Back home from Ohio

Here’s a few pictures I took off my cell phone when I was visiting Ohio and witness their gorgeous change of season.  The Maples caught my attention the most along with the Sycamore’s gorgeous white bark.  I do have to say I had the BEST PERCH DINNER in my life.  I grew up in Ohio on farm land and I never had perch like I did at Tackle Box 2 in Fremont Ohio.  A MUST to go even for the Walleye Dinner.  Portions of food is out of this world and NOT greasy~

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“I’m free,” she whispers out.



Many hours Celeste constantly drove throughout the day until she enters Rhode Island.  She smiles with happiness to see the Eastern coast of the ocean.  The sun is setting and casting its glorious color’s into the sky when she pulls her truck over and walks on the sandy beach.  The salt air is refreshing yet cold as she takes off her cowboy boots to feel the chilly sand between her toes. “How blessed I am to see this sight, thank you Mother Earth for all your blessings.” The coastal wind caresses her face as she listens to the roaring sound of the waves. She stretches out her arms out to experience the ultimate high, “I’m free,” she whispers out. “Now begins my journey grandpa that I dreamed endlessly about throughout my days of life.  From the Eastern coast to the Western my life will forever change from this day forward, just give me safe passage to my destination.” She begins to walk the dark shores and spots a lighthouse.  Without words she heads towards the guiding light for passing ships. The beach is empty as she makes her way in solitude towards the light while relishing in the peaceful moments of words unspoken. She finds the perfect spot to rest and ponder her life away, and finds her head is empty of all disturbing thoughts.  Westin is the only person that comes to mind when she watches the waves rolling onto the beach. She remembers the handsome man’s touch and kisses.  She lets her tear fall of disappointment that it didn’t work out between the lovers, “Good luck Westin may you find peace and have a beautiful life. Thank you for giving me lessons in life of relationships between man and woman, for I hold no resentment towards your choices in life.”

Once again she finds her head is clear and free of drama.  She smiles upon the beauty of the ocean and how the water makes her think of nothing but peaceful dreams.  The cowgirl lays down her head on the cold sand to close her eyes for a while until morning time peeked over the Eastern horizon when she wakes up refresh and ready to begin her travels across the USA.  Her plans are to head into New York to visit the statue of liberty and from there she will head into Nashville Tennessee.  Celeste walks towards her truck and giggles when she finds a large seashell.  “I shall keep you until I have a daughter.  Perhaps one day she will return you back to your home.” She climbs into her truck and eats a homemade sandwich to curb her hunger for food.  It takes her a few hours to reach New York City.  The hustle bustle of traffic confuses her earth senses when she tries with all her might to find a parking space to board the ferry boat that would take her close to the magnificent statue of freedom.  She reaches the water and jumps upon a boat for the first time in her life.  The gentle rocking of the floating device gives her calming thoughts as she watches the flow of the water.  Dressed up in a pair of blue jeans with her beaten up brown cowboy boots and hat, she grins at life as she stands by viewing the crazy over crowded banks of New York.  The twin towers are the tallest buildings that capture her attention while staring at the shore line.  She wonders for a while if she went into the building would she feel the sway of movement.  She marvels at the honorable site of the statue of Liberty, and ponders on how many people in the world felt like she did when spotting the awesome bronze sculpture. By the time she reached the banks of embarking off the boat, evening time is beginning to set. Tired to the bone when she reached her truck, she got in and started the engine wanting to find a hotel. She travels the roads, crossing over the George Washington Bridge for an hour finding herself lost and somewhere in the Bronx location.

“Morning sir, is Celeste home?”



Things couldn’t have gotten any worse for Celeste when she turn on I-80 East heading towards the Eastern Ocean.  Tears of sadness raked Celeste’s soul of knowing she had seen Westin’s gorgeous girlfriend whose heart was ugly and cruel. “He cut his hair,” she whispered out in memory of her loving the way he moved his hair away from his handsome features. “Oh God, she was pregnant, why else would he be at a Gynecologist’s office?”  For several hours Celeste cried her tears of sorrow while remembering her childhood to teenage years. She finally puts a stop to her ball gutting when she is half way out of Pennsylvania, “That’s it, no more crying. I’m done with feeling freaking sad, let’s get this party started,”she said with a firm conviction, and started to think happy thoughts as she drove on the highway East traveling towards the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rhode Island.  She clicks on the music box and turns the volume up to sing in time with some funky soul brother music. Her mood is lightening up and brings a smile upon her face to finally close the door on her past.

