“I will see ya in the morning for you’re first flying lesson, sleep well Celeste Two Trees who lives in the forest.”

Piper Mirage Broker


What a fantastic evening Celeste was blessed to experience with Gary.  There was never a dull moment or endless conversation between the two.  In fact, they didn’t speak about their pass in life, they spoke about present desires in music, literature and being one with the earth.  Gary loves her way of spiritual thinking, and knows she is one gal in a million that is truly different and has her own unique flare in life.  However, there is a essence about her that he could not put his finger on that demanded reverence to her Indian side.  Several times he caught himself thinking how she held all attributes of being a independent, strong, loyal and wise for being nineteen years old.  Yet there was a side of the half breed he felt needed to be protected from the harm of society.  “Gary to earth,” Celeste spoke softly out.  Gary blinks back to the conversation, “Sorry it seems my mind wondered away.”  Celeste grins and turns shy, “I said I think its time to head back to the hotel, it looks like the restaurant would like to close their doors.”  The musician moves his head to and fro to lay claim the place was empty except for them.  They leave the establishment and while heading back to the hotel Gary took a risk to ask Celeste, “Would you like to go flying tomorrow with me? I have to return home for a few days at my parents home in Austin Texas.”  Celeste gives Gary a puzzle glance with a smile, “I ain’t been in no plane before Gary.  It would be the cat’s meow to fly close to Father sun, but I have a task I must complete so I can start my new life where ever it may be.”  Gary isn’t going to take no for an answer he quickly tries to ease her mind, “It’s only for a few days with no strings attached, and since you told me how much you like equines I have a stallion that I would appreciate your honest review.”

Celeste interest is peaked on high when he said stallion, but shows no movement to reply quickly and ponders on his offering, “I better not Gary, I thank ya for you’re kindness, but meeting people isn’t in my cards since I don’t do well around as you say “Normal People,” plus I might get too animated for my own good when everyone on a plane can hear my excitement, so I don’t reckon I would like to embarrass ya further in my company.”  Gary laughs out loud and pulls into the parking lot of the hotel.  He turns off his engine of his rental car and pivots his body to stare at Celeste.  “No strings I said between you and I as lovers goes.  My parents are groovy people and would love to meet you; plus I just want you’re opinion on a horse, and I do know we will be the only ones in a plane.  You see I own my own Piper Aircraft, so you can scream out loud and no one will hear ya.”  She is staring at her hands folded upon her lap when she spoke out carefully, “I don’t want to lead ya on Gary, I’m not ready to settle, I want to see the world and it’s many colors in life.  I do have to say it’s not our age since I know you’re ten years older than I, but I don’t do well with relationships since I view them differently then others.  And meeting you’re parents means to me ya dig me enough to want a solid relationship, and I don’t know ya enough to present myself in any other way but as a friend.”  Gary senses she is loner and from picking up bits and pieces of her life there is more than meets the eye with this young lady.  He is surprised when she whispered out, “If I go can ya teach me how to fly?”  Gary almost jumped out of his britches with joy, “Yes, one hundred percent girlfriend it will be an honor!”

Celeste burst out with laughter, “Then yes I will go, but I must find a place to store my truck since I can’t leave it here in the parking lot.”  Gary gets out of his car and opens the door for Celeste to step out.  He offers her his hand with a dreamy smile, “Got that covered darlin’ have no worries you will see.  Let’s leave early in the morning say seven am?”  Celeste agrees with excitement ready to have her dream come true about learning how to fly a plane.  He walks his foxy friend to her room and feels unsure what to do.  “Gary I can’t tell ya how much ya mean to me and the gifts you have bestowed  upon me this evening. I hope I don’t disappoint ya and cause you embarrassment, but I’m not sure I will be able to sleep tonight.”  Gary is marveling watching her shyness spring forth.  He too didn’t want to leave and adored being in her presence, but knew he had to get some rest to be on his best flying skills with Celeste in the seat next to him.  “I will see ya in the morning for you’re first flying lesson, sleep well Celeste Two Trees who lives in the forest.”  He kisses her hand tenderly and gives her a wink with his brown loving eyes.  She wants to hug him with all her might for his witty last comment, instead she watches the tender man leave as she opens her door to the intoxicating scent of daisies filling her room with a smile upon her lips.


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