“Yes I will keep him, his time is near as is the same for me.”



The next day Celeste took five thousand dollars out of her stash of money her grandmother and father saved, and got on her horse to visit the old woman in the woods.  She let Chief have the reins and spoke out her wishes to her horse on a lovely calm warm day.  Chief knew what was being asked by his companion, and began the journey through the forest till they reached the old run down shack.  Celeste leaps off her horse with ease and holds a pouch made of deer hide with a leather string attached to the little homemade Indian purse into her left hand.  She takes a few moments with tears in her eyes to scan the hidden area.  Inside her mind many things were fluttering in and out as she decides and struggles with the favor she is about to ask of the old woman.  “I’ve been waiting for you Injin,” the aged woman called out through her open door.  Celeste spun around in her cowboy boots and jeans.  Her forehead is adored with her Indian headband beaded in yellow and red with a sun symbol representing her white name Celeste.  The wind begins to blow hard when she steps forward to greet the lady of the house.  Her long curly and wild blonde hair flies off her face dancing to the movement of the wind as the cowgirl gazes into the old woman’s blue eyes.  She notes the woman sees her different eye colors when she opens her mouth wide; consequently, the old bat didn’t budge from her spot on her small porch, she stayed strong and let the mystical Indian approach.

“Don’t act stunned woman it’s unbecoming of you since you’ve been waiting for me.”  The Indian girl slowed her step towards the shack, and when she reached the porch she bowed to the ninety year old witch with grace. “Good day Mrs. Cracker may the gods bless you with sunlight always.”  The old toothless woman sparkled to life and crackled out, “Awe, so I see you do have manners, good too hear you’re not a smart lip heathen Injin.”  They stare at each other silently when Celeste is barreled over with the sense she was no ordinary elder.  Cora too felt the strange magical power that permeated from the Indian’s soul.  Cora instantly picked up the cowgirl knew nothing about how special she was in this world.  All Cora could phantom was this half breed was someone to honor not disrespect as Celeste eagle eyed the old one.  Immediately the elder changed her stance and offered the girl to come inside for tea.  Celeste laughed even though her heart was sad at the gal, “No tea from you for I believe you drugged me witch.”  Cora smiled and lighten up on her cranky attitude against the Indian.  “You needed a spot of tea after what you’ve dealt with, I’m sorry but you were under great sorrow.  I only eased your agony for a little while till you slept off my potion .”  Celeste nodded in agreement.  She hands the old lady her pouch of money, “This is for you, I’m sure you can use it, and I couldn’t pay you enough for all your help with my dog.  It meant a lot to me even if you are a racist white woman.”  Cora waddled her round tiny body off the porch to stand in front of Celeste.  The huntress of the woods gawks down at the four foot eleven woman, and smiled while the old lady dipped her head up to google at the six feet tall Celeste’s beautiful different color optical’s. Cora lifts her crooked fingers up towards the half breed’s cheek.  The cowgirl stands still to let the lady touch her, “You keep your money, I have enough till the day I die daughter of the Earth.  Forgive this age old crow for protecting myself with cruel words to make people walk away from me.”

The wind settles down to a soft flow in the air as Celeste softens her essences of body language upon the elder and carefully reaches for her wrinkle hand to kiss, “Thank you grandmother.”  Cora felt humbled and once again offered tea without drugs.  The cowgirl smiles nodding yes and enters into her tiny home for a spot of tea.  The table is a reminder of dog’s passing as the cowgirl moves gingerly around the herbal kitchen.  “Do you live alone,” Celeste asked softly.  “Yes and no, I have children who stop by daily to help me get along.”  Celeste takes the time to look at a wall with Cora’s family members.  “Have you lived here all you’re life mam?”  Cora replies, “I came here from England.  Been to many places and then ended up here where I fell in love and married my soul mate.”  Celeste gives the old lady a odd glance, “I’m sorry for your lost of husband herb healer.”  The tea kettle whistles out, Celeste immediately stated she would pour the liquid helping Cora out.  Cora sits at the table and waits, “Thank you for giving me a bigger cup, I don’t think I’ve got ladies hands to hold on to a piece of string on a tiny cup.”  Cora chuckles out, “I remembered girl it was hard for you.” Celeste joins her at the table, she waits in distress for a few moments in silence when Cora broke up her agonizing thought, “Yes I will keep him, his time is near as is the same for me.”


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