Westin drove like a mad man to take Sandra home.  He has not said one word since seeing the distress Celeste’s face.  He constantly pictures the horrible sad face she had given him as he drove crazy down the roadway.  He starts to ponder hopefully he now can make amends with Celeste the minute he dropped off Sandra who tricked him into believing she was pregnant.  He pulls up into her driveway and said, “Get out, don’t ever contact me again we are through!”  Sandra knew he was stinging with anger, but it was a chance she was willing to take to muck up his life if she couldn’t have him herself. Sandra opens her door and said, “You’ll come back to me baby, because your Indian heathen will never accept you now that she saw us at the doctor’s office together.”  Westin grips the his steering wheel hard and decides not to answer.  Sandra slams the door, Westin puts the gears into reverse and squeals his tires on the road to hurry to get to Celeste’s house.  It takes him over an hour to pull into Celeste’s driveway, when he spots a red corvette pulling into the attach garage.  He gets out of his hot rod and approaches Charles, “Morning sir, is Celeste home?”  Charles turns his attention on the handsome young man, “No she is not, in fact she no longer lives here I do now.” Westin is devastated and unable to move, many wild thoughts are flying in an out of his brain, “Do you know where she went sir?”  Charles would be damn if he told him where the cowgirl is traveling.  He said a silent thank you to Celeste for not giving up her destinations so he could answer the man honestly,  “No I don’t, sorry she kept a tight lip about her travels.”  Westin snapped out of his dumbness and ran to his car without saying thank you or goodbye to Mr. Spencer.  Charles smiles the minute Westin is out of sight knowing the boy has lost his window to find the cowgirl forever since she has been on the road for over three hours in what direction he knew not where.  Westin drives his beastly auto down the road towards town.  Once there he pulls his car over and tries to control his nervous energy where to begin searching for the cowgirl.  There are two choices, East or West.  Westin knows he’s loosing precious ground to catch up with her, but he takes the chance and chooses West.  “She wanted warmer weather so West it is,” he calls out and begins his long shot race against time. Celeste screams out a yodel of happiness when she crossed the border of Pennsylvania into New York and puts on the gas to get to Rhode Island before darkness fell to witness a sunset off the Atlantic Ocean.  Excited to see the coastal line in the Eastern state to check out the Lighthouses she heard and read so much about, she drives without a care in the world to her first destination.






“Who the hell is she Westin?” Westin didn’t answer Sandra as he watches Celeste cruise pass his automobile slowly.

shakira-she-wolf-1280x960 (1)


The feeling Celeste was experiencing after she shut the gate to the pasture and walked away from her childhood buddy crumbled her last reserve to keep it together.  Her body and spirit ached of depression, lost, and isolation hearing her friend cry out for her to return.  “He’ll be alright girl,” Cora spoke out lightly.  The cowgirl walks up to the lady on her porch, “I don’t know why I am leaving my horse with you madame. This is the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make in my life giving up my papa’s horse. I know he will be in good hands, but why you?” Celeste asked the old lady with confusion upon her face. Cora touches the tall half breed’s tear stain cheek and tenderly strokes her , “I don’t know myself, for I too have been told to accept without question.”  “By who,” Celeste remarked.  Cora bores her baby blues into the Indian girl, “You’re guess is about as good as mine young one, but for sure I know its not our Lord God.” The half breed softens her sad eyes on the elder and nods yes in understanding about the things human’s can’t explain.  “You’ve never told me you’re name woman.”  Cora smiles her toothless grin at the Indian, “Cora Thourghgood.”  “Thank you Mrs. Thourghgood for all that you have done for me, I only wish I had met you earlier.  You are wise and I’m naive.”  Cora whispers out with a tear in her duct, “Being naive and innocent is what makes you special Injin; stay strong and always stand in the sunlight Celeste Two Trees for purity and beauty,” Celeste widen her orbs remembering she had never told the lady her name, the elder smiles with a twinkle in her blues.  “Do-na-da-`gov-v-i, Cora Thourghgood.  May your Lord always embrace your tender soul with a peaceful passing,” the cowgirl bows and kisses her aged hand. The cowgirl turns on her boot heels and doesn’t look back as she walks away into the forest from Cora and Chief.  Cora stands on her porch and watches the tall figure disappear in the woods before she spoke out her words.  “Goodbye Injin, your Mother Earth has blessed you more than you know.”

