“Yeah, I know they turn green when I am sexually charged.”



The sexy cowgirl licks her lips in a sensual manner after tasting Gary’s lips. The emotions she is experiencing from the man’s kiss is one of trust, loyalty, and fulfilling to one’s soul. She silently ponders on the different sensations from kissing two different men. Westin’s kisses were reckless, wild, and absolutely juicy. While Gary’s kiss is tender, unconditional and hedonic. Gary chuckles to himself watching the lascivious faces Celeste is making, he notes the bartender watching the mysterious woman with desire as she moistens her kisser once again.  When finished with her analogy her eyes sparkle with delight.  “Jesus woman I don’t think you could be anymore sexier than you already are.  Do you know you’re eyes are turning into a dreamy green?” She grins with mischievousness at Gary and honestly speaks her mind out in a pleasing tone, “Yeah, I know they turn green when I am sexually charged.” Her date roars out with laughter..

She hears an amuse snicker from the bartender and smiles at him with a little shy blush. “What can I get you,” he offers Celeste. “I ain’t wanting no Ice Tea sir, but how about a glass of water for now.” The drink maker stands still scrunching up his brow to pick apart her strange husky dialect. Gary notes that he is having a hard time understanding Celeste, or he could be stunned from her beauty, he jumps in to rescue the order, “How about two glasses of water.” The man grins and nods his head at Gary. “Celeste I do believe you are making me, and this man twitter pated.”  Celeste didn’t have time to response when people started to filter in the lounge.  Gary is quiet marveling in her naked beauty without make-up on when Celeste feels he is probing her energy. “Do you like Gary,”she whispers out.  “Yes I do darlin’, more than I can express,” he replies quietly for only her ears to hear.  After a half an hour of chatting and giggling with each other Gary had to ask, “So when are you leaving Texas?” Celeste quickly comments, “I will stay for one more day I think, and then be on my way to California.”  Gary takes notice he had to leave Celeste while he played his guitar. Part of him didn’t want to leave the wonderful time he is spending with her, but duty and his love for music called, “Let’s talk about this afterwards is that a deal over dinner?”  Celeste nods yes and watches the musician leave her side.  She fell in love with his impeccable skill of making love to his guitar, and knew deep in her heart she could not string this man on to think she wanted a relationship with a musician; nevertheless she adored his company and witty mind, but no one was going to prolong her to reach the west coast ocean.


“Hum, glad to know I can stop traffic with a blink of an eye, or do I make you feel weedy darlin’,” Celeste jokingly cracked out in her low husky tone.



When Celeste arrived at her hotel and entered her room the scent of daisies filled the room with their odor.  She drops her jaw in awe to witness the glory of a precious gift.  Over ten different arrangements littered her counters and bedside with their gorgeous colors.  She sets down her heavy bags from clothes shopping to read all the cards attached to the flowers. One by one her smile couldn’t get any bigger while reading the lovely one word notes.  Each note she placed on the bed to view the secret message, “Wild Moon Woman you are not made to be Tamed.”  The cowgirl is baffled who sent her favorite flowers until she goes into the washroom to draw a bath for tonight’s excursion, and spots a beautiful single yellow rose inside a thin hand painted glass vase of a Texas rose an a note attach by the marble sink.  “Looking forward to tonight, Gary,”she slowly read the contents of the card.

She gives herself a glance in the mirror, “Gary thank you, I’ve never had flowers delivered to me. What a fantastic treasure you’ve blessed me with.” She dips down to smell the yellow perfection of the rose and mirth’s with glee.  The humble cowgirl peeks around the corner of the bathroom door to make sure she isn’t dreaming that her room is filled with flowers. “Holy Holey want did I do to receive these gifts?  I thought I was rude to him but I guess that wasn’t so.”  She fills the tub with hot water and strips off her clothes.

The time is passing by when Celeste finishes off the final touches of dressing up for Gary.  She is nervous and unsure if she looks presentable in her leather attire.  Her long curly hair hangs free to swing pass her waist.  She ads a pale pink lipstick and then picks up her room key to meet the man of the hour.  Gary sits at the bar waiting for Celeste’s arrival, he is on his second drink to calm his nerves.  In fact he has never been this excited about meeting up with the half breed who is a breath of fresh air.  He ponders on the sway of her curvy hips and long legs when she walks away from him this morning in the aquatic room.  The earth girl walks into the dark meeting room called a lounge with sweaty palms and spots the backside of Gary sitting at the bar.  The male bartender drops his mouth open wide and catches Gary’s attention.  He turns around in his seat and smiles at the stunning figure of Celeste.  His breath is swept away and tries to move off the bar stool to greet her.  He is clumsy since he refuses to blink an eye at the woman who is a sight for sore eyes, and doesn’t want this moment to end missing a single step of the powerful earth girl who has suddenly put a spell on him with her allure of innocence.

