“Curse me,” Celeste whispers out and lowers her eyes to stare at the floor.



The cowgirl arrives in Oklahoma the next day when the weather was horrible raining and overcast. Even though the skies are doom and gloom she marvels in watching the red dirt pass her by. She stops in Oklahoma City to eat a quick late breakfast.  Many times she thought to stop and see the Cherokee Indians Pueblo; however, she vowed to return to her heritage one day soon, but not today since she feels a violent storm is in the making. She quickly eats her food and left Oklahoma to catch Route 66 heading for the Great West to fulfill her grandmother’s request. “I got to get out of this state, because something wicked is about to happen here,” Celeste whispered out viewing the green calm skies.  She climbs into her truck and begins to leave the state behind barely missing a monstrous tornado that hit the city half an hour after she left.  She crosses into the Texas long open roads, and disliked the state immediately.  Truckers were everywhere and the distance of the land stretched for many lonely miles. Wind and dirt devil storms were prominent in the state with tons of armadillo’s dead carcass everywhere on the side of the road. Celeste had to get out of her truck at one point to view a rodent with a shell body she just ran over.

She finally stops in Amarillo Texas, hot weather permeated around the dry dusty cow town. She decides to get a hotel for a good long sleep before returning on the road to California.  Her odd dreams keep her awake throughout the day in her plush bed, so she gives up and gusty’s her self up to have a steak dinner. She puts on her daisy duke shorts, cowboy boots, and her hat, and ad’s a red cotton button down sleeveless shirt to her assemble of hillbilly gear. She decides to let her hair go wild, and gives a glance at herself one time in the mirror before she left the hotel to walk the streets of Amarillo.   Before she left the hotel, she asked the clerk behind the desk where she could sit down and have a good steak dinner.  It didn’t take her long to find the saloon that was recommended, and found the place packed with cowboy and cowgirls.  Celeste gawks in wonder at the crazy wild sight of people two stepping to the country music. She walks up to the hostess and asked for a table for one.  A small cowgirl seats her at a booth by a window giving her a perfect view of the dance floor to view the menu.  In no time at all a tall cowboy with a pad of paper and pen approaches her with a huge smile. “Welcome cowgirl what can I get you to drink?”  “How about an Ice Tea please,” Celeste speaks softly with a grin.   In a few moments the waiter returns with a tall glass of Ice Tea, she quickly takes a taste and loves the flavor, an orders her food with a smile.  She downs her refreshing drink and soon orders another while waiting for her dinner.  Her food arrives in a prompt fashion; she opens her eyes wide in surprise to see the T-bone steak she ordered was almost as big as the plate it was served on. Bake potato oozing with butter, sour cream and chives filled the plate to completion. She digs into her food with poise and hunger.

While she ate her dinner a live country band steps up onto the stage and plays their tunes for the crowded establishment.  She admires the couples dancing and swing in time to the music while chewing on her steak. Her dinner is too large in portions to finish eating, she leans back comfortably with a full belly and watches the colorful people perform their dance.  When the band stops playing her waiter arrives to clear her plate and asked if she needed anything else. “I like your Ice Tea, may I have another please.” Smiling, the waiter told her to be careful of the tea it could be addicting, and turns on his boot heels. She feels the need to go to the restroom to wash her hands.  She slides out of her booth and grabs hold of the edge of the table.  A feeling of being light headed consumed her limps. She frowns in thought why she felt like she was drunk, and asked a nearby waitress where’s the bathroom. The waitress points into the direction, and with a weary eye Celeste made her way to the hallway.  She opens the ladies powder room door and takes note how full the room is with women chattering loud about men and their dates.  Celeste pays them no attention and splashes water on her face. and quickly dabs away the water away from her heated face.  She turns and waits for a stall to clear and leans her tall body against the wall.  Her legs start to feel like rubber, and silently she talks to herself, ” What the heck is happening to me?” When a  bathroom stall door opens she filters in and tries to undo her shorts with sloppy movements. Giggling to herself as she stares at the porcelain god , she finally got her shorts open and did her business. The half breed takes her time leaving the stall and washes her hands again before she left the restroom to head back to her table.

Not watching where she walked down the hallway, her body suddenly crashes into a tall man with a big black Texas cowboy hat. Taking a double look at the tall man Celeste shakes her head to clear the muddle feeling, she looks up into the smiling pearly whites and a pair of brown mischievous eyes. “Curse me,” Celeste whispers out and lowers her eyes to stare at the floor.  The man roars out with laughter and said in a sexy low Texan tone, “You must mean excuse me, but if ya wantin’ me to curse at ya, say the word and I am all yours darlin’.”  As the witty country man gives Celeste a devilish smile she takes off her hat and moves her hair away only to put her hat back on, “Sorry sir it won’t happen again.” She said in a peppy tone and feels embarrassed by her stupid clumsy actions.  The cowgirl keeps her lowered eyelids on the ground and moves her body away from the man to head towards her booth. The young man steps back and watches where she ventures too.  Making note to see her again, he hears his name being called out and went on the stage to pick up his guitar.   Celeste reached her seat giggling to herself how silly she tends to be when she hears a fabulous smooth rich voice singing a song she had not heard before. Looking up at the stage, she saw the cowboy she had bumped into, and smiles with happiness while picking up her third Long Island Ice Tea to drink.


picture by: curse-tea.diviantart.com


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