“Westin you look so much better since you cut your hair short,” Sandra proclaims out while riding in the passenger seat in Westin’s hot rod to the doctor’s office in the early morning light.  The tight lip angry man hadn’t said a word since the night he killed Damn dog to anyone.  Instead he acts as a puppet on a string being pulled by Tom, Dick, and Harry or anyone else who wanted to join in pulling his strings to make him do whatever they wanted without a fight.  Today is the day that would change Westin’s life forever when he hears from the doctor if Sandra is pregnant or not.  He could hardly wait to be rid of Sandra and repair what has happened between him and Celeste.  Yet doubt creeps inside his soul that the cowgirl would never want to be around him ever again. After talking with his father about Celeste, it was better to keep his distance from the cowgirl until he corrected his mistake with Sandra. “Westin what the hell is the matter with you?  Jesus god the past week you’ve been a depress plug of society,” Westin kept a close-mouth lip not adding fuel to the fire.  Westin parks his car in the front of the doctor’s office, “Let’s get this over with Sandra,” he finally speaks out with venom.  They walk into the office together as Westin sits down immediately while Sandra checks in.

Celeste is packed and ready to go as she is balling out her eyes leaving her papa’s home behind to embark on her new adventure traveling across the USA. Charles hugs her tightly and wishes the best for her, “If you decide to sell me the house I’m very interested if you find that you don’t want to return.”  Celeste tosses her bow and arrows, and slingshot onto the passenger seat and slides in behind the wheel of her Dodge truck wiping away her tears. “Thank you Charles, I’ll be in touch where I’ll end up or come back with my tail between my legs.” Charles roared out with laughter, “I don’t foresee you ever running away from anything without putting your two cent worth in it.  Go and take no prisoner’s Celeste, explore, and wallow into the captivating world of unless possibilities. Just be careful girl remember you’re no longer in the woods and must adapt to city life.”  The cowgirl puts her red truck into reverse and says a tearful farewell to her home.  Charles waves his hand as the girl gear shifts into drive and zooms down the road to her destination of travel with tears streaming down her face.  It takes her over an hour to drive into town to gas up her truck.  She goes around her truck and begins to fill her tank up paying strict attention to service her auto.  Afterwards, she leans her tired head against the cold metal cooling down her heated forehead while the tank fills up with gasoline.  A force so great barrels over the girl in her gut.  She winches in pain and holds her tummy as she breaths deeply. The minute she picks up her head and looks around she spots Westin’s automobile with him sitting inside staring at her.  The urge to throw up overwhelmed her when she hears the nozzle of the gas shut off.  Celeste turns around without validating Westin’s energy to pay for fuel and uses the restroom.  She quickly walks inside and heads to the bathroom.  She splashes her face with cold water and takes a quick glance at herself in the mirror.   Dark rings around her eyes from all the drama and lack of sleep she has coped with for the past week, showed clearly her state of depression. The cowgirl wants to stay in the bathroom hoping Westin would leave, but instead she puffs up her chest and left the bathroom sure footed.

Without looking if Westin’s car is still there, she climbs into her truck and starts the engine ready to leave her memories of childhood behind.  Westin is stunned and can’t move his body as he watches his beautiful half breed climb into her truck.  Every ounce of him wants to run into the middle of the road to stop Celeste when Sandra came out of the doctor’s office just when Celeste is pulling away from the gas station. Sandra views Westin white knuckling his steering wheel as she clicks her seat belt into security.  The pretty girl scrunches up her brow in deep thought knowing Westin is madder than a hornet to find out she was not pregnant after all.  She takes note a red truck approaching slowly with a woman inside with long blonde hair and a beaded head band staring at her boyfriend. Sandra is speechless as she witnesses a tear falling down Westin’s cheek.  Two and two were put together inside Sandra’s pea size brain this was the half breed Candice spoke about who stole Westin’s heart right out from underneath her.  She smiles knowing she turned the tables on the two people never to come together even if it was a hoax.  “Who the hell is she Westin?”  Westin didn’t answer Sandra as he watches Celeste about to cruise pass his automobile slowly.  The lover’s cast their lost souls into each other with unspoken words.  Sandra couldn’t believe the audacity of the girl when Celeste had the nerve to stop her truck next to Westin and gawks with her teary red eyes.  Sandra hissed out, “What the fuck you looking at bitch?” Celeste blinks her teary eyes away from Westin an adds gas to her pedal.  The waterworks instantly pour out of Celeste as her truck roars down the road towards the highway never looking back in her review mirror.


