger than last night, hum…I’m in awe with need my buck,” she innuendos out in a dangerous demanding tone while wiggling her hips to get the perfect fit of his dick.  Her wild long hair is everywhere bouncing to life with character as she smells the air of sex.  Westin is highly charge to lay witness to the change in the cowgirl as she rode him to perfection.  It doesn’t take long for Celeste to boil over as she cries out her urgency to drive faster and harder.  Westin rocks the cowgirl hard and fast with his hands on her waist and marvels in her multiply climaxes until she loses momentum trying to catch her breath.  Before Celeste knew what happened Westin twisted her frame on the table and laid on top of her sweaty hot body to do his thing.  He drove himself deeper inside and pounded out his desire with each push and pull in her slushy hairless folds.  “I love your hot box baby, soft, smooth, and deliciously drizzling with wetness.”  Celeste stretches out her arms and holds on to the edge of the table to take the heavy thrust of Westin’s hips.  Neither one of the wild lovers could hear the small cracks in the table when Westin demanded more aggression upon her willing body.  The cowgirl bellows out with heated air, “Westin more.”  Westin does what is told and hammers deep into her creaminess and cries out, “Cowgirl cum with me.”  Celeste moves her hips and drives the man deeper into her abyss.  In unison they both cry out their animalism as the table gives way from their weight and splits in half sending them down to the floor between the division of the wood table.  Neither one missed a stroke during the ruins of the table until their heated moment calmed down and were able to catch their breath.  “That was fucking awesome,” Westin giggles as he runs his fingers through his hair.  Celeste laughed out loud from her lovers statement, and hugged him close to her breast feeling totally sedated from their wild love making.

“I feel the rapture of being overzealous today too my man, thank you for noticing.”



The sound of heavy breathing between Celeste and Westin filled the living room with secret words unspoken.  They are curled up together in spoon fashion resting their bodies when Celeste opens her eyes, and stares into the fireplace that seemed never to need a log to keep it burning in the pit since they made passionate love to each other. She hears Westin resting breath in her ear and smiles in pure joy of having the handsome man lay next to her in the morning light.  The clock on the mantle chimed out softly the time of day as she cast her eyes upon the time clicker and giggled.  While they slept her childhood tormentors cut her hair and Westin’s and braided the strands together as one.  Silently inside her mind she thanks her gods for giving her a blessed evening with Westin and slowly wiggled her way out of his loving embrace.  Her legs feel like rubber as she places herself to stand up nude, and brushes her wild mane out of her face to stare at the beautiful sight of Westin’s long strong body sleep in peace. Quiet as a mouse she tip toes out and heads to the kitchen to boil water for a ladies tea to help prevent pregnancy, and walks with care to the restroom.  Too many emotions smothers the girl’s head as she tidied her body up with a quick shower.  She clothes herself with a oversize flannel shirt and heads back to the kitchen to make her tea.  She reaches in her cabinet for smartweed leaf’s to add the weed into the boiling water and sets it aside to cool.  With speed she puts on her winter wear and leaves the sleeping Westin to feed her livestock. The sunny day proved to be a warm day to melt the snow when she steps outside.  Celeste views her world different as she loves the sparkles of snow glistening hello in the sunlight to her.  She spreads her arms out and spins around laughing with gaily.  Damn dog is howling out in the barn to be released when Celeste laughs her way towards the barn in haste.

She slides open the barn doors and is immediately barreled over by the dog.  He knocks her down into the snow and licks her face as he whined out his happiness.  “Stop dog your overwhelming me,” she chuckled out with glee.  Damn dog stood back to make room for Celeste to pick herself up and howls with greatness.  “I feel the rapture of being overzealous today too my man, thank you for noticing.”  Damn dog runs off into the woods while Celeste begins to do her chores with a happy face and a light foot.  By the time the huntress enters her home Westin is still sound asleep.  She drinks her tea and scrunches up her face in discuss of the foul herb that she will have to drink until she has her menstrual cycle.  She rinses out her mouth from the taste and chews on a few mint leaf’s staring outside the window at the snowy ground.  Damn dog makes her jump in fright when he plasters his nose against the window to come in out of the cold.  She opens the door without thinking when the dog rushes in with excitement and heads straight for Westin in the living room.  Celeste quickly follows him trying to call off the mutts playfulness in the house in a soft tone, but fails when Damn dog leaps in a single bound on top of the sleeping man by the fire.  Celeste roared out in laughter unable to hold back the crazy action of her dog.  Westin woke up immediately with a smile on his face and bear hugged the beast.  “I’m sorry I should not have let him in but he seems really happy today for some reason.”  Westin releases the dog and lets the beast lay next to him hogging his space as the dog begins to lick the salt of sweat off Westin’s back.  Celeste feels a sense of completion of utter family bliss staring at her two men in her life, and returns to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee no longer a virgin, but a woman who is over filling with blithely.


