“Thank ya kindly my faithful beast…Kiss Kiss.”



Celeste is flabbergasted the old woman spoke out her question loud and clear.  The cowgirl couldn’t hold back her tears as she sipped on her chamomile tea.  “Have no fear girl he will be safe with me, I have a pasture that needs tending too and the horse has plenty of feed since spring is upon us. Also, the horse has a fresh stream of water all at his disposal. Him and I will not last to see another winter Injin girl.” Celeste digs deep inside her self to get a grip of her emotions.  Cora stretches out her wrinkled hand across the table offering the young girl her hand.  Celeste slowly takes hold of her warm tiny hand.  “You are going to embark on a new adventure.  It will be a tough road for you Injin; nevertheless, an important life lesson you must learn until you come to terms with thyself who you are meant to be.” Cora squeezed her hand with love, “What do you know Mrs. Cracker that I don’t?” Cora gives Celeste a smile, “I don’t know anything, but I do know you’re different Injin, and its not because of you’re eye color.  It’s you’re aura that reeks of hidden healing magic. And it’s more powerful than you can imagine.” Celeste takes away her hand, and places it on her lap deep in thought. Cora watches the change in the spitfire pondering on her wise words, “Are you a witch?” Celeste softly spoke.  Cora roared with laughter, “No child I’m not a witch just an old woman who is spiritual, and believes in the unexplained happenings to special people in our present world.  Most would swear we are cuckoo in the head,” Cora gives the cowgirl a wink.

Silent moments between the two gave Celeste enough information to confirm she was making the right choice leaving her friend behind.  She too knew Chief’s time has come, and he would not last another cold winter, as she felt the urgent message inside her mind employing her to leave the horse behind.  She places the little money pouch on the table, “This money is for Chief to bury his grave, and with the rest you can use it or donate it to your charity.”  Cora nods her head in agreement but doesn’t touch the beautiful crafted purse of cash.  The cowgirl stands up and said, “Time for me to leave, I’ll take Chief out to the pasture if ya don’t mind.”  Cora witnesses the teary eyed Indian turn her back, and walk out the door to say goodbye to her childhood friend.

The painted draft horse automatically trotted up to Celeste when she walked out of the wooden shack.  He shakes his thick mane and stomps the ground, Celeste wraps her arms around her dear companion’s neck.  “Chief you and me have come a long distance in life together.  You were my grandfather’s pride and joy and the last of my ties to the man I love more than life.  You’ve never been a disappointment always a joy to ride.”  Chief nickers out to Celeste and leans his head against her back while she hugged her horse with everything ounce of energy she could muster up.  “I’m sorry to leave you behind my darlin’ but my time has come to move forward, and find my path in this world.  Come my beast of burden it’s time.” Celeste releases her friend and walks around the back of the house while Chief follows her without a lead rope.  The cowgirl slowly opens the fence gate and smiles to see the tiny green grass begin to sprout up from their long winter’s nap. She walks through the gate and calls for Chief to follow, but the horse refused.  “Please I can’t bare to fuss and fight ya boy, you’re free to roam in this beautiful pasture of Mother Earth’s riches.”  The horse shakes his head no and stomps the earth digging a deep track in the moist dirt, and then begins to buck and kick out his refusal.  Celeste couldn’t move since her heart felt like someone was ripping it out of her chest, she let the waterworks pour out and covers her face.  She feels the heated breath of her horse nuzzle his muzzle against her head, an immediately wraps her arms around him one more time.  “Good bye my friend I love you,” Chief responses with a loud whinny.  Celeste walks away and closes the gate to the pasture. “Papa is waiting for you my friend, take care of him for me.”  Chief rears up on his hind legs kicking out his front legs in anger, he tosses his thick neck to and fro and prances up to his friend by the gate.  He flips his lip up giving Celeste a smile, “Thank ya kindly my faithful beast…Kiss Kiss.” She reaches one more time to pet her steed’s head tenderly, and turns her back on him with a heavy sorrowful heart.


picture by: pinterest.com


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