This marks Slingshot 460 post on this blog, I will be leaving for over a month on travel so I must stop on Monday.  It will be the last of my postings of Poco Celeste until I return.  I do have to say I am busting with joy about this story I’ve created on a daily basis, and look forward to putting it into print.  It will be book one to Slingshot, and of course Slingshot will be book two.  But have no fear I also created Wounded Soldier on my blog for book three of Celeste’s Two Trees adventure.  Kiss Kiss to ALL my peeps for encouraging me to write and reading about my half breed cowgirl.

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“Thank ya kindly my faithful beast…Kiss Kiss.”



Celeste is flabbergasted the old woman spoke out her question loud and clear.  The cowgirl couldn’t hold back her tears as she sipped on her chamomile tea.  “Have no fear girl he will be safe with me, I have a pasture that needs tending too and the horse has plenty of feed since spring is upon us. Also, the horse has a fresh stream of water all at his disposal. Him and I will not last to see another winter Injin girl.” Celeste digs deep inside her self to get a grip of her emotions.  Cora stretches out her wrinkled hand across the table offering the young girl her hand.  Celeste slowly takes hold of her warm tiny hand.  “You are going to embark on a new adventure.  It will be a tough road for you Injin; nevertheless, an important life lesson you must learn until you come to terms with thyself who you are meant to be.” Cora squeezed her hand with love, “What do you know Mrs. Cracker that I don’t?” Cora gives Celeste a smile, “I don’t know anything, but I do know you’re different Injin, and its not because of you’re eye color.  It’s you’re aura that reeks of hidden healing magic. And it’s more powerful than you can imagine.” Celeste takes away her hand, and places it on her lap deep in thought. Cora watches the change in the spitfire pondering on her wise words, “Are you a witch?” Celeste softly spoke.  Cora roared with laughter, “No child I’m not a witch just an old woman who is spiritual, and believes in the unexplained happenings to special people in our present world.  Most would swear we are cuckoo in the head,” Cora gives the cowgirl a wink.

Silent moments between the two gave Celeste enough information to confirm she was making the right choice leaving her friend behind.  She too knew Chief’s time has come, and he would not last another cold winter, as she felt the urgent message inside her mind employing her to leave the horse behind.  She places the little money pouch on the table, “This money is for Chief to bury his grave, and with the rest you can use it or donate it to your charity.”  Cora nods her head in agreement but doesn’t touch the beautiful crafted purse of cash.  The cowgirl stands up and said, “Time for me to leave, I’ll take Chief out to the pasture if ya don’t mind.”  Cora witnesses the teary eyed Indian turn her back, and walk out the door to say goodbye to her childhood friend.

The painted draft horse automatically trotted up to Celeste when she walked out of the wooden shack.  He shakes his thick mane and stomps the ground, Celeste wraps her arms around her dear companion’s neck.  “Chief you and me have come a long distance in life together.  You were my grandfather’s pride and joy and the last of my ties to the man I love more than life.  You’ve never been a disappointment always a joy to ride.”  Chief nickers out to Celeste and leans his head against her back while she hugged her horse with everything ounce of energy she could muster up.  “I’m sorry to leave you behind my darlin’ but my time has come to move forward, and find my path in this world.  Come my beast of burden it’s time.” Celeste releases her friend and walks around the back of the house while Chief follows her without a lead rope.  The cowgirl slowly opens the fence gate and smiles to see the tiny green grass begin to sprout up from their long winter’s nap. She walks through the gate and calls for Chief to follow, but the horse refused.  “Please I can’t bare to fuss and fight ya boy, you’re free to roam in this beautiful pasture of Mother Earth’s riches.”  The horse shakes his head no and stomps the earth digging a deep track in the moist dirt, and then begins to buck and kick out his refusal.  Celeste couldn’t move since her heart felt like someone was ripping it out of her chest, she let the waterworks pour out and covers her face.  She feels the heated breath of her horse nuzzle his muzzle against her head, an immediately wraps her arms around him one more time.  “Good bye my friend I love you,” Chief responses with a loud whinny.  Celeste walks away and closes the gate to the pasture. “Papa is waiting for you my friend, take care of him for me.”  Chief rears up on his hind legs kicking out his front legs in anger, he tosses his thick neck to and fro and prances up to his friend by the gate.  He flips his lip up giving Celeste a smile, “Thank ya kindly my faithful beast…Kiss Kiss.” She reaches one more time to pet her steed’s head tenderly, and turns her back on him with a heavy sorrowful heart.


