“Morning sir, is Celeste home?”



Things couldn’t have gotten any worse for Celeste when she turn on I-80 East heading towards the Eastern Ocean.  Tears of sadness raked Celeste’s soul of knowing she had seen Westin’s gorgeous girlfriend whose heart was ugly and cruel. “He cut his hair,” she whispered out in memory of her loving the way he moved his hair away from his handsome features. “Oh God, she was pregnant, why else would he be at a Gynecologist’s office?”  For several hours Celeste cried her tears of sorrow while remembering her childhood to teenage years. She finally puts a stop to her ball gutting when she is half way out of Pennsylvania, “That’s it, no more crying. I’m done with feeling freaking sad, let’s get this party started,”she said with a firm conviction, and started to think happy thoughts as she drove on the highway East traveling towards the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rhode Island.  She clicks on the music box and turns the volume up to sing in time with some funky soul brother music. Her mood is lightening up and brings a smile upon her face to finally close the door on her past.

Westin drove like a mad man to take Sandra home.  He has not said one word since seeing the distress Celeste’s face.  He constantly pictures the horrible sad face she had given him as he drove crazy down the roadway.  He starts to ponder hopefully he now can make amends with Celeste the minute he dropped off Sandra who tricked him into believing she was pregnant.  He pulls up into her driveway and said, “Get out, don’t ever contact me again we are through!”  Sandra knew he was stinging with anger, but it was a chance she was willing to take to muck up his life if she couldn’t have him herself. Sandra opens her door and said, “You’ll come back to me baby, because your Indian heathen will never accept you now that she saw us at the doctor’s office together.”  Westin grips the his steering wheel hard and decides not to answer.  Sandra slams the door, Westin puts the gears into reverse and squeals his tires on the road to hurry to get to Celeste’s house.  It takes him over an hour to pull into Celeste’s driveway, when he spots a red corvette pulling into the attach garage.  He gets out of his hot rod and approaches Charles, “Morning sir, is Celeste home?”  Charles turns his attention on the handsome young man, “No she is not, in fact she no longer lives here I do now.” Westin is devastated and unable to move, many wild thoughts are flying in an out of his brain, “Do you know where she went sir?”  Charles would be damn if he told him where the cowgirl is traveling.  He said a silent thank you to Celeste for not giving up her destinations so he could answer the man honestly,  “No I don’t, sorry she kept a tight lip about her travels.”  Westin snapped out of his dumbness and ran to his car without saying thank you or goodbye to Mr. Spencer.  Charles smiles the minute Westin is out of sight knowing the boy has lost his window to find the cowgirl forever since she has been on the road for over three hours in what direction he knew not where.  Westin drives his beastly auto down the road towards town.  Once there he pulls his car over and tries to control his nervous energy where to begin searching for the cowgirl.  There are two choices, East or West.  Westin knows he’s loosing precious ground to catch up with her, but he takes the chance and chooses West.  “She wanted warmer weather so West it is,” he calls out and begins his long shot race against time. Celeste screams out a yodel of happiness when she crossed the border of Pennsylvania into New York and puts on the gas to get to Rhode Island before darkness fell to witness a sunset off the Atlantic Ocean.  Excited to see the coastal line in the Eastern state to check out the Lighthouses she heard and read so much about, she drives without a care in the world to her first destination.







4 thoughts on ““Morning sir, is Celeste home?”

  1. I can understand screaming out yodels of happiness for I once drove I-80 from Teaneck, New Jersey all the way to San Francisco California, something like 2,900 miles. Never was I so glad to reach the California border.

    1. Sorry for the late response I have been out of town. Oh heck yeah…Yodeling out and leaving was the best for Celeste. She wanted to go to the Eastern side to see the ocean and plans to head to California to return a sea shell to the Western Ocean. What a great excursion from East to West!~ But I agree it’s a LONG trip and I’m sure she too will be happy arriving at her destination after driving for a long time. Thanks for stopping by Russel. Kiss Kiss

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