Gary knocks over his stool with a loud crash on the floor.  Celeste giggles and blushes red to know she was not the only one who makes a blunder of embarrassment in public.  She stares into his mischievous brown eyes and gives him a wink.  “Hum, glad to know I can stop traffic with a blink of an eye, or do I make you feel weedy darlin’,” Celeste jokingly cracked out in her low husky tone.  Gary regained his composure and busted out laughing giving Celeste a bear hug, “Damn right you do, holy smoke your piping hot and love your body scent.”  He pulls a bar stool out at the bar to help Celeste sit down. He thanks the bartender for picking up his mistake, and seats himself with happiness next to the intoxicating half breed.  Celeste surprises him even further when she leans in gently to plant a tender kiss of gratitude upon his lips for showering her with flowers. “Kiss Kiss darlin’ for the flowers.” Gary instantly experiences bliss over filling his cup when her lips touched his, the sweetness of her soft pink lips left him shaking at the knees for more, more, more.


picture by: leatherarena.com

“Be careful girl, you might have the men drooling and falling at you’re footsteps.”



Gary and Celeste had a marvelous conversation going on until Celeste looked at her hands and noticed they were wrinkled.  “I think I better get going before I turn into a prune,” she shyly spoke to her new friend.  “How long you staying Celeste? I’m playing again tonight would ya care to join me?”  “I don’t know how long I want to stay, and I think I made a fool out of myself last night, so I don’t want to return to that saloon,” she smirks at Gary and then stares at the moving water.  “Nonsense I am not playing there again, I have a gig to do right here in the bar. I play acoustic jazz guitar to the rich and famous,” he gives a wink to Celeste an asked again in a playful manner, “So how about it will you come and join me, and if you have too many ice teas you are safe to walk up to your own room and pass out again.” Celeste laughed so loud Gary joined in with her.  She liked how he wasn’t pushy yet adores his free spirit energy.  To her Gary was a fine catch for any lady to fall in love with, but she was not looking to hook up with a man until she completed her task.  His dark brown hair is shorter than Westin’s and groomed perfectly to his simple structure of face.  She loved looking into his chocolate eyes that spoke of honesty and trust.  “You’re thinking to hard darlin’, could it be that I might be too old for ya?”  Celeste cracks a smile and nods yes, “I would love too, and your age means nothing to me.  What time should I be there?” “I play at 7:30 to 9:30 pm, come a little earlier so we can chat, and then afterwards how about having a late dinner together? I know this great Mexican place I’ve been dying to go back and eat their delicious food.”  Celeste chews on her bottom lip before asking, “What kind of food is it Gary?” He busted out laughing, “Okay I’ve got to know where on earth did you come from?”

Celeste gives him her simple story of life by telling him hunting and growing was all she knew how to do. She doesn’t give him too much information about her lonely life only the bare necessities to keep the conversation flowing. When she looks at her hands and saw they were wrinkled more than ever, she said her good byes and tried to get out of the tub.  Gary watches her body steaming from the heat and takes note of her small heart tattoo on her firm rump when she is leaving the hot tub.  He digs her curvy body and strong muscle legs, “Nice suit Celeste and cute heart tattoo.”  Celeste turns around and loses her balance only to slip off the step falling backwards into Gary’s waiting arms.  He roars with laughter, she blushes red and peels her hot body away from his embrace.  Her body feels like jelly when she tries to maneuver herself out of the tub with the help from Gary.   She stands dripping wet and turns around slowly to say, “See ya later.”  Gary watches the bathing suit model walk away in her buckskin bikini which is turning him on with waiting delight, and enjoys watching her long braided hair swing with her hips.  She arrives in her room, her body felt soft, hot, and completely wonderful. With slow movements she strips out of her suit to hang in the bathroom to dry, an opens her closet to see what to wear tonight.  The cowgirl stares at her simple wardrobe of jeans and t shirts hanging on the hangers. “I think I saw a store a few blocks down the street, maybe I should go shopping.”

Celeste never went clothes shopping; she would go to the local store for her boots but nothing else. Changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and wraps her wet hair into a bun, and when finished she grabs her truck keys and heads out to go shopping.  The warm morning air refreshes her senses as she scans her area for possible shopping places.  She slides into her truck and gets the ball moving.  She spots the western store a little ways down the street and pulls into the parking lot.  Her mouth drops open to see all the beautifully crafted cowboy boots, so many colors and designs to choose from as she walks slowly into the Western fashion world.  “Welcome to our store may I help you?”  The retail employee approaches her immediately.  Celeste gives her a dumbfounded gawk, and finds the simple girl wore too much make-up for her liking, “I don’t know? I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have never shopped in a clothing store before,” Celeste softly stated.  The cowgirl gives Celeste a stare down from top to bottom she said in a happy voice, “I think I can set you up if you trust me enough?” Celeste nods yes and watches the girl pull different skirts, tops, pants and puts them into a fitting room, while Celeste had the urge to look at the quality cowgirl boots.  Immediately, her eyes went to a pair of red lizard Tony Lamas, she chooses her size and puts them on.  The boots fit her like a glove; but when she gawked at the price she quickly put them back on the shelf, but her eyes would always come back to them.  “Okay, I am ready for you, if you can follow me to the dressing room we can see whatcha like and not.”  Celeste follows her, and when she got into the dressing room tons of clothes were lined up hanging ready to be fitted.

