Just look at them…they’re whoppers!



Her tired body is calling out for more rest as she finds a spot to pull off and park in the misty wooded hills.  The heavy dense fog lays low hovering throughout the hills when she shuts off her engine to take a cat nap.  Restless sleep invades Celeste’s mind as she visualizes in her dreams a horrible battle scene taking place. She can hear men’s voices, gunshots, and horses screaming in clarity. The battle scenes startle her awake in a sweat late in the afternoon.  The need to leave her sleeping place weighed heavy on her soul since the place spoke to her of killings, sorrow, and death. She shakes her muddle mind free of the horrific thoughts and starts her trucks engine gladly to leave the haunted hills of Vicksburg behind in a hurry. In awe of the great bridge she is about to cross over she constantly focus’s her attention on the bridge and not the quick movements of the flowing river below. She smiles as she spots a huge Riverboat docked on the other side of the river, with glee in her heart she heads to see the historical paddle boat up close.

After an hour of strolling on the docks of the river where the thoughts of Westin caressing her body plagued her mind.  In the distance she spots two gentlemen of color fishing an acting out their excitement out loud along the banks of the Mississippi. She watches in wonder one of the men reel in the largest catfish she had ever seen. With care she walks up to the men, “Wow what a whopper of a fish.”  The dark color men turned their attention on the stranger beaming with joy. She wants to bust up with laughter when one of the men with a missing front tooth said in his heavy hillbilly drawl, “Yup it’s a biggin’, feed my family for two days it will. Hey Willie where ya puttin’ the knife at?”  Willie looks around and didn’t see his knife and replied in a heavier deep southern drawl voice, “I reckon I fur got it Ty,” he scratches his fuzzy head of gray hair while trying to find the knife. Without warning Celeste takes out her Bowie knife from her hidden sleeve in her cowboy boot, and hands the sharp blade over to the man called Ty.  He jerks his body in fright, “Holy Lordy woman, you’s a ready look at that Willie!” he stated in a shocked manner.  It doesn’t take Ty too long to glance at the sharp long blade, he takes hold of the instrument to skin his catfish in gratitude. His friend Willie comments on the treasure item, “Dam knife is good lookin’ youngin’ you always carry a weapon on ya?” “Yes, Sir I do,” Celeste proclaimed with pride. “You both mind if I sit with ya and talk,” in caution Celeste asked the fishermen.  “Nope help yourself,” Willie stated in loving hospitality.

In a short time Celeste absorbs the knowledge like a sponge as the men spoke about the history of the river and life on the muddy Mississippi. Celeste loved hearing their sweet nature and humble attitudes offering her the education with open arms. She moves her hair away from her golden orb after telling the men a little about herself, and cast her attention into Ty’s eyes.  The aged fisherman captures the half breeds differences, “Lookie Ty she gots two color eyes, I ain’t never see. I reckon ya a horse with many colors. Ya funny odd being a white girl an Indian with blonde hairs, and ya talk funny too.” Celeste grins heavenly at Willie and feels a little bit shy to ask if she could use one of their poles.  “If ya gentlemen don’t mind can I give it a go with your fishing pole? I’m feeling lucky to go fishing.”  Willie hands over his pole to the stranger with a smile, “Ya better be aware there are catfish down there big enough to swallow a man whole.”  She baits her hook with happiness and throws out her line.  The men watch and listen to the half breed whispers out her Indian words to the river, and in no time at all Celeste receives a mighty tug on her line. “Yahoo buckaroo’s I got me a biggin’,” she screams out in exultation.  Ty’s line bows hard when Celeste is reeling in her catch.  They both are animated with triumph when they both bring in their catch in unison.

Willie immediately bellows out, “Ya good luck woman, oooo weee look what we have here.”  Willie helps Celeste with her catch and glorifies in the monster’s size of the four feet muddy bottom feeder. He drags the water monster on the shore, “Girl this dang thang will feed ya for a week,” he spoke out with pride.  “Na…I can’t take it with me, so take it home and feed ya family.”  Ty brings over his three foot long catfish next to Celeste’s four footer, and marvels at the lucky strike having the Indian girl around.  “Willie my man I think she put a voodoo spell on the muddy river, we’ve never caught anything this size before. Thank goodness we brought our strong poles this time.  Just look at them…they’re whoppers!” Celeste blushes and hands Willie back his pole.  She waits to get her knife back and states her blessings to the kind fishermen of the Mississippi.  “Thank ya kindly gentlemen for being good sports and fabulous company.  It’s time I find a hotel and spend the rest of the day sleeping if I want to travel at night time.”  She shakes their large worked hands, and left behind a great experience catching a Catfish in the great Mississippi River.


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