“My name is Celeste Two Trees, I’m a half breed and I live in the forest.” Gary smiles at the beautiful Indian girl who doesn’t realize she is drunk off her ass.



Celeste is giddy from drinking her strange Ice Tea while the country singer sang his set of tunes.  Westin invades her drunken thoughts when she stares outside the window and tuned out the band’s music.   She envisions her man touching her body with admiration and feels the heat between her legs intensify for the mere thought of Westin to kiss her again.  She shakes her steamy thoughts out of her mind and gazes up at the stage to view the Texan cowboy.  The man was nothing like the handsome Westin, but was easy on the eyes and mysterious in his black cowboy hat.  His voice is fabulous and intoxicating as he strummed on his guitar and sang out in a clear voice about meeting a woman he longed for. Celeste’s eyes are seeing double while trying to focus on the singer.  He is taller than her and sexy as all hell in his tight fitting blue jeans.  He isn’t drop dead gorgeous nor large in muscles, but very pleasant to look at if she could get her vision to see clearly. Finishing her fourth Ice Tea she was not sure why she was feeling lightheaded, and didn’t pay attention to the crowd going crazy after the man finished his set. The need to leave was great; so she tips her waiter a hardy one on the table and is about to get up from her chair when she bumps into the same cowboy once again.

“Sorry sir, I seem to be clumsy tonight,” she whispers out.  “It’s all right little darlin’ you can bump into me anytime, you leavin’ now?” He asked in a sweet manner. “Yes I think I need to go before I do something that will embarrass me; humm…in reality sir I feel dizzy for some reason.” Celeste takes off her hat and pulls her hair away from her sweaty face.  Gary is in awe as she exposes her wild long curly hair with a few hidden Pheasant feathers attached.  Their spotted artwork blended extremely well with her Indian look and unruly curls.  She gives the cowboy a drunken smirk and puts her hat back on. “I think I better sit down if ya don’t mind,” she quickly stated in a mumble voice.  The cowboy smiles and  helps the wobble legs of Celeste to sit. He slides on a cushion chair across from her smiling with mischief.  “Looks to me you been drinking too much. Those Long Island Ice Tea’s will get you pretty smashed in a short time,” he chuckles out at Celeste with amusement upon his face. “I didn’t have a lick of liquor sir,” she spoke out while feeling shy and giddy. “Well you did now them Long Island Ice Tea’s has several kinds of alcohol in it, how many did you have?”  Celeste scrunches up her brow in thought, “I think four or was it three, hum I can’t remember.” With a sweet drunken giggle Celeste laughs, her eyes are sparkling with reckless intentions.  Gary is caught up in the earthy wild innocence spilling over inside her different color eyes.  And watching her intoxicating kissable lips speak in a strange dialect, captures his attention to learn more about the girl.  He drinks her spirit of freedom inside his soul, and wishes to hold the woman tightly to protect her blooming flower of life.  Celeste boinks Gary out of his evaluation, “What’s your name stranger?” Gary takes off his hat and sits the black sun visor on the table.  Her eyes grew with amazement how close she thinks the man resembles Westin except for his brown eyes. “You okay,” the cowboy asked when noticing her surprised expression. “Oh yes, you just remind me of a man I once knew or maybe I’m a thinkin’ it’s so, oh shit I don’t know my head is thinkin’ you’re someone else.”  She places her hand on her temple and giggles out. Her infectious laugh made everyone around her smile. “Boy I think you need some coffee, hang on I will be right back,” he spoke gently to the half breed.  Celeste sits still trying to get her drunken composure together when the cowboy hands her a hot cup of coffee.

“Why thank a kindly sir,” she thanks him and started to sip at her coffee while trying not to bust out in laughter. “My name is Gary Daniels, and yours?” Celeste thought about his question as she takes off  her hat and places it on the table.  She views his tan skin face with his cowboy hat when she speaks out in Cherokee telling him her Indian name. “Girl I have no clue what the hell ya just said, I believe that you need to go home and sleep off your tea. Where ya keeping house girl?” Celeste busted up with laughter and said her name in English, “My name is Celeste Two Trees, I’m a half breed and I live in the forest.”  Gary smiles at the beautiful Indian girl who doesn’t realize she is drunk off her ass.  His interest is peaked and listens to her until he had to return back on stage.  Celeste’s lips kept moving to words she had no idea what she was saying.  Gary didn’t want to correct her speech, he was perfectly fine listening to her sexy voice speak in different dialects.  “Can we get you’re autograph Gary?”  A couple of a man and woman interrupts Celeste’s slurring conversation.  Celeste is bewildered and watches Gary sign a piece of paper to the happy couple.  She wrinkles up her brow when Gary calls one of his friends over and asked in a firm tone, “Jared, take this girl home safely, she’s been drinking and shouldn’t be driving.” “I didn’t drink and drive sir, I mean I didn’t drive here, I walked,” Celeste spoke out in a soft tone.  The burly young man whose chest was bigger than a bull’s softly agreed to help Celeste.  She stands up and sways while grabbing her hat on the table, and puts it back onto her head with a firm hand.  She thanks Gary for his kindness, and needs to apologize for her manners, “I am usually not like this, sorry cowboy.”  “Well I am a hoping to see you again, Celeste!” Gary slides off his chair and stands up to head for the stage while Jared asked where she lived. “I am staying at hum…you know I can’t remember the name but its down the street.  Ooo…you’re big and strong.”  Celeste giggle softly and squeezed the burly man’s forearm.  He widens his blue eyes in wonder the strength of Celeste, and moved her along leaving the saloon behind.  “Well let’s get you outside perhaps little lady y’all will remember.”  The burly man locks his arm around her arm as they walk down the street with Celeste hanging on for dear life to the stranger while giggling in a drunken stupor. “Hey, over there is the hotel I think…Yep that’s it,” Celeste points out while slurring out her words. Jared chuckles and makes sure she arrives safe and sound before he returns back to the saloon to give Gary his information where she is staying the night.


picture by: betzgallery.com

5 thoughts on ““My name is Celeste Two Trees, I’m a half breed and I live in the forest.” Gary smiles at the beautiful Indian girl who doesn’t realize she is drunk off her ass.

    1. Oh man Curt, when I moved to Los Angeles I ordered one of those toxic drinks… didn’t know they had all that liquor in them. Truly a downfall for many thinking it was a tea drink. hahaha

  1. Haha…I remember having my first Long Island tea, it sure messes you up. Great post once again Slingshot!

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