“I want you to try this outfit on first, and then we can go from there.” The gal leaves the fitting room and shuts the door behind her so Celeste could get dress. Celeste walks out of the dressing room a few minutes later wearing leather black pants with a lovely black suede fringe vest adored with silver Concho buttons. She loved the outfit but had reservations about her breast busting loose.  She steps out and is surprise to see the red boots in the girl’s hands she liked so much. “WOW…. I knew it would look smashing on you, here try these boots with it.” Celeste puts on the red boots, and looks at the leather attire in the mirror. Smiling at Celeste the employee couldn’t hold down her mirth of putting the fabulous sexy outfit together for the right person, “Oh you need to get this outfit it looks smashing on you.  I believe it’s made just for you! I loved this outfit, but don’t have the body like you do to flaunt you’re goods.”  Celeste thinks it through being it the first time she ever wore leather pants, and finds the material is comfortable.  “Why not I have never bought anything like this in my life, I do have some money and these will last a long time. Okay, I will take this outfit; may I try on some more?” The girl smiles and said, “I didn’t grab all these clothes for nothing.”  After two hours of trying on outfits Celeste was tuckered out, walking out with several outfits and her pair of red lizard boots and a pair of black crocodile, and a new black leather hat.  The cowgirl thanks the tiny girl for helping her find the right outfits, and graciously gives her a strong hug.  “Be careful girl, you might have the men drooling and falling at you’re footsteps.”  Celeste cracks up with laughter and walks out with her arms laden with shopping bags, and heads back to the hotel with a happy smile on her face ready to paint the town in red and black.

Gary lips grin wide and begins to ease into a conversation with the sober girl who could be a drop dead gorgeous model in her swimming suit attire.



Celeste immediately drops her body upon her bed with her clothes, and boots on the minute she opens her room’s door.  It takes her seconds to slip into a dizzy dream which seems like she is flying high in the skies in a airplane.  She takes control of her plane with skill and does several dangerous diving maneuvers.  She feels the wind taking her breath away from her as she plummets downwards to the earth surface.  “I’m free,” she screams out with excitement.  “Pull up you crazy broad.”  Celeste turns her head to the co-pilot and sees Westin’s smile.  She blinks into a foggy scene on earth and doesn’t know why she is standing in the middle of desert life.  Golden rays of sunset are setting when a wild mustang rears in front of her.  “Easy, easy boy, you are free to roam the earth without man ever catching you,” Celeste mumbles out.  The horse bows his thanks to the Indian maiden when the dream explodes into Ghost her childhood horse companion lying dead in her driveway in Alabama.  Celeste yells out, and suddenly wakes up at four in the morning.

“Hum, Christ what slugged me in the head?”  She drags her body on her bed towards the pillow and hugs it.  “Oh shit what the hell did I drink?” Vertigo spins her drunken mind when she feels the need to throw up.  She takes deep breathes to control the urge not to up chuck her dinner.  The spinning fades away when she slowly moves her body to take off her boots and clothes.  She lays back down carefully and sleeps without dreaming for two hours.  Gary couldn’t be happier when he learnt that the Indian girl was staying in the same hotel he was staying at, and had to play acoustic guitar for the hotels club tomorrow.  After the experience of being in the drunken girl’s presences, he is positive he wasn’t going to miss his opportunity of exploring the possibilities with the Indian girl.  The only factor that barred him from seeing her again is when she would leave the hotel without him catching another glimpse of her.  He had put on the charm at the front desk to find out what room she slept in; but the hotel was known to keep a tight lip about their customers private quarters.  Gary stayed up all night looking out his window until seven in the morning.  He decides to head down to the swimming pool and take a dip in the hot tub to sooth his tired bones.

The cowgirl is swimming in the hotel’s Olympic size pool until her head clears of drunken spirits.  She slowly leans her head against the cool concrete and spots a small steamy pool of hot water.  Celeste is wearing a string bikini she made out of buckskin deer hide without the fur.  She carefully climbs out of the swimming hole and wants to check out the hot pool.  With care she dips her toe into the water and smiles, “Ooo this is hot, I got’s to try it out,” she whispers out softly inside the empty pool room. She lets out an “Awe…” and grins with joy the pleasure of soaking in hot water.  She closes her eyes and remembers her blunder of a night at the saloon, but doesn’t remember how she got back into her hotel room.  She frowns but not to long when she is surprised when the hot tub bubbles to life.  Celeste springs up in fright and watches the jets in the tub swirling the water with great force all around her in confoundment.  “The tub works better when you put on the jets,” the stranger spoke to the Indian girl.  Celeste pivots her body around in astoundment at the commentator. Gary is beaming with luck to see the girl once again, Celeste only smiles and returns her attention on the hot water.  “Can I join you,” Gary stated with merriment.  She nods yes and tries to act normal sitting back down on a seat.  “How ya feeling today little lady?”  Celeste grins softly and gives the stranger an inquisitive eye, “Better I think.”  Gary lays quiet for a few moments to figure out her distant attitude.  Celeste feels shy and uneasy as she gives him a peek and is rewarded staring into his chocolate brown eyes.  “Wow, I do believe you don’t remember me,” Gary added to the quiet moment. She blushes and nods her shoulders in forgetfulness.  It takes her a few seconds to ponder hard on last nights events, and when the memory came back in bits and pieces she smiles and spoke carefully, “Yes, I do now…I think ya jogged my memory.  I hope I didn’t make a fool out of myself sir, or shall I call you Gary.”  Gary lips grin wide and begins to ease into a conversation with the sober girl who could be a drop dead gorgeous model in her swimming suit attire.

