“I’m free,” she whispers out.



Many hours Celeste constantly drove throughout the day until she enters Rhode Island.  She smiles with happiness to see the Eastern coast of the ocean.  The sun is setting and casting its glorious color’s into the sky when she pulls her truck over and walks on the sandy beach.  The salt air is refreshing yet cold as she takes off her cowboy boots to feel the chilly sand between her toes. “How blessed I am to see this sight, thank you Mother Earth for all your blessings.” The coastal wind caresses her face as she listens to the roaring sound of the waves. She stretches out her arms out to experience the ultimate high, “I’m free,” she whispers out. “Now begins my journey grandpa that I dreamed endlessly about throughout my days of life.  From the Eastern coast to the Western my life will forever change from this day forward, just give me safe passage to my destination.” She begins to walk the dark shores and spots a lighthouse.  Without words she heads towards the guiding light for passing ships. The beach is empty as she makes her way in solitude towards the light while relishing in the peaceful moments of words unspoken. She finds the perfect spot to rest and ponder her life away, and finds her head is empty of all disturbing thoughts.  Westin is the only person that comes to mind when she watches the waves rolling onto the beach. She remembers the handsome man’s touch and kisses.  She lets her tear fall of disappointment that it didn’t work out between the lovers, “Good luck Westin may you find peace and have a beautiful life. Thank you for giving me lessons in life of relationships between man and woman, for I hold no resentment towards your choices in life.”

Once again she finds her head is clear and free of drama.  She smiles upon the beauty of the ocean and how the water makes her think of nothing but peaceful dreams.  The cowgirl lays down her head on the cold sand to close her eyes for a while until morning time peeked over the Eastern horizon when she wakes up refresh and ready to begin her travels across the USA.  Her plans are to head into New York to visit the statue of liberty and from there she will head into Nashville Tennessee.  Celeste walks towards her truck and giggles when she finds a large seashell.  “I shall keep you until I have a daughter.  Perhaps one day she will return you back to your home.” She climbs into her truck and eats a homemade sandwich to curb her hunger for food.  It takes her a few hours to reach New York City.  The hustle bustle of traffic confuses her earth senses when she tries with all her might to find a parking space to board the ferry boat that would take her close to the magnificent statue of freedom.  She reaches the water and jumps upon a boat for the first time in her life.  The gentle rocking of the floating device gives her calming thoughts as she watches the flow of the water.  Dressed up in a pair of blue jeans with her beaten up brown cowboy boots and hat, she grins at life as she stands by viewing the crazy over crowded banks of New York.  The twin towers are the tallest buildings that capture her attention while staring at the shore line.  She wonders for a while if she went into the building would she feel the sway of movement.  She marvels at the honorable site of the statue of Liberty, and ponders on how many people in the world felt like she did when spotting the awesome bronze sculpture. By the time she reached the banks of embarking off the boat, evening time is beginning to set. Tired to the bone when she reached her truck, she got in and started the engine wanting to find a hotel. She travels the roads, crossing over the George Washington Bridge for an hour finding herself lost and somewhere in the Bronx location.


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