“Boy’s I am in love, God help me, take me woman!”

Day 539


Celeste spent several days in Nashville in awe watching various people and bands singing their tunes on the side of the street. The musical people made her remember the precious times her father would pick and grin on his guitar. She wonders what would have happen to her life if her father hit it big in the music industry.For a few days she absorbed the music scene in Nashville, an on the last day in the hillbilly territory, she ended up in a tavern loaded with people.  She was hungry and wanted a good dinner tonight before leaving the state.  She wore her cowboy hat hair to control her wild hair from getting into her vision, and a pair of jeans with boots showing off her curves and strong legs. Her beauty captivated many men into gaping in wonder about the new girl in town.  She feels the stabbing heat of gazes from the ladies as she clicks her boots on the wooden floor.  Celeste is no stranger to uneasiness, so she paid no heed and spotted an empty stool at the bar between two men. Both men turned and looked at Celeste’s profile, causing her to feel uneasy as she turned her head in both directions, and greets her neighbors sitting at the bar. A striking young man approached Celeste from behind the bar with a gentle smile asking, “What will it be?” Celeste senses confusion and nervously stated, “I would like some food.” The men who were sitting on their stools at the bar chuckled, “How about a menu,” the bartender offered. “Great, thank you, can I have a glass of water too please,” she calmly said.  The young man handed her a menu, she studied it and couldn’t come up with what she wanted to eat. The man on the right of her instigated a conversation, “I take it you don’t live around here?” When he asked her that question she could smell the alcohol on his breath. Finding the strong odor offensive she gracefully answered, “No I’m just passing through and want a good dinner.” When the bartender arrived with her glass of water he gave her an option to sit at a table by a window to eat in order not to be disturbed by the local drunks at the bar. Grateful for the advice she left the bar to her table. “I will take your fried chicken please and mash potatoes.” Celeste spoke out to her waitress who is a cute young girl with vibrant red straight hair and a few freckles on her cheeks. “Good choice Miss, can I get you anything else?” “No thank you that will do,” replied Celeste in her southern twang dialect.

Her dinner was delicious and filling as she finished off her last cup of coffee and watched the people pass by through the window. She giggles softly when a group of young men were laughing and joking with each other. One of the boys’s spotted Celeste looking at him through the window. Feeling embarrassed about being stared at through the window, she looked at the drunken boy shyly without casting her vision away; the young tall man with black hair and dreamy brown eyes walks up to the window slowly to get a closer look at Celeste.  He plasters his body against the window and said, “Boy’s I am in love, God help me, take me woman!”  Celeste blushes deeply while taking note everyone in the restaurant watched and heard the scene unfold.  The management went outside and saves grace by shooing the group away from the window.  “Meet me at the bar three doors down from here, please.”  Celeste couldn’t say anything, but look at the young man with a smile on her lips. His buddies peel their friend off the window and went on their merry way laughing and teasing their love stricken friend who kept looking back at Celeste. When the manager came back inside the establishment he walked over to Celeste and apologized, “Sorry about that Miss.” Smiling at the manager she simply stated, “I shouldn’t have looked at him, no worries.” She stood up to her full height when the manager looked at her tall and curvy frame and whispered out; “The boy was right, you’re beautiful.” Without word and blushing again she walked over to pay her bill, and left the tavern while most of the customers watched the sexy cowgirl pass them by in wonder. Celeste didn’t obey the young man’s wishes to head to the bar three doors down and perhaps get into trouble with the locals; however, the time to leave Nashville behind was pressing upon her soul.  As she sat behind the steering wheel in her Dodge truck looking at the map to find what interstate to take to get to Route 66; she began to highlight the route, and folded the big map up when she finished marking her route of travel. Starting her engine she left the state of Tennessee behind listening to country music on the radio. She loved the late night driving, as she spots continuous falling stars. She had learned to drive the roads at night because of less traffic, and loving the mysteries of stories told in the night skies. Many times she would pull over in the night to take a few cat naps, and then be on her merry way rested enough to explore the dark world without the hustle bustle of day time traffic. Her travels finally take her into Mississippi the next morning; she heads for the Great muddy River. She had read about the large catfish and Riverboats on the Mississippi River, a historical sight she wanted to witness. She says a silent thanks to her teacher for educating her about the battle of Jackson, so she stops in a town called Vicksburg.

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