“Who the hell is she Westin?” Westin didn’t answer Sandra as he watches Celeste cruise pass his automobile slowly.

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The feeling Celeste was experiencing after she shut the gate to the pasture and walked away from her childhood buddy crumbled her last reserve to keep it together.  Her body and spirit ached of depression, lost, and isolation hearing her friend cry out for her to return.  “He’ll be alright girl,” Cora spoke out lightly.  The cowgirl walks up to the lady on her porch, “I don’t know why I am leaving my horse with you madame. This is the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make in my life giving up my papa’s horse. I know he will be in good hands, but why you?” Celeste asked the old lady with confusion upon her face. Cora touches the tall half breed’s tear stain cheek and tenderly strokes her , “I don’t know myself, for I too have been told to accept without question.”  “By who,” Celeste remarked.  Cora bores her baby blues into the Indian girl, “You’re guess is about as good as mine young one, but for sure I know its not our Lord God.” The half breed softens her sad eyes on the elder and nods yes in understanding about the things human’s can’t explain.  “You’ve never told me you’re name woman.”  Cora smiles her toothless grin at the Indian, “Cora Thourghgood.”  “Thank you Mrs. Thourghgood for all that you have done for me, I only wish I had met you earlier.  You are wise and I’m naive.”  Cora whispers out with a tear in her duct, “Being naive and innocent is what makes you special Injin; stay strong and always stand in the sunlight Celeste Two Trees for purity and beauty,” Celeste widen her orbs remembering she had never told the lady her name, the elder smiles with a twinkle in her blues.  “Do-na-da-`gov-v-i, Cora Thourghgood.  May your Lord always embrace your tender soul with a peaceful passing,” the cowgirl bows and kisses her aged hand. The cowgirl turns on her boot heels and doesn’t look back as she walks away into the forest from Cora and Chief.  Cora stands on her porch and watches the tall figure disappear in the woods before she spoke out her words.  “Goodbye Injin, your Mother Earth has blessed you more than you know.”

“Westin you look so much better since you cut your hair short,” Sandra proclaims out while riding in the passenger seat in Westin’s hot rod to the doctor’s office in the early morning light.  The tight lip angry man hadn’t said a word since the night he killed Damn dog to anyone.  Instead he acts as a puppet on a string being pulled by Tom, Dick, and Harry or anyone else who wanted to join in pulling his strings to make him do whatever they wanted without a fight.  Today is the day that would change Westin’s life forever when he hears from the doctor if Sandra is pregnant or not.  He could hardly wait to be rid of Sandra and repair what has happened between him and Celeste.  Yet doubt creeps inside his soul that the cowgirl would never want to be around him ever again. After talking with his father about Celeste, it was better to keep his distance from the cowgirl until he corrected his mistake with Sandra. “Westin what the hell is the matter with you?  Jesus god the past week you’ve been a depress plug of society,” Westin kept a close-mouth lip not adding fuel to the fire.  Westin parks his car in the front of the doctor’s office, “Let’s get this over with Sandra,” he finally speaks out with venom.  They walk into the office together as Westin sits down immediately while Sandra checks in.