“My name is Celeste Two Trees, I’m a half breed and I live in the forest.” Gary smiles at the beautiful Indian girl who doesn’t realize she is drunk off her ass.



Celeste is giddy from drinking her strange Ice Tea while the country singer sang his set of tunes.  Westin invades her drunken thoughts when she stares outside the window and tuned out the band’s music.   She envisions her man touching her body with admiration and feels the heat between her legs intensify for the mere thought of Westin to kiss her again.  She shakes her steamy thoughts out of her mind and gazes up at the stage to view the Texan cowboy.  The man was nothing like the handsome Westin, but was easy on the eyes and mysterious in his black cowboy hat.  His voice is fabulous and intoxicating as he strummed on his guitar and sang out in a clear voice about meeting a woman he longed for. Celeste’s eyes are seeing double while trying to focus on the singer.  He is taller than her and sexy as all hell in his tight fitting blue jeans.  He isn’t drop dead gorgeous nor large in muscles, but very pleasant to look at if she could get her vision to see clearly. Finishing her fourth Ice Tea she was not sure why she was feeling lightheaded, and didn’t pay attention to the crowd going crazy after the man finished his set. The need to leave was great; so she tips her waiter a hardy one on the table and is about to get up from her chair when she bumps into the same cowboy once again.

“Sorry sir, I seem to be clumsy tonight,” she whispers out.  “It’s all right little darlin’ you can bump into me anytime, you leavin’ now?” He asked in a sweet manner. “Yes I think I need to go before I do something that will embarrass me; humm…in reality sir I feel dizzy for some reason.” Celeste takes off her hat and pulls her hair away from her sweaty face.  Gary is in awe as she exposes her wild long curly hair with a few hidden Pheasant feathers attached.  Their spotted artwork blended extremely well with her Indian look and unruly curls.  She gives the cowboy a drunken smirk and puts her hat back on. “I think I better sit down if ya don’t mind,” she quickly stated in a mumble voice.  The cowboy smiles and  helps the wobble legs of Celeste to sit. He slides on a cushion chair across from her smiling with mischief.  “Looks to me you been drinking too much. Those Long Island Ice Tea’s will get you pretty smashed in a short time,” he chuckles out at Celeste with amusement upon his face. “I didn’t have a lick of liquor sir,” she spoke out while feeling shy and giddy. “Well you did now them Long Island Ice Tea’s has several kinds of alcohol in it, how many did you have?”  Celeste scrunches up her brow in thought, “I think four or was it three, hum I can’t remember.” With a sweet drunken giggle Celeste laughs, her eyes are sparkling with reckless intentions.  Gary is caught up in the earthy wild innocence spilling over inside her different color eyes.  And watching her intoxicating kissable lips speak in a strange dialect, captures his attention to learn more about the girl.  He drinks her spirit of freedom inside his soul, and wishes to hold the woman tightly to protect her blooming flower of life.  Celeste boinks Gary out of his evaluation, “What’s your name stranger?” Gary takes off his hat and sits the black sun visor on the table.  Her eyes grew with amazement how close she thinks the man resembles Westin except for his brown eyes. “You okay,” the cowboy asked when noticing her surprised expression. “Oh yes, you just remind me of a man I once knew or maybe I’m a thinkin’ it’s so, oh shit I don’t know my head is thinkin’ you’re someone else.”  She places her hand on her temple and giggles out. Her infectious laugh made everyone around her smile. “Boy I think you need some coffee, hang on I will be right back,” he spoke gently to the half breed.  Celeste sits still trying to get her drunken composure together when the cowboy hands her a hot cup of coffee.

“Why thank a kindly sir,” she thanks him and started to sip at her coffee while trying not to bust out in laughter. “My name is Gary Daniels, and yours?” Celeste thought about his question as she takes off  her hat and places it on the table.  She views his tan skin face with his cowboy hat when she speaks out in Cherokee telling him her Indian name. “Girl I have no clue what the hell ya just said, I believe that you need to go home and sleep off your tea. Where ya keeping house girl?” Celeste busted up with laughter and said her name in English, “My name is Celeste Two Trees, I’m a half breed and I live in the forest.”  Gary smiles at the beautiful Indian girl who doesn’t realize she is drunk off her ass.  His interest is peaked and listens to her until he had to return back on stage.  Celeste’s lips kept moving to words she had no idea what she was saying.  Gary didn’t want to correct her speech, he was perfectly fine listening to her sexy voice speak in different dialects.  “Can we get you’re autograph Gary?”  A couple of a man and woman interrupts Celeste’s slurring conversation.  Celeste is bewildered and watches Gary sign a piece of paper to the happy couple.  She wrinkles up her brow when Gary calls one of his friends over and asked in a firm tone, “Jared, take this girl home safely, she’s been drinking and shouldn’t be driving.” “I didn’t drink and drive sir, I mean I didn’t drive here, I walked,” Celeste spoke out in a soft tone.  The burly young man whose chest was bigger than a bull’s softly agreed to help Celeste.  She stands up and sways while grabbing her hat on the table, and puts it back onto her head with a firm hand.  She thanks Gary for his kindness, and needs to apologize for her manners, “I am usually not like this, sorry cowboy.”  “Well I am a hoping to see you again, Celeste!” Gary slides off his chair and stands up to head for the stage while Jared asked where she lived. “I am staying at hum…you know I can’t remember the name but its down the street.  Ooo…you’re big and strong.”  Celeste giggle softly and squeezed the burly man’s forearm.  He widens his blue eyes in wonder the strength of Celeste, and moved her along leaving the saloon behind.  “Well let’s get you outside perhaps little lady y’all will remember.”  The burly man locks his arm around her arm as they walk down the street with Celeste hanging on for dear life to the stranger while giggling in a drunken stupor. “Hey, over there is the hotel I think…Yep that’s it,” Celeste points out while slurring out her words. Jared chuckles and makes sure she arrives safe and sound before he returns back to the saloon to give Gary his information where she is staying the night.