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“Westin something is happening, I can no longer hold reins over myself push baby push deeper into me for I want to cry out with more more more.”



Celeste takes off his shirt in a seductive strip tease and unbuttons his jeans to let his horse rear forth.  Westin slows the girl down with a soft comment and cups his strong hands against her face cherishing the delicious moment of loving the cowgirl, “Easy lassie lets take our time, for I do plan to teach you the art of love making with no strings attached, and I promise you it won’t be hard core sex.”  Celeste for a split second feels the sense of busting lose her emotions that tingled throughout her frame and holds on tightly to his hard muscles on his arms.  Beads of sweat are noticeable upon his brow as Westin tries to control the intensity of heat that coursed through his veins.  He picks the half breed off her feet and cradles her next to him with all his might.  “I never want this moment to pass us by without telling you cowgirl I adore you.”  Celeste lets her fingers do their walking through his hair and grabs hold of his hair to demand more kissing.  Westin places his girl on her feet as they both slide down onto the comfort of the bear rug. Westin takes his time disrobing the rest of his clothing, and watches the lust slip forward into the magical eyes of his mate. “Your eyes are changing my love do you ache for me as much as I do you?” “Yes, Westin I do,” she replied with a smile on her lips watching the fire light capture the beauty of his perfectly nude body. She knows not why she does her sensual trick as she slithers her hands down her naked body wiggling and moving her hips to the sound of music while moaning out her pleasure. Westin lays down on top of her body entwining the union to completion.  “Let me show you baby all you want to know about the art of two people.  I ask you to let you’re juices flow freely, and let me do all the work for now.”

Her eyes open wide in bliss wonder ready to receive her lesson when Westin rapes her lips with butterfly kisses.  She feels his soft touch move to the notes of caressing and foreplay her body from head to toe before he commits to the act of entering her.  A peace of serenity envelops the spitfire as she drifts off into la la land relishing in the fact someone adores her body.  “Westin I feel too many emotions I’m having a hard time separating each one at a time to give validation and understanding, its like I am yearning for more but,” she whimpers out as Westin whispers her name on her lips to stop her thinking and continues onward pleasing his lady.  The dawn of the day is breaking when Westin cast his hungry gaze upon the magnificent girl and said softly, “I can’t wait any longer my love I need to feel inside you.” Celeste whispers out, “Yes Westin today for my body feels the need to please.”  Westin centers himself and stares into the wild dreamy eyes of the huntress.  With snail pace he introduces his firm manhood to her hairless wet folds of Garden of Eden.  Her face is beautiful beyond words as Westin scans her hair spread out all over the bear rug.  Her body is glistening with moisture and glowing golden under the fire light.  She’s ready to let him drive his train into her cave of darkness and relaxes her immediate urges to hold onto his firm rump to push him in deeper.  Westin kisses her swollen lips with urgent desire and carefully pushes his joy stick into her tunnel of honey.  Celeste explodes out her phantasmagorical cry and hugs her sexual mate with all her might. “Westin I’m flying too high my soul feels like I’m floating around in all directions in the sky.”  “Celeste relax I’m almost there open more for me love,” Westin hushes out softly in her ear.  Celeste opens her legs wider and allows her body to slip away to feel the chimerical emotions flood her body to senselessness.  “Westin I, I,” she stammers out unsure how to express what she is experiencing.  “Damn girl your stupendous and so yummy. I feel your juices flowing all around me.  You fit me like a glove my love. I just want to treasure every second.” Celeste didn’t want to wait any longer she pushes his butt deeper into her body and feels him jet stream forward.  She moves her hips and purrs out how she wants him to move his body to give her more pleasure.  Westin is lost in her creamy tight entrance buying his time not to thrush forward with urgency, but when she cried out, “Westin something is happening, I can no longer hold reins over myself push baby push deeper into me for I want to cry out with more more more.”  He obeys with a breathtaking smile, and drives home deeper into her abysmal opening losing all mastery living in a supernatural moment of riding the cowgirl to perfection until they both released their splendor of passion out loud in unison to the heavens.

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“I love how you stream your fingers through your hair Westin, it turns me on and makes my body flutter like a butterfly in flight craving for nectar to survive.”