Celeste is packed and ready to go as she is balling out her eyes leaving her papa’s home behind to embark on her new adventure traveling across the USA. Charles hugs her tightly and wishes the best for her, “If you decide to sell me the house I’m very interested if you find that you don’t want to return.”  Celeste tosses her bow and arrows, and slingshot onto the passenger seat and slides in behind the wheel of her Dodge truck wiping away her tears. “Thank you Charles, I’ll be in touch where I’ll end up or come back with my tail between my legs.” Charles roared out with laughter, “I don’t foresee you ever running away from anything without putting your two cent worth in it.  Go and take no prisoner’s Celeste, explore, and wallow into the captivating world of unless possibilities. Just be careful girl remember you’re no longer in the woods and must adapt to city life.”  The cowgirl puts her red truck into reverse and says a tearful farewell to her home.  Charles waves his hand as the girl gear shifts into drive and zooms down the road to her destination of travel with tears streaming down her face.  It takes her over an hour to drive into town to gas up her truck.  She goes around her truck and begins to fill her tank up paying strict attention to service her auto.  Afterwards, she leans her tired head against the cold metal cooling down her heated forehead while the tank fills up with gasoline.  A force so great barrels over the girl in her gut.  She winches in pain and holds her tummy as she breaths deeply. The minute she picks up her head and looks around she spots Westin’s automobile with him sitting inside staring at her.  The urge to throw up overwhelmed her when she hears the nozzle of the gas shut off.  Celeste turns around without validating Westin’s energy to pay for fuel and uses the restroom.  She quickly walks inside and heads to the bathroom.  She splashes her face with cold water and takes a quick glance at herself in the mirror.   Dark rings around her eyes from all the drama and lack of sleep she has coped with for the past week, showed clearly her state of depression. The cowgirl wants to stay in the bathroom hoping Westin would leave, but instead she puffs up her chest and left the bathroom sure footed.

Without looking if Westin’s car is still there, she climbs into her truck and starts the engine ready to leave her memories of childhood behind.  Westin is stunned and can’t move his body as he watches his beautiful half breed climb into her truck.  Every ounce of him wants to run into the middle of the road to stop Celeste when Sandra came out of the doctor’s office just when Celeste is pulling away from the gas station. Sandra views Westin white knuckling his steering wheel as she clicks her seat belt into security.  The pretty girl scrunches up her brow in deep thought knowing Westin is madder than a hornet to find out she was not pregnant after all.  She takes note a red truck approaching slowly with a woman inside with long blonde hair and a beaded head band staring at her boyfriend. Sandra is speechless as she witnesses a tear falling down Westin’s cheek.  Two and two were put together inside Sandra’s pea size brain this was the half breed Candice spoke about who stole Westin’s heart right out from underneath her.  She smiles knowing she turned the tables on the two people never to come together even if it was a hoax.  “Who the hell is she Westin?”  Westin didn’t answer Sandra as he watches Celeste about to cruise pass his automobile slowly.  The lover’s cast their lost souls into each other with unspoken words.  Sandra couldn’t believe the audacity of the girl when Celeste had the nerve to stop her truck next to Westin and gawks with her teary red eyes.  Sandra hissed out, “What the fuck you looking at bitch?” Celeste blinks her teary eyes away from Westin an adds gas to her pedal.  The waterworks instantly pour out of Celeste as her truck roars down the road towards the highway never looking back in her review mirror.


This marks Slingshot 460 post on this blog, I will be leaving for over a month on travel so I must stop on Monday.  It will be the last of my postings of Poco Celeste until I return.  I do have to say I am busting with joy about this story I’ve created on a daily basis, and look forward to putting it into print.  It will be book one to Slingshot, and of course Slingshot will be book two.  But have no fear I also created Wounded Soldier on my blog for book three of Celeste’s Two Trees adventure.  Kiss Kiss to ALL my peeps for encouraging me to write and reading about my half breed cowgirl.

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11 thoughts on ““Who the hell is she Westin?” Westin didn’t answer Sandra as he watches Celeste cruise pass his automobile slowly.

    1. Thanks a million Curt, I’m looking to visit me papa who is aging and meeting up with high school friends to sign and sell Slingshot. Hoping its a great trip cause I sure could use the break from farm life. 😉 Funny…I’m going back to Celeste’s territory and I do hope to get some hunting or fishing done in my itinerary too~

        1. Actually I never leave home without my Slingshot. HAHA that’s what got me in trouble in Haiti. My bow and arrows will stay, I’m good nailing turkeys with my rocket wrist sling.

    1. Gracias senor always tickled to have one of my favorite bloggers stop by. I think you should paint this pose darlin’? It’s a hot pic that shows vulnerability and beauty of a soul.

  1. OMG, what a surprise on both posts. Proud of you Celeste for handling several tough situations with style. Have fun on your travels Slingshot,and I cant wait to read the ending of this fantastic story when you return. Celeste is a big girl now 😉

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