picture by: betzgallery.com

“Curse me,” Celeste whispers out and lowers her eyes to stare at the floor.



The cowgirl arrives in Oklahoma the next day when the weather was horrible raining and overcast. Even though the skies are doom and gloom she marvels in watching the red dirt pass her by. She stops in Oklahoma City to eat a quick late breakfast.  Many times she thought to stop and see the Cherokee Indians Pueblo; however, she vowed to return to her heritage one day soon, but not today since she feels a violent storm is in the making. She quickly eats her food and left Oklahoma to catch Route 66 heading for the Great West to fulfill her grandmother’s request. “I got to get out of this state, because something wicked is about to happen here,” Celeste whispered out viewing the green calm skies.  She climbs into her truck and begins to leave the state behind barely missing a monstrous tornado that hit the city half an hour after she left.  She crosses into the Texas long open roads, and disliked the state immediately.  Truckers were everywhere and the distance of the land stretched for many lonely miles. Wind and dirt devil storms were prominent in the state with tons of armadillo’s dead carcass everywhere on the side of the road. Celeste had to get out of her truck at one point to view a rodent with a shell body she just ran over.

She finally stops in Amarillo Texas, hot weather permeated around the dry dusty cow town. She decides to get a hotel for a good long sleep before returning on the road to California.  Her odd dreams keep her awake throughout the day in her plush bed, so she gives up and gusty’s her self up to have a steak dinner. She puts on her daisy duke shorts, cowboy boots, and her hat, and ad’s a red cotton button down sleeveless shirt to her assemble of hillbilly gear. She decides to let her hair go wild, and gives a glance at herself one time in the mirror before she left the hotel to walk the streets of Amarillo.   Before she left the hotel, she asked the clerk behind the desk where she could sit down and have a good steak dinner.  It didn’t take her long to find the saloon that was recommended, and found the place packed with cowboy and cowgirls.  Celeste gawks in wonder at the crazy wild sight of people two stepping to the country music. She walks up to the hostess and asked for a table for one.  A small cowgirl seats her at a booth by a window giving her a perfect view of the dance floor to view the menu.  In no time at all a tall cowboy with a pad of paper and pen approaches her with a huge smile. “Welcome cowgirl what can I get you to drink?”  “How about an Ice Tea please,” Celeste speaks softly with a grin.   In a few moments the waiter returns with a tall glass of Ice Tea, she quickly takes a taste and loves the flavor, an orders her food with a smile.  She downs her refreshing drink and soon orders another while waiting for her dinner.  Her food arrives in a prompt fashion; she opens her eyes wide in surprise to see the T-bone steak she ordered was almost as big as the plate it was served on. Bake potato oozing with butter, sour cream and chives filled the plate to completion. She digs into her food with poise and hunger.

While she ate her dinner a live country band steps up onto the stage and plays their tunes for the crowded establishment.  She admires the couples dancing and swing in time to the music while chewing on her steak. Her dinner is too large in portions to finish eating, she leans back comfortably with a full belly and watches the colorful people perform their dance.  When the band stops playing her waiter arrives to clear her plate and asked if she needed anything else. “I like your Ice Tea, may I have another please.” Smiling, the waiter told her to be careful of the tea it could be addicting, and turns on his boot heels. She feels the need to go to the restroom to wash her hands.  She slides out of her booth and grabs hold of the edge of the table.  A feeling of being light headed consumed her limps. She frowns in thought why she felt like she was drunk, and asked a nearby waitress where’s the bathroom. The waitress points into the direction, and with a weary eye Celeste made her way to the hallway.  She opens the ladies powder room door and takes note how full the room is with women chattering loud about men and their dates.  Celeste pays them no attention and splashes water on her face. and quickly dabs away the water away from her heated face.  She turns and waits for a stall to clear and leans her tall body against the wall.  Her legs start to feel like rubber, and silently she talks to herself, ” What the heck is happening to me?” When a  bathroom stall door opens she filters in and tries to undo her shorts with sloppy movements. Giggling to herself as she stares at the porcelain god , she finally got her shorts open and did her business. The half breed takes her time leaving the stall and washes her hands again before she left the restroom to head back to her table.