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Its four in the morning as the pair sat in front of the fire finishing their lengthy conversation about each other.  For the first time in Celeste’s life she exposed her odd childhood to the young man.  Westin is very patient and utterly speechless listening to the lonely yet exciting life of the half breed.  “So you see Westin I’m destine to live a life of loneliness.  I’m okay with my path in life for I believe my Cherokee grandmother has never left my side, and will hopefully guide me into my next level in life where I am ordained to achieve earthy tasks.  Plus I am waiting for my soul mate to surface one day as per my grandmother’s telling. Perhaps then I won’t be alone anymore.”  Westin’s head is swimming with all kinds of question of belief and falsehood.  He stands up to absorb all that he has learnt.  “You actually believe in this hocus pocus shit?”  Celeste joined Westin in standing position, “Yes I do and it’s not shit but spiritual.  Just because you don’t understand or believe doesn’t mean it can’t happen to others.  For example Peter and you’re hair.  I was not here when the deed was done, don’t you remember I was out in my barn while you and Peter slept.”  Westin picks up his hair off the clock and ponders to himself and places the object back on top of the clock. Peter’s statement started to whirl around inside his brain as Celeste touches his hand.  “Are you a witch doctor cowgirl?”  Celeste roared out with laughter, “If you want to call me that then who am I to dissuade you from believing what you want to understand for normalcy; but I would like to think I do good not bad in this world.”  Celeste lets go of his hand and sits back down, Westin follows suit and speaks out as his sits on the bear rug with Celeste, “How do you know I’m not your soul mate?”

Celeste is quiet staring into the flames when Westin touches her chin to lightly move it towards his face.  “Westin I myself don’t understand all, but I do know that I don’t look into situations to deeply and just go with the flow of what I have been dealt with.  If I keep an open mind unconditionally and sometimes in naive processing, I’m better for it so I don’t abuse my special talent whatever that may be.”  Celeste leans back to release his touch on her skin.  Westin drops his hand and gazes into her tired eyes.  “I don’t want to hurt you Westin nor do I want to abuse your body like a bitch in heat, but I do want to learn about all things in life to give meaning and understanding in wisdom; however I fear emotions will surface and don’t want you to fall in love with me for I am unlovable to mankind. I don’t want strings attached to anyone, because all I want is to learn not wed a man.”  Westin watches the girl turn a shade red, “What are ya thinking girl?” Celeste doesn’t want to tell the man her lady member is creaming for his touch.  He senses her dilemma and speaks out with love, “Cowgirl can I ask you something and will you inform me honestly?”  She nods yes silently and waits for his question.  “It amazes me that you’re eyes are two different colors, and and,” he tongue tied out trying to find the right words.  “Just spit it out Westin.”   Westin takes a deep breath and plunges forward, ” A two tone girly part that scared the shit out of me.”  Celeste bunches up her brow in thought and moves her long hair away from her golden features. Westin in a soft tone furthers onward, “The day you and I were playing with each in your grandfather’s room.  I don’t know what the hell happen to tell ya the truth between us, but I got one heck of a charge throughout my body that left Mr. Peter hard for weeks when I touched you down below.”  She takes a few moments of silence and gives a reply, “I’m sorry Westin you’ve asked a question I too have no clue about.  Could it be that we both felt high on life and assumed a magical bonding occurred?”  Westin shrugs his shoulders in mystery.  She watches the nervous boy with a smile on her lips hearing him call his private area a human name, and takes his hand with concern.  Westin stares into the half breeds orbs and does the thing she loves the most about the man, and moves his shoulder length brown hair out of his face in frustration waiting for a response.  She lets her fingers automatically reach up to feel the softness of his hair and purrs out in her husky voice, “I love how you stream your fingers through your hair Westin, it turns me on and makes my body flutter like a butterfly in flight craving for nectar to survive.”  Without thinking and acting on her heated emotion she slowly leaned into the man and kissed his lips.  Westin floated away into her epic world with want and need for contact of her magical touch, and returned her soft kiss in reciprocation.  The burning flames came to life in the fireplace and danced its magic upon the couple casting its golden warmth upon the man and woman; but neither noticed the extra light in the dark room.  Westin broke the contact and stood up holding out his hand for the cowgirl to take. With grace Celeste reached for his hand in support and stood up.  He carefully placed his hands on her deerskin garb and took the time to slowly disrobe the Indian dress over her head.  Celeste didn’t stop nor did she want to as she lift her arms above her head to let Westin strip her clothing off her heated body.

