“Freaking damn right Skippy, but I ain’t no virgin!” Gary busted loose hearing her silly hullabaloo.



It is six thirty in the morning when Gary knocks on her hotel room door.  She opens her door in her buckskin Indian attire.  Gary is speechless gawking at her morning glory. He scans her from head to toe with approval, “Ya ready darlin’ to get the show on the road?” Celeste smiles and lets Gary into her room, “Gary I donna know what to do with me flowers.  I can’t leave them behind,”she asked carefully in her Scottish southern twang.  “Well as I see it you did a pretty good job taking some of them with you.” Celeste blushes and smile handsomely, “I had to braid some of them into my hair.  I didn’t want to throw them away without paying homage to their beauty.” Gary grins and states, “Don’t worry about them the daisies pale to you’re beauty, and if ya like I’ll get ya more, so ya ready to go?” She nods yes with excitement and with a twinkle in her eye.

They arrive at the airport while Celeste follows Gary to a plane hanger.  “We’ll keep you’re truck in here till we get back, I just have to pull out the plane and we will be on our way.” Celeste’s eyes are huge, her palms are sweaty, “Why don’t ya fly her out, why do ya have to pull her out?” Gary roars with laughter, “I don’t think that’s an option girl. Let me radio some help over to get the ball rolling.” Celeste nods yes quietly, and stares at the beautiful red and white small aircraft. She takes the time to observe and touch the plane before take off.  In a matter of seconds two men show up to pull the plane out of its hiding space.  She stands aside to watch the men prep the plane for flight.  When all is said and done, Gary and her filter into the small aircraft.  She is on high alert and glances at all the meters on the dashboard trying to get a grip on all the foreign objects that will be in use on the flight.  Gary patiently explains to the cowgirl the use of all devices and when finished he states with a grin, “Ya ready my foxy lady.” Celeste couldn’t speak she nods yes with her head silently.

Gary makes her put on head phones, and speaks to her in a sexy low voice inside the ear muffs. She is surprise to hear his voice inside the clever walkie talkies, and is unsure how to handle the new lessons she is experiencing in the aircraft.  The sunrise is showing its brilliance over the flat horizon when Gary is ready for take off.  In her Cherokee dialect she prays to her gods for a safe journey.  Gary leaves her alone and hears her private mediation with a grin. He grabs a hold of her sweaty palm and states, “Once we are in the air I will give ya you’re first lesson, but let me take off first so I don’t overwhelm ya.” Celeste can’t say a word she is dumbfounded and feels fear creeping into her bones. “Kiss me baby,”Gary glances at Celeste.  He squeezes her hand since she is turning pale in the face from the unknown, “Hey co-pilot there’s a puke bag next to ya if ya need to let it out.” Celeste can’t make out heads or tails what to do with her energy that is ready to bounce off the walls.  She is thankful she didn’t eat a thing when she woke up, and gives Gary a fearful glance.  He sees sweat upon her brows and knows she must be nervous as all hell. He gets the okay to take off and states once again to Celeste, “It’s mandatory to kiss your pilot before we take off.” Celeste showers Gary with a weird grin and leans across her seat to give the man a peck on the lips.  Gary softly touches her face and said, “Take a deep breath baby to calm you’re nerves, we will be at Austin’s airport in less than forty minutes.”

Gary gives all his attention to his aircraft and begins to move the plane down the long air strip. Celeste’s eyes widen when they pick up speed, and in a blink of an eye they were air borne. She is unsure what to look at, but keeps her eyes moving and spots the sun.  She closes her eyes to bask in the heat of the rays of the sun through the windshield, and is in awe when she opens them up to see the landscape of the globe high in the sky.  “How ya doing babe,”Gary whispers out in her headphones.  She glows with excitement and gives Gary a breath taking smile.  “This is so groovy and extremely hot dude, I’m high in the sky…Yahoo!” She screams out with wildness.  She hears a different voice inside her ear muffs giggling.  Gary cracks up with joy and reaches over to touch her thigh as they stare at each other.  “Sounds like you have a virgin on you’re plane Mr. Daniels.” Celeste is bursting forth with melodrama and decides to reply back to the strange voice. “Freaking damn right Skippy, but I ain’t no virgin!” Gary busted loose hearing her silly hullabaloo.  He gives her a glance and takes note the flower girl is glowing golden to the color of the sunshine morning rays with a smile upon her face that completely took his breath away.

5 thoughts on ““Freaking damn right Skippy, but I ain’t no virgin!” Gary busted loose hearing her silly hullabaloo.

    1. hahaha on the vomit bag…It was my first time and I remember the high while flying in a small plane. Never got sick but it was nice to know I didn’t up chuck on the windshield.

  1. Right on cowgirl, pony up on that plane girl. Great day for the forest girl. Thanks slingshot for writing a picture perfect story. I so look forward to your posts.

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