“May the gods be gracious to you Mrs. Cracker for you’re kindness you have shown to this despicable Injin.”



When Celeste witness the last breath of her friend it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.  Hatred deep and unyielding rose in her heart as she tried to figure out how to act from the lost of her pet.  “Come deary I will make a pot of tea to calm you down,” the lady gently spoke out to Celeste. Celeste didn’t hear a word as she wrinkled up her lip in anger staring hopelessly at dog.  Chief calls out to Celeste several times and knocks her out of her sorrow.  “Thank you mam for the use of your table, I will take my friend now and leave.”  She is about to pick up the dead body when the lady barks out firmly, “Nonsense you must stay for tea.  Grab a blanket on the couch to cover him up until you go.”  Celeste fired back, “No disrespect mam, but I’ve embarked upon you’re home too much already, thank you for your kindness but I must bury my friend.” Celeste tears are streaming down her tear stain cheeks ready to pick up her friend and leave when the lady shouted out, “Stop and think girl your in the middle of nowhere without light.  Drink some tea and you will find your way home soon enough.” For some reason the cowgirl agreed and went into the small living space and grabbed a crochet blanket of pink to cover Damn dog’s body.  “I must check on my horse mam, I will return.”  The old lady watches the huntress hurry out of the front door and runs to the painted horse to hug his big neck.  “Tis a shame just a crying shame,” Cora whispers out and hears the tea kettle whistle out.  She makes a special concoction of sleep aid for Celeste and by the time the cowgirl returns her tea is ready to drink.

“Can you carry this tray Injin into the parlor?”  Celeste nods yes quietly in a trance and follows the lady into a small sun room in the back of her shack of a house.  “Well sit down Injin and let’s have a spot of tea.”  Celeste obeys and is handed a tiny tea cup.  Unable to grip the tiny delicate handle on the beautiful crafted china Celeste cradles the cup in her palm of hand.  She takes a large gulp of the warm brew to wash away the shivers from her body and sets her empty cup down.  “Thank you again I must leave now,” she spoke out in a quiet tone.  “Take another girl,” the lady fills her tiny cup to the brim and hands the cowgirl another dose.  Celeste in any given day would known what she is drinking; but with numb feelings invading her senses she could careless what she drank.  Celeste gives the elder a deadly glance, “Boy aren’t you rough and tough, you have a deadly look about you Injin that could end you up in big trouble.”  Celeste scowls and drinks her tea in one gulp while staring hard at the ninety year old with a head full of white hair tied in a bun, and striking blue eyes that wreaked of wisdom with no teeth.  Celeste soften her gaze upon the English speaking elder and feels the warming effects of the tea calming her nerves down.  “See a good spot of tea always helps what ails you Injin.”  “My name is not Injin woman it is Hialeah Elena.”  For some reason Celeste didn’t tell her given white name, “I don’t care what your name is, your still an Injin,” the old lady softly spoke out.  “Well your a white cracker with no name I suppose,” Celeste fired back at the piss and vinegar old woman. The pair stare at each other in defiance who would break the silence first.  Celeste started to feel low down when her energy level takes a dive downwards fast.  She hears the woman chuckle lightly and said, “Go home Injin.”  Celeste stood up and weaved side to side trying to balance her sapping energy to hold her body upwards.

“Yes I must leave,” Celeste whispered out and headed into the kitchen to retrieve her friend to take home.  Cora watches the girl pick up the large long beast and throws him across her shoulder.  She quickly opens the door and lets the two leave in silence.  The cowgirl throws her load over Chief’s back with a heavy heart.  With skill and one leap in the air Celeste seats herself upon her painted gelding.  “May the gods be gracious to you Mrs. Cracker for you’re kindness you have shown to this despicable Injin.”  Celeste didn’t hear the reply from the elder as she turned her horse around to head home in the darkness. “My name is Cora Thourghgood Injin, and it won’t be that last time you’ll be seeing me.”


picture by: flickr.com


4 thoughts on ““May the gods be gracious to you Mrs. Cracker for you’re kindness you have shown to this despicable Injin.”

  1. I’m speechless incredible posting. Now this explains why she turns out so strong will against males. This is a fantastic story Slingshot of Celeste Two Trees and I can’t wait to read the rest.

    1. Not just males Cherri, but how people categorized her being different! Then on top of everything else she has endured in her eighteen years on this earth, Westin’s actions ensured her stance to never become naive in having a relationship with another and telling them she loved them. Thanks for reading friend!~

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