“Be careful girl, you might have the men drooling and falling at you’re footsteps.”



Gary and Celeste had a marvelous conversation going on until Celeste looked at her hands and noticed they were wrinkled.  “I think I better get going before I turn into a prune,” she shyly spoke to her new friend.  “How long you staying Celeste? I’m playing again tonight would ya care to join me?”  “I don’t know how long I want to stay, and I think I made a fool out of myself last night, so I don’t want to return to that saloon,” she smirks at Gary and then stares at the moving water.  “Nonsense I am not playing there again, I have a gig to do right here in the bar. I play acoustic jazz guitar to the rich and famous,” he gives a wink to Celeste an asked again in a playful manner, “So how about it will you come and join me, and if you have too many ice teas you are safe to walk up to your own room and pass out again.” Celeste laughed so loud Gary joined in with her.  She liked how he wasn’t pushy yet adores his free spirit energy.  To her Gary was a fine catch for any lady to fall in love with, but she was not looking to hook up with a man until she completed her task.  His dark brown hair is shorter than Westin’s and groomed perfectly to his simple structure of face.  She loved looking into his chocolate eyes that spoke of honesty and trust.  “You’re thinking to hard darlin’, could it be that I might be too old for ya?”  Celeste cracks a smile and nods yes, “I would love too, and your age means nothing to me.  What time should I be there?” “I play at 7:30 to 9:30 pm, come a little earlier so we can chat, and then afterwards how about having a late dinner together? I know this great Mexican place I’ve been dying to go back and eat their delicious food.”  Celeste chews on her bottom lip before asking, “What kind of food is it Gary?” He busted out laughing, “Okay I’ve got to know where on earth did you come from?”

Celeste gives him her simple story of life by telling him hunting and growing was all she knew how to do. She doesn’t give him too much information about her lonely life only the bare necessities to keep the conversation flowing. When she looks at her hands and saw they were wrinkled more than ever, she said her good byes and tried to get out of the tub.  Gary watches her body steaming from the heat and takes note of her small heart tattoo on her firm rump when she is leaving the hot tub.  He digs her curvy body and strong muscle legs, “Nice suit Celeste and cute heart tattoo.”  Celeste turns around and loses her balance only to slip off the step falling backwards into Gary’s waiting arms.  He roars with laughter, she blushes red and peels her hot body away from his embrace.  Her body feels like jelly when she tries to maneuver herself out of the tub with the help from Gary.   She stands dripping wet and turns around slowly to say, “See ya later.”  Gary watches the bathing suit model walk away in her buckskin bikini which is turning him on with waiting delight, and enjoys watching her long braided hair swing with her hips.  She arrives in her room, her body felt soft, hot, and completely wonderful. With slow movements she strips out of her suit to hang in the bathroom to dry, an opens her closet to see what to wear tonight.  The cowgirl stares at her simple wardrobe of jeans and t shirts hanging on the hangers. “I think I saw a store a few blocks down the street, maybe I should go shopping.”

Celeste never went clothes shopping; she would go to the local store for her boots but nothing else. Changing into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and wraps her wet hair into a bun, and when finished she grabs her truck keys and heads out to go shopping.  The warm morning air refreshes her senses as she scans her area for possible shopping places.  She slides into her truck and gets the ball moving.  She spots the western store a little ways down the street and pulls into the parking lot.  Her mouth drops open to see all the beautifully crafted cowboy boots, so many colors and designs to choose from as she walks slowly into the Western fashion world.  “Welcome to our store may I help you?”  The retail employee approaches her immediately.  Celeste gives her a dumbfounded gawk, and finds the simple girl wore too much make-up for her liking, “I don’t know? I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have never shopped in a clothing store before,” Celeste softly stated.  The cowgirl gives Celeste a stare down from top to bottom she said in a happy voice, “I think I can set you up if you trust me enough?” Celeste nods yes and watches the girl pull different skirts, tops, pants and puts them into a fitting room, while Celeste had the urge to look at the quality cowgirl boots.  Immediately, her eyes went to a pair of red lizard Tony Lamas, she chooses her size and puts them on.  The boots fit her like a glove; but when she gawked at the price she quickly put them back on the shelf, but her eyes would always come back to them.  “Okay, I am ready for you, if you can follow me to the dressing room we can see whatcha like and not.”  Celeste follows her, and when she got into the dressing room tons of clothes were lined up hanging ready to be fitted.

“I want you to try this outfit on first, and then we can go from there.” The gal leaves the fitting room and shuts the door behind her so Celeste could get dress. Celeste walks out of the dressing room a few minutes later wearing leather black pants with a lovely black suede fringe vest adored with silver Concho buttons. She loved the outfit but had reservations about her breast busting loose.  She steps out and is surprise to see the red boots in the girl’s hands she liked so much. “WOW…. I knew it would look smashing on you, here try these boots with it.” Celeste puts on the red boots, and looks at the leather attire in the mirror. Smiling at Celeste the employee couldn’t hold down her mirth of putting the fabulous sexy outfit together for the right person, “Oh you need to get this outfit it looks smashing on you.  I believe it’s made just for you! I loved this outfit, but don’t have the body like you do to flaunt you’re goods.”  Celeste thinks it through being it the first time she ever wore leather pants, and finds the material is comfortable.  “Why not I have never bought anything like this in my life, I do have some money and these will last a long time. Okay, I will take this outfit; may I try on some more?” The girl smiles and said, “I didn’t grab all these clothes for nothing.”  After two hours of trying on outfits Celeste was tuckered out, walking out with several outfits and her pair of red lizard boots and a pair of black crocodile, and a new black leather hat.  The cowgirl thanks the tiny girl for helping her find the right outfits, and graciously gives her a strong hug.  “Be careful girl, you might have the men drooling and falling at you’re footsteps.”  Celeste cracks up with laughter and walks out with her arms laden with shopping bags, and heads back to the hotel with a happy smile on her face ready to paint the town in red and black.

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