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“Yes I will keep him, his time is near as is the same for me.”



The next day Celeste took five thousand dollars out of her stash of money her grandmother and father saved, and got on her horse to visit the old woman in the woods.  She let Chief have the reins and spoke out her wishes to her horse on a lovely calm warm day.  Chief knew what was being asked by his companion, and began the journey through the forest till they reached the old run down shack.  Celeste leaps off her horse with ease and holds a pouch made of deer hide with a leather string attached to the little homemade Indian purse into her left hand.  She takes a few moments with tears in her eyes to scan the hidden area.  Inside her mind many things were fluttering in and out as she decides and struggles with the favor she is about to ask of the old woman.  “I’ve been waiting for you Injin,” the aged woman called out through her open door.  Celeste spun around in her cowboy boots and jeans.  Her forehead is adored with her Indian headband beaded in yellow and red with a sun symbol representing her white name Celeste.  The wind begins to blow hard when she steps forward to greet the lady of the house.  Her long curly and wild blonde hair flies off her face dancing to the movement of the wind as the cowgirl gazes into the old woman’s blue eyes.  She notes the woman sees her different eye colors when she opens her mouth wide; consequently, the old bat didn’t budge from her spot on her small porch, she stayed strong and let the mystical Indian approach.

“Don’t act stunned woman it’s unbecoming of you since you’ve been waiting for me.”  The Indian girl slowed her step towards the shack, and when she reached the porch she bowed to the ninety year old witch with grace. “Good day Mrs. Cracker may the gods bless you with sunlight always.”  The old toothless woman sparkled to life and crackled out, “Awe, so I see you do have manners, good too hear you’re not a smart lip heathen Injin.”  They stare at each other silently when Celeste is barreled over with the sense she was no ordinary elder.  Cora too felt the strange magical power that permeated from the Indian’s soul.  Cora instantly picked up the cowgirl knew nothing about how special she was in this world.  All Cora could phantom was this half breed was someone to honor not disrespect as Celeste eagle eyed the old one.  Immediately the elder changed her stance and offered the girl to come inside for tea.  Celeste laughed even though her heart was sad at the gal, “No tea from you for I believe you drugged me witch.”  Cora smiled and lighten up on her cranky attitude against the Indian.  “You needed a spot of tea after what you’ve dealt with, I’m sorry but you were under great sorrow.  I only eased your agony for a little while till you slept off my potion .”  Celeste nodded in agreement.  She hands the old lady her pouch of money, “This is for you, I’m sure you can use it, and I couldn’t pay you enough for all your help with my dog.  It meant a lot to me even if you are a racist white woman.”  Cora waddled her round tiny body off the porch to stand in front of Celeste.  The huntress of the woods gawks down at the four foot eleven woman, and smiled while the old lady dipped her head up to google at the six feet tall Celeste’s beautiful different color optical’s. Cora lifts her crooked fingers up towards the half breed’s cheek.  The cowgirl stands still to let the lady touch her, “You keep your money, I have enough till the day I die daughter of the Earth.  Forgive this age old crow for protecting myself with cruel words to make people walk away from me.”

The wind settles down to a soft flow in the air as Celeste softens her essences of body language upon the elder and carefully reaches for her wrinkle hand to kiss, “Thank you grandmother.”  Cora felt humbled and once again offered tea without drugs.  The cowgirl smiles nodding yes and enters into her tiny home for a spot of tea.  The table is a reminder of dog’s passing as the cowgirl moves gingerly around the herbal kitchen.  “Do you live alone,” Celeste asked softly.  “Yes and no, I have children who stop by daily to help me get along.”  Celeste takes the time to look at a wall with Cora’s family members.  “Have you lived here all you’re life mam?”  Cora replies, “I came here from England.  Been to many places and then ended up here where I fell in love and married my soul mate.”  Celeste gives the old lady a odd glance, “I’m sorry for your lost of husband herb healer.”  The tea kettle whistles out, Celeste immediately stated she would pour the liquid helping Cora out.  Cora sits at the table and waits, “Thank you for giving me a bigger cup, I don’t think I’ve got ladies hands to hold on to a piece of string on a tiny cup.”  Cora chuckles out, “I remembered girl it was hard for you.” Celeste joins her at the table, she waits in distress for a few moments in silence when Cora broke up her agonizing thought, “Yes I will keep him, his time is near as is the same for me.”

