“Dad call Roberto and make sure she doesn’t get close to El Diablo.”





Gary filters out of the limo to give Celeste a helping hand, and then turns his attention on his well dress mother and father.  Celeste vision takes in the beauty of the yellow rose bushes in full bloom along side their rich home.  She is bumped out of her thoughts to smell the flowers when Gary’s father clears his voice to speak.  “Hello Miss Two Trees welcome to our home.”  Celeste focus’s her attention on Gary’s father while Gary hugs his mother.  She shyly smiles casting her vision upon the ground and wished she had wore her hat to cover up her different color eyes.  She extends her hand in greeting and feels his strong grip take hold of her hand and gently gives her a little squeeze in greeting.  She lifts her eyes up too the replication of Gary’s figure, who is taller than his son and has groomed short gray hair.  She claims to see sparkles of wit and cleverness shroud inside his dark brown eyes when their hands touch.  She doesn’t get a chance to give scrutiny or make a reply in greeting when Gary’s lovely mother sweeps towards her body with open arms.  Gary’s father side steps to let his wife Martha give their guest a loving touch of welcome.  Celeste feels odd having a woman hug her, but yet is amazed at the two beautiful people of Texas spring forth their loving charm to son and guest. Gary winks at Celeste and smiles so handsomely she melts in good spirits to the generous reception of his family. “Thank you Mr. and Mrs Daniels I look forward to learning all about you while I am here.”  Martha doesn’t show her interest peaking as she gawks with sweet eyes at Celeste’s buckskin attire.  “What a spectacular outfit you have on, and you’re moccasins are gorgeous.  Where on earth did you get your ensemble Miss Two Trees, and I do need to know who cleverly did your hair with daisies entwine in your long braided hair.”  Celeste sense her interest in fashion and doesn’t lie, “I made it from a deer hide I hunted a while back, I enjoy  making my own clothing.  Thank you for the compliment on my hair I did it myself, but I would appreciate you also calling me Celeste instead of my last name.”  Gary knew his parents would have a hard time adjusting to her dialect, but not in their loving nature to greet his guest, so with honor he helps the cowgirl smooth out the edges for his parents to understand her.

Martha and Colton Daniels open their doors to their huge estate and immediately hears the phone ringing.  Martha quickly picks up the phone to speak, and states to Gary, “It’s your agent darling do take the call in the study to give us privacy with Celeste.”  Gary gives his mother a kiss on the cheek and winks at Celeste, “Be right back.”  He leaves her alone when his parents whisk her away to the outdoor patio.  She doesn’t get the time to stare at the rich furnishings when she is lead outside. Her jaw drops in wonder as she stares at the long pool and hot tub, and then to make her more speechless she takes silent notice of horses in many different colors filling the lush green pastures as far as she could see.  She can’t utter a word except to go to the ledge of the rail and view the razzle-dazzle sight of horses and foals. She beams with lust to touch and talk with the beauty’s of earth, she knows not why but she is about to whinny out to the horses in greeting when Gary interrupts her wild thought process. “Mom and dad I have to go into town to meet Jerry can Celeste stay here until I come back home?”  Celeste turns her teary eyes at Gary and nods approval, “I’m not wantin’ to be disrespectful to ya parents, but may I go down to ya barn by myself for a little while to view your horses until ya get back?”  She notes his father and mother unable to understand her strange dialect, so she tries her best to repeat herself slowly and clearly. Mr. Daniels immediately smiles and gives his approval; however, Martha is unsure and then agrees when Gary squeezes her hand and whispers out to his mother.  His mother nods yes and stands in wonder when Celeste didn’t hesitate to hug Gary with all her might and kisses the man with loving gratitude.  They all watch Celeste switch into a tomboy as she jumps the rail in a single leap.  Gary runs to the ledge of the rail to watch Celeste race down the hill heading towards the pastures filled with his prize racing stock.  Gary’s parents stand beside him as they watched the Indian become one with the earth.  “Look at her go she reminds me of a deer leaping through the forest.  Dear God in heaven Gary I do believe she is someone special and belongs to the earth.  She is very humble yet strong and independent for being so young. Where in heavens did she come from,” Martha spoke out in wonder.  He busted up in laughter and turns around to see the shock faces of his parents.  “Mom, I know there is more than meets the eye with this girl, I just can’t figure her out quite yet. I am utterly smitten with the girl, plus she has no clue what I do in life and I don’t want you two to tell her.  I’ll hurry home, I should be back in thirty minutes,” he stated and realized in that instant he didn’t warn Celeste not to get close to the wild and dangerous stallion he acquired a few months back in his barn.  “Dad call Roberto and make sure she doesn’t get close to El Diablo.” “Roberto isn’t here son he went into town, but I will keep an eye out on her. I’m sure she can’t get into trouble in thirty minutes.”  Gary agrees and quickly turns his back on his parents to run out of the house straight into the waiting limo.


picture by: xataka.com



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