“Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph no Westin you didn’t,”



The night time ride home for Celeste, Chief, and Damn dog was the worse for the cowgirl; all she could do is shed her bitter tears in silence as she rode on her horse with dead dog sling-ed over the draft horse’s back.  She had given the reins to Chief to take them home or anywhere he wanted to go; because, she could careless if she was coming or going. She came to terms with herself that it was an accident, but to see Westin drunk there was no excuse or forgiveness to allow the boy to go free without guilt in her eyes.  In fact Westin had no idea the damage he caused when driving drunk to Celeste’s soul.  Not only did she cry for the lost of dog, she burst into tears for the lost of being a stupid girl in lust with a boy. Even though she had told him she loved him while making passionate love, she now despised the boy for his ignorant and reckless ways.  And if that didn’t put icing on her cake she put on the weeps for the lost of her parents and grandfather. By the time Chief carried his load home, Celeste was exhausted from grief and sorrow; nevertheless, the drugged cowgirl did her best to take care of her horse in slow movements.  “Thank ya kindly Chief for being the best friend a girl could ever ask for.”  The painted horse nodded his head up and down and flipped his lip up. Usually the simple gesture of the horse would have made the cowgirl smile, but not this time.  She kisses his muzzle and leaves him to eat in his warm stall while she took care of dog’s body.   The huntress picks up the limp heavy body of her friend, it takes all her strength to hold the dead animal in her arms when she finally crumbles to the ground in the barn holding on to Damn dog with all her might.   She rocks the beast in her arms while she ringed out the blues the injustice of losing yet another person in her life.  It is four in the morning when she placed him softly in a wheel barrel until she could dig a grave for her giant beast to rest.  Her head is spinning with vertigo as she stumbles to the soft hay mound, and drops her tired body onto the hay only to fall asleep into trouble dreams inside her cold empty barn, but not before she whispers out, “I will never tell a living soul I love them, no matter what!”

Westin is devastated to lifelessness when he picks himself off the roadway.  His body is shaking and freezing in shock when he starts his engine up.  He sees his flask on the floor board and pitches the liquid device out of his auto’s window. He then grabs his steering wheel and begins to pound the heck out of it while balling out his eyes.  “I fucked up Peter, and this time I really put the screws to myself!” For over an hour Westin sat in his car warming up his body totally in disarray and screaming at himself what a failure in life he has become.  When the time came to where he could get himself under control he put the car in drive and drove himself home with a shattered heart.

John and Jean were waiting up for Westin when he arrived home at three in the morning.  The haggard buck walks into his parents home and is stunned to see his parents were waiting for his arrival.  His parents notice Westin is a mess when he walks through the door, Jean comes to his aid.  “What in the world is the matter with you?”  Jean becomes mad and steps backwards once she smells alcohol on her son.  “Damn it Westin this is not the time for you to revert back to your reckless behavior.  One day you will kill someone behind the wheel if you drink and drive.”  Westin takes a shaky hand to move his wild hair out of his red stain eyes and loses his self control in front of his parents.  “Leave me alone all of you!”  John is devastated to hear his son disrespect his elders, his father becomes stern to his drunken son, “Westin, Sandra called us up when you left her home telling us you were very upset, and to call her when you arrived.  She was afraid you were going out to drink, and worried that you would be drunk.”  Jean watched her trouble son and said softly, “Or did you go to Celeste’s home?”  Westin winched in agony when his mother spoke the cowgirl’s name.  “Son what is the matter?” his father demanded.  “I have four more days before I find out if Sandra is pregnant, and if she is not, then I am going to try and make a mends with Celeste, and if that doesn’t pan out, then I am enlisting myself into the military service, and getting the hell out of this town.”  Jean scrunches up her brow in deep thought and said carefully, “Why do you have to make a mends with Celeste, I’m sure she loves you with all her heart.  I’ve seen the way you two gaze at each other with love.  So what if Sandra could be pregnant it doesn’t mean you will be a bad father if she is with child.  You belong with Celeste and I for one thinks she is perfect for you.”

After Jean asked her question and confirmation she like the cowgirl, Westin finally broke down. He drops to the floor and covers up his tear stain eyes with his hands.  John and Jean are shocked to see their son lose his cool.  John is about to ask his son what the hell is the matter when Westin mumbles out his dirty deed.  “I’ve blew up the only thing in this world I have ever loved ma and dad besides Peter.”  Westin cries out louder and spills the beans, “I killed her dog tonight driving home, she will never forgive me mom, never…”  Jean takes a jolt of a deep breath and whispers, “Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph no Westin you didn’t,” Jean instantly grabs a hold of her husband’s hand for strength, she turns pale and remembers the sad story of life Celeste shared with her one evening when Westin was at work.  So lonely the little girl grew up without trusting, devoted parents and from the meager belongings the cowgirl had when she went into her tiny bedroom, was enough to confirm her isolation from man kind with her massive book collection.  Jean lets her tears fall for the lonely Indian cowgirl’s lost, and in memory of the wonderful magical dog who gave her precious son Peter joy before he died.  John holds his wife tenderly against his chest and understands why his wife is weeping since his wife always shares her secrets only to him.  He too lets his tears fall for his trouble son’s misfortunes, and knows his son’s heavy burden of wrong choices will forever burn in his soul from this date forward.


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