You are more special than you realize baby, your earthy powers are nothing to trifle with and will never be understood at times by man-kind.



The conversation was just what the doctor ordered.  Celeste felt so much better understanding the art and the things people do in relationship.  “Charles I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know I haven’t been the best pupil at times with my wild way of thinking and my wicked ways of life.  I do want to ask ya why you and I never came together; because as I see it we had an attraction to each other?”  Charles did love Celeste but he would never stop her from growing and learning even if he was twenty years older than her. Honesty was the best policy so he gave her an answer, “I didn’t want you to feel regret for not experiencing what life has to offer. With your intelligent mind Celeste you were born to do something special, and not be a house wife loaded down with kids.  Plus as you know I am a book worm like yourself and I’m happy not dealing with the drama.  Maybe one day I will find Mrs. Right, as you will find you’re Mr. Right.  Sometimes I wish I would have stuck it out, but I love you too much to let that happen; besides if I do something wrong I might get my ass kicked literally by you. As for this boy Westin, he is a jackass and a fool for not realizing what an incredible lady you are.  He can’t have his cake and eat it too darling!  I’m sure he’s struggling with the realization that he severed the ties that bind you both together after his boyish stupid mistake.  Stay away from him Celeste; because the boy seems like he isn’t going to change, and I know how much you hate alcoholics.”  Charles walked up to Celeste and hugged her tenderly, “You are more special than you realize baby, your earthy powers are nothing to trifle with and will never be understood at times by man-kind. I know you are guided to do great things with your spirituality it’s been written in the stars.  This much I do know Celeste for I have seen with my own eyes the demons that plague you’re powerful earth essences.  Just remember beauty that you must show love unconditionally without remorse or regret, or it will harden your heart to become an ugly person.”  Even though she didn’t tell Charles she saw her grandfather’s ghost when Peter passed from this earth, or what happened in the woods regarding the strange natural divine power that visited her when she lost her cool, she adored the scholar’s advice in the understanding of her spiritual self.

Celeste hugged Charles tightly and wished to heaven’s he would have stuck around to see what would have been between them, but then again she remembers kissing him and feeling like she kissed her brother. “I better get going are you going to be alright?”  Celeste nodded yes with a smile on her lips, “Yes I have to move all my papa’s belongings into the barn until I find where I want to stay and live, then I will have them shipped out to me. If you don’t mind I will leave the rest for you to fill the house since I know you loved my papa and don’t mind living in a man cave of dead animals. I will leave my library for you too because I know there are books that you would love to read.”  Charles roared with laughter, “Okay my Indian maiden then I will see you on Thursday.  What are your plans if you don’t mind me asking?”  Celeste scrunched up her brow and said, “I have to deliver my grandmother’s sea shell back to the ocean.  I don’t want to tell you quite yet where I will end up.  I was thinking about getting a job with homeless children, or working with a Veterinarian with my animal skills and knowledge, or maybe I might go to college in herbal medicines not sure quite yet until I explore the possibilities. I do want to travel and see what else is out there Mr. Spencer even if people will be treating me badly.”  Charles busted up with laughter, “I can just see you now teaching those little kids about surviving in the wild with your slingshot; nevertheless, I think it’s a fascinating possibility and worthy career choices. Just know if you get in a heap of trouble I’m a phone call away.  I will leave now my Tree of Life and if you need me call me, or I’ll see you in two days.” Charles kissed her cheek, she hugged him tighter for being her bosom buddy when she needed a shoulder to cry on.  “Yes see you later,” she remarked softly and watched Charles leave her home in a happy mood, while she instantly smiled at being called a Tree of Life.


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Men sometimes are driven by ego and sex, while the women can holster their sexuality when interacting with the opposite sex.



