Back home from Ohio

Here’s a few pictures I took off my cell phone when I was visiting Ohio and witness their gorgeous change of season.  The Maples caught my attention the most along with the Sycamore’s gorgeous white bark.  I do have to say I had the BEST PERCH DINNER in my life.  I grew up in Ohio on farm land and I never had perch like I did at Tackle Box 2 in Fremont Ohio.  A MUST to go even for the Walleye Dinner.  Portions of food is out of this world and NOT greasy~

1662437_10203832265539937_2978976663071098513_n 10553480_10203798097125748_62483536765852720_n 10622745_10203814525376444_1028470873454656286_n DSCF3384

6 thoughts on “Back home from Ohio

  1. Seems a very nice place! the title of your post suddenly remind me of a Pretender’s song….not sure of the tile, but Chrissy Hindes first lyrics are ‘Went back to Ohio, to find farm erased and replace by shopping malls..’ good song….

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