Westin can’t control the tender moment and loses himself with sexual hunger upon her golden nude body.  He takes a step back to view her tan skin by the bright firelight and takes note she is now completely hairless down below.  “Beautiful,” he murmurs out and touches her special place with an effete finger.  He groans out in Arcadia the soft smooth skin of her womanhood against his touch.  Celeste barters kindheartedly to his demands and gives into the special moment of their lips sampling each other once again when her bare feet step forward to close the gap between the two.  Westin surrounds her warm body next to his in his loving embrace and kisses her plump lips into a lost world of utopia.  Celeste now is border lining in losing all hope of turning back the clock of time, and takes her lazy movements to unbutton Westin’s shirt one at a time to press her bare breast against his hard pecks and devour his lips into her land of milk and honey.


“Westin, you and I have been playing cat and dog for a while now, and I’m done with pussy footin’ around with ya.”



Celeste took an oversize shirt of her grandfather’s and covered herself before returning to give Westin a steak to put on his eye.  “Here ya go sling shooter, put this on your eye.” Westin looks up at the spitfire and gives her a weak grin and places the cold meat on his burning eyeball.  Celeste sat down across from Westin and said, “Why are you here Westin, is Peter okay?”  “Yes he’s doing great and misses you, but mom asked me to come here to see if you could make him more of you’re healing medicines since he is running low.”  She nods yes to the boy and sits down quietly thinking how to approach a tip toe situation that has plagued her mind.  “Whatcha thinking about girl?”  Westin opened the door for her to ask him a few questions.  She gently touches Damn dog’s head when the beast sits next to her, “Westin, you and I have been playing cat and dog for a while now, and I’m done with pussy footin’ around with ya.  I know ya like me and its only time before we will get down.”  Westin smiles at the spitfire and takes the meat off his bruised eye. “Ya sure about that?” Celeste nods yes in a shy manner.  “At one point I thought all I wanted from you is you’re body to learn; because every fiber in my girly frame begged to be loved by someone.  I’ve grown in knowledge since then to feel it’s not proper to spread my legs for anyone.”  Westin roared out with laughter, “Damn girl just jump on in and tell me like it is!”  Celeste couldn’t look at Westin, she is blushing  with a grin upon her face.  Westin melts to putty seeing the girl in her oversize checker red flannel shirt, and her wild lioness mane cast off a pretty scene.  Westin takes the meat off his eye to give the girl scrutiny.  Celeste reaches over to Westin and places the meat back over his eye.  He touches her hand and holds it for a few seconds while he gazes into her eyes.  “What happen to your lip?”  Celeste licked her bottom lip and said, “Damn dog kicked my ass in the snow.”  Westin smiles and softly touches her hurt.  He gives the dog a dangerous scowl,  “Shame on you bad boy.”  Damn dog lays down and hums out a whine at Westin.  They both laugh at the silliness of the canine speaking out his remorse.

The half breed takes the chance and whispers out, “Westin are you in a hurry to go home?”  Westin nods no.  “I’m a wondering if you would like to spend the night with me so we can have a long conversation, and I do mean a chat without sex.”  Westin beams with joy and lifts the meat off his right eye.  “I have longed to be with you girl more than ya know alone. There are a lot of things I want to learn about ya; because every time I’m around you something strange or crazy happens, and to tell you the truth you scare the daylights out of me sometimes.  You’re not like other ladies in a lot of ways.”  Celeste is confused at his statement and releases her hand from his hand.  She picks up her flask and smiles at Westin, “Ya saved me some thank you.  How about I feed my critters and lets move into the house.  I will make us dinner and we can go from there.  Will that be alright?”  “Yes, I would like that cowgirl more than anything.  Let me help you out so we can finish quicker.”  Celeste smiles and tips the flask to her lips and took a good swallow, and then offers the substance to Westin who partook in the drinking to kill his pain.

After a hearty dinner the couple headed into the living room.  “Westin let me put a poultice on that eye before we begin.  Will you please put a log on the fire and sit down on the bear rug to wait for me.”  “My pleasure my lady,” Westin sounded out.  Celeste expressed tenderness towards the handsome young man and left his side.  Westin threw a log in the fire pit and took the time to glance around the man’s cave.  On the mantle above the fireplace he spots his and Peter’s hair on a clock.  He picks up the locks to view for a moment in puzzlement and restores the treasures upon the clock. He turns around and sits himself down on the rug in front of the fire to wait for her rejoinder.  Celeste glides into the living room with coffee and medicines.  Westin watches every move she makes with uncertainty as she places the tray on a nearby table wearing her simple buckskin Indian dress. She hands him a cup of black coffee and begins her administration of herbs upon his eye.  She sits on her knees and applies the healing ointment gently.  Westin gets a whiff of her earthy scent, and senses his manhood is growing hard.  He groans out not in pain, but pleasure of the cooling substance she applied on his eye with gentle care.  He sees her chest rise and fall faster by the mere touch of his skin. “You are getting turned on cowgirl better behave yourself or I might not be able to keep my word of having no sex.”  Celeste stops her action and turns red with embarrassment. “That should be good for now,” she hushed out to him and placed her medicine on the tray.  She picks up her coffee mug and joins Westin on the bear rug.  Time seem to stand still for the two as they gazed into the fire in silence. “Cowgirl why did you cut Peter and my hair?”  Celeste looks up at the clock and smiles, “I didn’t do it.”  Westin takes a sip of his brew and does his famous sexy move with his hair, “Then who did?”  Celeste shrugged her shoulders and stayed quiet. “This is what I mean about ya scaring me girl.  There is strange shit happening here.”  Celeste turns her head towards the man sitting next to her.  “All my life Westin I have grown up with things missing or being misplaced.  I use to think it was fairies in the woods who played tricks on me, now I believe its the Little People from my Cherokee heritage.  I didn’t think anything of it as long as they didn’t harm me.”  Westin shakes his head in bewilderment Celeste puts her cup down and turns her body around cross legged to stare into Westin’s dreamy hazel eyes of confusion.  She takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly ready to begin their conversation of discovery.





