“Yeah, I know they turn green when I am sexually charged.”



The sexy cowgirl licks her lips in a sensual manner after tasting Gary’s lips. The emotions she is experiencing from the man’s kiss is one of trust, loyalty, and fulfilling to one’s soul. She silently ponders on the different sensations from kissing two different men. Westin’s kisses were reckless, wild, and absolutely juicy. While Gary’s kiss is tender, unconditional and hedonic. Gary chuckles to himself watching the lascivious faces Celeste is making, he notes the bartender watching the mysterious woman with desire as she moistens her kisser once again.  When finished with her analogy her eyes sparkle with delight.  “Jesus woman I don’t think you could be anymore sexier than you already are.  Do you know you’re eyes are turning into a dreamy green?” She grins with mischievousness at Gary and honestly speaks her mind out in a pleasing tone, “Yeah, I know they turn green when I am sexually charged.” Her date roars out with laughter..

She hears an amuse snicker from the bartender and smiles at him with a little shy blush. “What can I get you,” he offers Celeste. “I ain’t wanting no Ice Tea sir, but how about a glass of water for now.” The drink maker stands still scrunching up his brow to pick apart her strange husky dialect. Gary notes that he is having a hard time understanding Celeste, or he could be stunned from her beauty, he jumps in to rescue the order, “How about two glasses of water.” The man grins and nods his head at Gary. “Celeste I do believe you are making me, and this man twitter pated.”  Celeste didn’t have time to response when people started to filter in the lounge.  Gary is quiet marveling in her naked beauty without make-up on when Celeste feels he is probing her energy. “Do you like Gary,”she whispers out.  “Yes I do darlin’, more than I can express,” he replies quietly for only her ears to hear.  After a half an hour of chatting and giggling with each other Gary had to ask, “So when are you leaving Texas?” Celeste quickly comments, “I will stay for one more day I think, and then be on my way to California.”  Gary takes notice he had to leave Celeste while he played his guitar. Part of him didn’t want to leave the wonderful time he is spending with her, but duty and his love for music called, “Let’s talk about this afterwards is that a deal over dinner?”  Celeste nods yes and watches the musician leave her side.  She fell in love with his impeccable skill of making love to his guitar, and knew deep in her heart she could not string this man on to think she wanted a relationship with a musician; nevertheless she adored his company and witty mind, but no one was going to prolong her to reach the west coast ocean.


2 thoughts on ““Yeah, I know they turn green when I am sexually charged.”

  1. Wow what a beautiful change for Celeste. Even finding a man too fill her room with lots of flowers. Love this story slingshot!

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