There was no way in hell Charles was going to leave Celeste alone until he got to the bottom of what ailed the Spitfire.  He hears her whimpers in the bathroom while taking a bath as he sat down by the door hearing her mumble out about a man named Westin.  His eyes open wide in realization the boy must have been her first time lover.  Charles walks away quietly and decides to make the cowgirl a dinner until she came out of the tub and talked with him.  Celeste finally comes out of the restroom with her hair wrapped up in a towel and sits at the kitchen table with swollen red eyes.  “Here drink some coffee babe and let me brush out your hair.”  Celeste complied without a peep and drinks her hot brew while Charles took on the heavy responsibility in brushing her long hair free of knots.  Mr. Spencer waits for a few moments in silence to figure out how to approach the topic of relationships between man and woman.  Celeste is lifeless and unyielding in solitude when Charles began.  “Celeste I’ve known you for a while and feel that you might need information on understanding relationships.  Do you mind if I enlighten your education?”  Celeste didn’t say a word, she sat with open ears when Charles begun.

“Men sometimes are driven by ego and sex, while the women can holster their sexuality when interacting with the opposite sex.  Many men are like porpoises. They have no shut off switch in their brain so they keep consuming. Ego and the id control their lives.  Most men cannot look at a woman without sizing her up sexually. And regardless of a “friendship” in the making, the male ego continues prodding him to view women sexually. In many ways, it’s not about the sex. It’s about consumption. The male ego works to prevent him from turning off the sexual switch. This is not about love or romance. It’s about sex. But, sex is only the result of the behavior. Ego is the driver. I want what I want when I want it. And this really gets in the way of men and women forging bonds as people. Of course women play a major role in managing these platonic relationship, but ultimately the solution has to come from the guys. Males need to be educated at an early age to treat girls and then women as equals and always with respect.”  Celeste feels the pulling of the brush when she speaks out, “Are you saying sir that humans are no different than animal behavior when attraction is prominent between man and woman?”  Charles thought a few moments before answering, “Yes if you think about it, we humans are no different than animals; however, some animals as you know mate for life. In animals when their time to mate is presence, the males work up an appetite to woo their girl to couple and that means if they kill their own species while doing it than its the law of their mating game to eliminate.  The female can pick and chose her mate who would be a great provider in years to come; nevertheless, the canines of this world will breed to any species when heat sessions in the female is strong.  She will let multiple male dogs mount her, they have no ownership but doing the wild thing.  With humans its different since we feel ownership when we couple sometimes.  A relationship can’t survive if one is selfish, it takes a lot of hard work to sacrifice and endure the hardships along with the joy of being loved.  Sex isn’t everything Celeste and people use the beauty of two people coming together as a crutch of security to express themselves in forgiveness or desire.”

Charles sat the brush down on the table when he finished combing out her long hair.  “You’ll go through many relationships little one until you find the perfect person who compliments and brings out the best in you.”  Celeste chewed on her lip in deep thought before speaking out, “Why do we feel so many deep mix up emotions when we get into relationships?”  Charles smiled at the witty clever young woman, “If I knew that answer I would be a hot to trot stud not caring about anyone else but myself.” Charles watches her lips curl up in a smile, “If we didn’t experience these types of emotions then what’s the use of being a human being? How do we learn what we like or dislike without going through the emotions of coupling.  To me it’s a lesson in life that can make you or break you.  Often times us humans are screwed up and they bring to the table their pass dysfunctional relationships and living a bad childhood life.  There are beautiful people out there willing to show and express love to help another find their way in society, but often they realize they can’t make a horse drink water if they are not thirsty.  It takes the screwed up person time to educate themselves to accept a persons help unconditionally and willing to make a change in themselves.  Sometimes it takes people forever who set their standards so high they are never met while they search for the right mate, most end up living alone.  I don’t know Celeste I’m not an expert on relationships, but I hope I have helped you a little bit.”  Celeste gives Charles a stern gaze, “A little yes thank you.  I’m sorry Charles for being a piss butt to you, I didn’t mean to say those ugly things to you.  It’s just sometimes I keep getting the short end of the stick when I put myself out there.  I’m so naive at times in understanding the human brain and our bodies that I’m sure there is no perfect relationship in this world.”  Charles smiles at Celeste and dishes out a hot bowl of stew he made.  “You being upset is very valid Celeste you have to go through the thinking process before change can be made. You know Celeste, I’ve missed our lengthy stimulating conversations.”  For the rest of the night Charles stayed with Celeste and had a long sleepless night discussing different relationships in general.  And in the end since Charles was the only person she trusted to give her solid information, she let her guard down to share with Charles what happen to dog and Westin.


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