Not watching where she walked down the hallway, her body suddenly crashes into a tall man with a big black Texas cowboy hat. Taking a double look at the tall man Celeste shakes her head to clear the muddle feeling, she looks up into the smiling pearly whites and a pair of brown mischievous eyes. “Curse me,” Celeste whispers out and lowers her eyes to stare at the floor.  The man roars out with laughter and said in a sexy low Texan tone, “You must mean excuse me, but if ya wantin’ me to curse at ya, say the word and I am all yours darlin’.”  As the witty country man gives Celeste a devilish smile she takes off her hat and moves her hair away only to put her hat back on, “Sorry sir it won’t happen again.” She said in a peppy tone and feels embarrassed by her stupid clumsy actions.  The cowgirl keeps her lowered eyelids on the ground and moves her body away from the man to head towards her booth. The young man steps back and watches where she ventures too.  Making note to see her again, he hears his name being called out and went on the stage to pick up his guitar.   Celeste reached her seat giggling to herself how silly she tends to be when she hears a fabulous smooth rich voice singing a song she had not heard before. Looking up at the stage, she saw the cowboy she had bumped into, and smiles with happiness while picking up her third Long Island Ice Tea to drink.


picture by: curse-tea.diviantart.com

Just look at them…they’re whoppers!



Her tired body is calling out for more rest as she finds a spot to pull off and park in the misty wooded hills.  The heavy dense fog lays low hovering throughout the hills when she shuts off her engine to take a cat nap.  Restless sleep invades Celeste’s mind as she visualizes in her dreams a horrible battle scene taking place. She can hear men’s voices, gunshots, and horses screaming in clarity. The battle scenes startle her awake in a sweat late in the afternoon.  The need to leave her sleeping place weighed heavy on her soul since the place spoke to her of killings, sorrow, and death. She shakes her muddle mind free of the horrific thoughts and starts her trucks engine gladly to leave the haunted hills of Vicksburg behind in a hurry. In awe of the great bridge she is about to cross over she constantly focus’s her attention on the bridge and not the quick movements of the flowing river below. She smiles as she spots a huge Riverboat docked on the other side of the river, with glee in her heart she heads to see the historical paddle boat up close.

After an hour of strolling on the docks of the river where the thoughts of Westin caressing her body plagued her mind.  In the distance she spots two gentlemen of color fishing an acting out their excitement out loud along the banks of the Mississippi. She watches in wonder one of the men reel in the largest catfish she had ever seen. With care she walks up to the men, “Wow what a whopper of a fish.”  The dark color men turned their attention on the stranger beaming with joy. She wants to bust up with laughter when one of the men with a missing front tooth said in his heavy hillbilly drawl, “Yup it’s a biggin’, feed my family for two days it will. Hey Willie where ya puttin’ the knife at?”  Willie looks around and didn’t see his knife and replied in a heavier deep southern drawl voice, “I reckon I fur got it Ty,” he scratches his fuzzy head of gray hair while trying to find the knife. Without warning Celeste takes out her Bowie knife from her hidden sleeve in her cowboy boot, and hands the sharp blade over to the man called Ty.  He jerks his body in fright, “Holy Lordy woman, you’s a ready look at that Willie!” he stated in a shocked manner.  It doesn’t take Ty too long to glance at the sharp long blade, he takes hold of the instrument to skin his catfish in gratitude. His friend Willie comments on the treasure item, “Dam knife is good lookin’ youngin’ you always carry a weapon on ya?” “Yes, Sir I do,” Celeste proclaimed with pride. “You both mind if I sit with ya and talk,” in caution Celeste asked the fishermen.  “Nope help yourself,” Willie stated in loving hospitality.

In a short time Celeste absorbs the knowledge like a sponge as the men spoke about the history of the river and life on the muddy Mississippi. Celeste loved hearing their sweet nature and humble attitudes offering her the education with open arms. She moves her hair away from her golden orb after telling the men a little about herself, and cast her attention into Ty’s eyes.  The aged fisherman captures the half breeds differences, “Lookie Ty she gots two color eyes, I ain’t never see. I reckon ya a horse with many colors. Ya funny odd being a white girl an Indian with blonde hairs, and ya talk funny too.” Celeste grins heavenly at Willie and feels a little bit shy to ask if she could use one of their poles.  “If ya gentlemen don’t mind can I give it a go with your fishing pole? I’m feeling lucky to go fishing.”  Willie hands over his pole to the stranger with a smile, “Ya better be aware there are catfish down there big enough to swallow a man whole.”  She baits her hook with happiness and throws out her line.  The men watch and listen to the half breed whispers out her Indian words to the river, and in no time at all Celeste receives a mighty tug on her line. “Yahoo buckaroo’s I got me a biggin’,” she screams out in exultation.  Ty’s line bows hard when Celeste is reeling in her catch.  They both are animated with triumph when they both bring in their catch in unison.

Willie immediately bellows out, “Ya good luck woman, oooo weee look what we have here.”  Willie helps Celeste with her catch and glorifies in the monster’s size of the four feet muddy bottom feeder. He drags the water monster on the shore, “Girl this dang thang will feed ya for a week,” he spoke out with pride.  “Na…I can’t take it with me, so take it home and feed ya family.”  Ty brings over his three foot long catfish next to Celeste’s four footer, and marvels at the lucky strike having the Indian girl around.  “Willie my man I think she put a voodoo spell on the muddy river, we’ve never caught anything this size before. Thank goodness we brought our strong poles this time.  Just look at them…they’re whoppers!” Celeste blushes and hands Willie back his pole.  She waits to get her knife back and states her blessings to the kind fishermen of the Mississippi.  “Thank ya kindly gentlemen for being good sports and fabulous company.  It’s time I find a hotel and spend the rest of the day sleeping if I want to travel at night time.”  She shakes their large worked hands, and left behind a great experience catching a Catfish in the great Mississippi River.

