“Oh gosh Mother Earth and Father Sun, I think I’m havin’ a melt down.”




Celeste is in complete wonder flying high in the skies.  There are no words in her vocabulary to explain the feeling she is absorbing when Gary flew his Piper airplane through the clouds.  “Oh gosh Mother Earth and Father Sun, I think I’m havin’ a melt down. Higher Gary take me higher before I burst into circumstances beyond my control! Wee…” the cowgirl girl squeals out bloody murder.  If Celeste was having a hard time showing her infectious excitement, Gary couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear till his cheeks hurt from the pain. He obeys his lady’s wishes and jets forth his aircraft with great speed.  Celeste plasters the windshield with her hand and explodes into laughter.  Her heart feels its bursting with divine power soaring through the skies.  She hears Gary in her earphones warning her to prepare herself for a few maneuvers.  She nods her head yes quickly and replies, “Yes, let’s do it dude!”  Gary skillfully master his plane into several spin outs.  Celeste is loosing her self control and bellows out a Indian yodel.  Gary can’t help but continue to laugh, he feels utterly free flying above the clouds with Celeste’s animation of excitement.  Her eyes feel like they are popping out of her head with epic sensations when she senses her cheeks were beginning to hurt from smiling all at once. The pilot puts on cruise control and releases his hands from the steering wheel.  “Okay sweetie your turn.  Flying in the air is easier than landing, so let’s start in the air first.  Put your hands on the steering wheel in front of you.”  Celeste had to shake off the wild emotions of feeling free in the skies, she took several deep breaths to preform her task of learning to fly a plane, and holds onto the wheel at a nine to three position.  Gary is patient in his instructions and replies with pride how quickly she picks up the skill.  “You’re a natural darlin’,” he beams over across his seat at Celeste who is showing seriousness to her education. “May I do a little dip with the wings?”  Gary isn’t sure what she meant since he is under her spell of beauty gazing into her mysterious profile and whispers yes in her ear.

His eyes open in wonder the guts of the beginner as the sexy half breed makes the nose of the plane dive downwards.  He speedily takes the wheel, “Holy shit Celeste you’re not ready to do something this dangerous.”  Celeste has determination set into her mind and quickly moves her wheel straight up.  The jerky movements of the plane made Gary holds onto his wheel to guide her into smoothness.  She turns her eyes to him and smiles, “Thank you for you’re help.”  Gary blushes and loves her attitude flying a plane without fear.  They’re precious moment together inside the cockpit ends when they hear the airport reporting to Gary’s aircraft; Gary replies and becomes serious.  Inside Celeste’s soul has a growing need to shed tears of happiness, she whispers out in Cherokee a blessing to brother eagle since she didn’t want to show her weakness to the man who just made her dream come true.  Gary couldn’t hold his smile, he quickly reaches his arm across the breezeway towards his lovely friend forearm to shush the girl up.  She doesn’t realize she is speaking to the air controller, and Gary over the air waves in her Cherokee language. Gary puts a finger to his lips for silence when he touches her arm, she blushes red covering up her lips with her fingers.

The disappointment on Celeste’s face was prominent upon her lips that her flying experience is over when they landed the aircraft; nevertheless, nothing could ever come this close to living in the thrill of flying high and bringing her spirit down.  She spots a long black car waiting by with several people holding onto sticks giving instructions to the pilot and his airplane.  Gary shuts off the propellers and jumps out of his seat to help Celeste.  They disembark the craft and head straight for the auto.  Celeste wrinkles up her brow in strange thought what the heck kind of car it could be.  She watches a man dress in black open a passenger door of the car, “Good morning sir and Madame,” the man spoke out in respect to Gary and Celeste.  She is puzzled but doesn’t miss a step to mimic Gary’s movement into the long car.  Her eyes open in awe at the large black leather travel device and sits down.  She gives Gary a odd glance, “Who are you?”  Gary twinkles his vision upon the lovely Indian maiden, “No one special, it’s my parents limo.”  She buys his replies without making a big deal about it, and takes note fresh fruit and juice drinks are available on a sturdy tray as they drove off.  After a distance of driving Gary and Celeste is engulf of talking about planes while they nibbled on their refreshments.  She doesn’t pay attention to the land in Texas, and devotes all herself only to the attention of her host.  She senses they arrive at their destination when the auto slows down, and heads down a paved driveway.  Once again she is in awe as the perfectly groomed landscape passes her by.  When the car drives on a circular driveway and stops in front of the rock wall structure of the building, she watches Gary’s parents come out of their estate with glee.  She begins to get nervous meeting his parents when she feels Gary take hold of her hand to calm herself down.


picture by: lightworkers.com


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