You are more special than you realize baby, your earthy powers are nothing to trifle with and will never be understood at times by man-kind.



The conversation was just what the doctor ordered.  Celeste felt so much better understanding the art and the things people do in relationship.  “Charles I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know I haven’t been the best pupil at times with my wild way of thinking and my wicked ways of life.  I do want to ask ya why you and I never came together; because as I see it we had an attraction to each other?”  Charles did love Celeste but he would never stop her from growing and learning even if he was twenty years older than her. Honesty was the best policy so he gave her an answer, “I didn’t want you to feel regret for not experiencing what life has to offer. With your intelligent mind Celeste you were born to do something special, and not be a house wife loaded down with kids.  Plus as you know I am a book worm like yourself and I’m happy not dealing with the drama.  Maybe one day I will find Mrs. Right, as you will find you’re Mr. Right.  Sometimes I wish I would have stuck it out, but I love you too much to let that happen; besides if I do something wrong I might get my ass kicked literally by you. As for this boy Westin, he is a jackass and a fool for not realizing what an incredible lady you are.  He can’t have his cake and eat it too darling!  I’m sure he’s struggling with the realization that he severed the ties that bind you both together after his boyish stupid mistake.  Stay away from him Celeste; because the boy seems like he isn’t going to change, and I know how much you hate alcoholics.”  Charles walked up to Celeste and hugged her tenderly, “You are more special than you realize baby, your earthy powers are nothing to trifle with and will never be understood at times by man-kind. I know you are guided to do great things with your spirituality it’s been written in the stars.  This much I do know Celeste for I have seen with my own eyes the demons that plague you’re powerful earth essences.  Just remember beauty that you must show love unconditionally without remorse or regret, or it will harden your heart to become an ugly person.”  Even though she didn’t tell Charles she saw her grandfather’s ghost when Peter passed from this earth, or what happened in the woods regarding the strange natural divine power that visited her when she lost her cool, she adored the scholar’s advice in the understanding of her spiritual self.

Celeste hugged Charles tightly and wished to heaven’s he would have stuck around to see what would have been between them, but then again she remembers kissing him and feeling like she kissed her brother. “I better get going are you going to be alright?”  Celeste nodded yes with a smile on her lips, “Yes I have to move all my papa’s belongings into the barn until I find where I want to stay and live, then I will have them shipped out to me. If you don’t mind I will leave the rest for you to fill the house since I know you loved my papa and don’t mind living in a man cave of dead animals. I will leave my library for you too because I know there are books that you would love to read.”  Charles roared with laughter, “Okay my Indian maiden then I will see you on Thursday.  What are your plans if you don’t mind me asking?”  Celeste scrunched up her brow and said, “I have to deliver my grandmother’s sea shell back to the ocean.  I don’t want to tell you quite yet where I will end up.  I was thinking about getting a job with homeless children, or working with a Veterinarian with my animal skills and knowledge, or maybe I might go to college in herbal medicines not sure quite yet until I explore the possibilities. I do want to travel and see what else is out there Mr. Spencer even if people will be treating me badly.”  Charles busted up with laughter, “I can just see you now teaching those little kids about surviving in the wild with your slingshot; nevertheless, I think it’s a fascinating possibility and worthy career choices. Just know if you get in a heap of trouble I’m a phone call away.  I will leave now my Tree of Life and if you need me call me, or I’ll see you in two days.” Charles kissed her cheek, she hugged him tighter for being her bosom buddy when she needed a shoulder to cry on.  “Yes see you later,” she remarked softly and watched Charles leave her home in a happy mood, while she instantly smiled at being called a Tree of Life.


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2 thoughts on “You are more special than you realize baby, your earthy powers are nothing to trifle with and will never be understood at times by man-kind.

  1. Slingshot its been a privilege reading your story come to life daily on wordpress. What’s amazing is your work leaves a perfect picture of all scenes; kudos to for writing about your character. You go Mrs. 😉 and Celeste!

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