“Boy’s I am in love, God help me, take me woman!”

Day 539


Celeste spent several days in Nashville in awe watching various people and bands singing their tunes on the side of the street. The musical people made her remember the precious times her father would pick and grin on his guitar. She wonders what would have happen to her life if her father hit it big in the music industry.For a few days she absorbed the music scene in Nashville, an on the last day in the hillbilly territory, she ended up in a tavern loaded with people.  She was hungry and wanted a good dinner tonight before leaving the state.  She wore her cowboy hat hair to control her wild hair from getting into her vision, and a pair of jeans with boots showing off her curves and strong legs. Her beauty captivated many men into gaping in wonder about the new girl in town.  She feels the stabbing heat of gazes from the ladies as she clicks her boots on the wooden floor.  Celeste is no stranger to uneasiness, so she paid no heed and spotted an empty stool at the bar between two men. Both men turned and looked at Celeste’s profile, causing her to feel uneasy as she turned her head in both directions, and greets her neighbors sitting at the bar. A striking young man approached Celeste from behind the bar with a gentle smile asking, “What will it be?” Celeste senses confusion and nervously stated, “I would like some food.” The men who were sitting on their stools at the bar chuckled, “How about a menu,” the bartender offered. “Great, thank you, can I have a glass of water too please,” she calmly said.  The young man handed her a menu, she studied it and couldn’t come up with what she wanted to eat. The man on the right of her instigated a conversation, “I take it you don’t live around here?” When he asked her that question she could smell the alcohol on his breath. Finding the strong odor offensive she gracefully answered, “No I’m just passing through and want a good dinner.” When the bartender arrived with her glass of water he gave her an option to sit at a table by a window to eat in order not to be disturbed by the local drunks at the bar. Grateful for the advice she left the bar to her table. “I will take your fried chicken please and mash potatoes.” Celeste spoke out to her waitress who is a cute young girl with vibrant red straight hair and a few freckles on her cheeks. “Good choice Miss, can I get you anything else?” “No thank you that will do,” replied Celeste in her southern twang dialect.

Her dinner was delicious and filling as she finished off her last cup of coffee and watched the people pass by through the window. She giggles softly when a group of young men were laughing and joking with each other. One of the boys’s spotted Celeste looking at him through the window. Feeling embarrassed about being stared at through the window, she looked at the drunken boy shyly without casting her vision away; the young tall man with black hair and dreamy brown eyes walks up to the window slowly to get a closer look at Celeste.  He plasters his body against the window and said, “Boy’s I am in love, God help me, take me woman!”  Celeste blushes deeply while taking note everyone in the restaurant watched and heard the scene unfold.  The management went outside and saves grace by shooing the group away from the window.  “Meet me at the bar three doors down from here, please.”  Celeste couldn’t say anything, but look at the young man with a smile on her lips. His buddies peel their friend off the window and went on their merry way laughing and teasing their love stricken friend who kept looking back at Celeste. When the manager came back inside the establishment he walked over to Celeste and apologized, “Sorry about that Miss.” Smiling at the manager she simply stated, “I shouldn’t have looked at him, no worries.” She stood up to her full height when the manager looked at her tall and curvy frame and whispered out; “The boy was right, you’re beautiful.” Without word and blushing again she walked over to pay her bill, and left the tavern while most of the customers watched the sexy cowgirl pass them by in wonder. Celeste didn’t obey the young man’s wishes to head to the bar three doors down and perhaps get into trouble with the locals; however, the time to leave Nashville behind was pressing upon her soul.  As she sat behind the steering wheel in her Dodge truck looking at the map to find what interstate to take to get to Route 66; she began to highlight the route, and folded the big map up when she finished marking her route of travel. Starting her engine she left the state of Tennessee behind listening to country music on the radio. She loved the late night driving, as she spots continuous falling stars. She had learned to drive the roads at night because of less traffic, and loving the mysteries of stories told in the night skies. Many times she would pull over in the night to take a few cat naps, and then be on her merry way rested enough to explore the dark world without the hustle bustle of day time traffic. Her travels finally take her into Mississippi the next morning; she heads for the Great muddy River. She had read about the large catfish and Riverboats on the Mississippi River, a historical sight she wanted to witness. She says a silent thanks to her teacher for educating her about the battle of Jackson, so she stops in a town called Vicksburg.

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“Oh hell no, ya boy’s don’t talk to ya elders like that! Didn’t you’re parents teach ya any manners?” Celeste barked out a warning in her strange dialect.