“Don’t move Westin or my savior will bite your balls off.” Damn dog growls in outrage at Westin dripping his saliva onto the pavement .



“Let me go before I really put the hurt on ya,” Celeste hissed out with venom as she tried her best to wiggle out of his hold.  “Oh no I ain’t gonna let ya go tough girl you’re mine right now.”  Westin’s right eye is starting to swell from the slap of the slingshot’s rubber band. The cowgirl feels phobia setting in as she jerks her body away, but Westin’s strong hold refuses the girl to escape.  The pair stares into each others eyes when Celeste out of nowhere takes her finger and pushes hard on his injury.  “Ouch, damn you girl that’s it!”  With all his might he picks the girl up and sits down putting the wild cat across his lap to spank her ass.  “Oh hell no Westin ya better not,” she screamed out and struggled to be free.  Westin roars out with laughter and begins to wallop the girl’s ass.  “This one is for defying me girl,” Westin spoke out with gusto and slaps her butt.  “How dare you, you butt-hole,” she bellows out and begins to try to twist her body around, but can’t budge out of her position since Westin held her torso down with his arm firmly.  “This one is for throwing a weapon at me and calling me a name,”  he belts out and clobbers her harder.  Celeste shrieks out from his intense strike on her bare rear end.  She hears her animal’s angry cries while she wails out in a high pitch tone.  Chief the draft horse begins to kick at the wood in his stall to be released to help his huntress.  Westin isn’t paying attention as he brought down his hand once more upon her butt. “And this one is for being so damn beautiful in these lacy undergarments.”  Celeste tighten her rear end to prep for the smack to come.  Westin touches her rump with a light tap.  Chief whinny’s out to Celeste and pounds against the wall with his hooves ready to break it down to come to his cowgirls aid.  “Now are you going to behave or do I give ya another one for good measures?”  He is about to unsnap her bra when he hears a deadly warning.  “Grrrr…Grrrr,” Damn dog bears his sharp teeth at the man with avenges.  Westin’s eyes raises in fright as he stared into the huge Great Dane’s golden eyes.  “Don’t move Westin or my savior will bite your balls off.”  Damn dog growls in outrage at Westin dripping his saliva onto the pavement.

“Make a decision slick cause from where I lay seems you have no recourse but to stop your assault on my ass.”  Celeste knows she has to move slowly or Westin will pay for his mistake of whipping her.  “Easy boy, I’m alright I thank ya kindly for your support.”  Damn Dog moves closer to Westin who is afraid to move his hand, and licks Celeste red butt.  Celeste busted up laughing and moves her body off Westin’s lap.  She stands up and rubs her red rump with her hand and gives Westin who is sitting still in silence a wicked grin.  “Doesn’t pay to mess with me, I have friends in low places.”  With admiration Celeste hugs her mighty brute to calm him down.  “I love ya my beast,” she spoke out gently to her friend.  Damn dog wags his tail and licks her face in recognition she is okay.  Westin rakes his fingers through his hair, “Oh goodnight ya got a freaking army to back ya up.”  Celeste whistled out to her other friends and said, “Easy everyone I’m alright for now.”  Chief whinny’s out once again and nods his head up and down to confirm her stature. Celeste reaches for the dumbfounded man’s hand and said with care, “Come wild man let me put ice on that eye.”  “Hell no I ain’t moving,” Westin whispers out.  Celeste giggles and heads straight to the kitchen in the back of the barn to give Westin a piece of frozen meat for his black and blue eye.


picture by: behaviorvet.wordpress.com