While driving in unfamiliar territory she takes note in the night time that she was by the New York botanical gardens.  Her eye lids are tired from her new adventure, so she found a safe place to pull the truck over against a curb.  She locks her auto’s doors and put a few marbles in her pants pocket and fell fast asleep. Celeste slept till morning when she heard a soft knock on her window.  She saw a tall, skinny colored elderly lady with no teeth holding a grocery bag full of food as she questioned Celeste, “What you doing in there, youngin’?  Don’t you know this is a dangerous area to fall asleep, especially a white blonde hair girl? I am surprise you didn’t get the shit kicked out of you, and your truck is intact?”Celeste grabbed her slingshot opened her truck door, and stretched her long body. She puts her slingshot in her back pants pocket, locked the doors as she walked around the truck to the elder lady.  “I got lost last night and needed a place to fall asleep; so I pulled over to catch a few z’s, but I didn’t want to sleep this late. “The New York elder scanned Celeste up and down, “You a tall one girl and you speak in a tongue I have never heard before. If you value you’re lives you better be getting out of here and fast?”  Paying no mind to the elder’s warning she asked, “May I help you carry your load mam? I could use the walk to stretch my legs, and if you don’t mind could you tell me how to get out of here, and catch the highway to Virginia?”  The lady smiles and said with care, “I would like the help, but I am more worried about you at this moment.”

Celeste reached for her groceries with a smile and said with amusement, “Let me worry about me I can handle anything that comes my way.”  The lady chuckled and commented, “Right…If you think you can take on a Bronx bully you go ahead, but I doubt it girl.  You don’t know this area like I do sweetie it’s rough and tough!” The elder releases her grocery load to Celeste and both started to have a marvelous conversation while walking. When they almost reached the lady’s home, a group of hard core boy’s was joking around standing on a corner, they immediately saw their first victim, “Here we go!” The elder lady stated under her breath with urgency. The cowgirl scanned the situation after hearing the elder’s words.  She witnesses the boy’s coming closer to her while talking their smack of bullshit.  The need to protect was overwhelming Celeste’s senses, “You need to get out of here youngin’ and now!  The elder barked at her.  “Not happening darlin’.  I didn’t order a glass of your opinion, so can you take your groceries from me, and please go inside your home?”  Celeste asked her calmly. “I will not, I know these boys they don’t scare me, but you’re another story.” “Okay, suit your self,” was all Celeste could say to the old lady when the group of teenager boy’s approached and stopped in the middle of the street.  They immediately ordered the half breed to give up her money?  Their language were harsh, cold, demanding and ungrateful; as the cowgirl watches one of the boy’s with her eagle orbs take out a knife, and toss the sharp device in the air only to catch the handle of the knife in his hand while the others in the group brought on verbal assaults to Celeste and the elder. “You mind your manners you young turds! I plan to tell your parents if you don’t play nice,” the old lady wailed out at the young boys. “Shut up, you old hag!”  One of the boys stated out roughly.  “Oh hell no, ya boy’s don’t talk to ya elders like that! Didn’t you’re parents teach ya any manners?”  Celeste barked out a warning in her strange dialect.  “You shut up Mexican bitch; you better heed our warning and give up your cash now!”

One dark colored boy digs into his pocket and threw something hard towards Celeste almost hitting her. Enough thought Celeste as she spots a pebble skip pass her, she turns her body to the lady and hands her back the bag of food. The elder watches the half breed dig into her pocket and produces a few marbles. The huntress takes out her slingshot from her back pants pocket while remembering a warning her grandfather taught her since childhood, “Never aim a weapon at a human unless you are at war.”  “I am at war grandfather, but I promise I will not hurt them, too much.”  Celeste called out to her dead grandfather and gives her elder a mischievous grin.  “Hey…well I be dipped in shit girl, I haven’t seen one of them in ages!”  The lady smiles with excitement, knowing the weapon Celeste held was a childhood weapon she grew up with, and knew that in the right capable hands damage could be seriously done.  As the bullies started taunting Celeste, another rock was thrown from the group of boy’s hitting the bag of groceries the old lady held on too.  Without warning and in a matter of seconds Celeste was loaded.  With skill she shot a marble at the boys. The marble sped towards the boys with remarkable speed hitting the pavement of the road close to two boy’s feet.  The marble splits in half as it ricocheted off the road into the air hitting two boys hard in their neck. The bullies were shocked and couldn’t lick their wounds when she busted loose with another assault of marbles.  They hit the road as fast as lightening and split in half again bombing the boys with intense pain on their legs and all over their bodies. With that said, Celeste kept hitting the pavement with the onslaught of marbles as they split in half hitting the human’s retreating bodies.  She grins while hearing their yells of discomfort.  The old lady cackles out loud with triumph, “Boy, did you give them an ass whoopin’!” Celeste waited till the boys were out of sight and busted up with laughter at the elder. “I think now is the time I need to leave.  Thank you my lovely lady for the directions and stay safe. I just want to say you don’t belong here living with these ugly people.”  She kissed the elder on the cheek, and took off running towards her truck leaving the elder lady laughing hysterical. It doesn’t take Celeste long to reach her truck while busting up with laughter.  The engine roars to life as she puts the gear into first and takes off heading in the direction the little old lady had given her. She takes note that indeed she was in a trashy dangerous area, but will leave behind the memory of whipping the nasty boy’s butts with her slingshot. When she reached Virginia area she heads towards Tennessee, her mood lightens and relishes in the beauty of the territory passing her by. Her plans are to stop and spend a few days in Nashville and listen to some country music.

I am sorry for the blurry vision to the photos since they were taken by a cell phone.  Just wanted to share a silly moment of me and my music dad and little buddy named Tucker who I caused trouble with one day at grandpa’s house.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of a train that stopped me in my travels in the rain of Ohio.