Thank you Holy Creator for letting me be part of your creations.



The smell of green grass and horses encourages the half breed to run like the wind.  She lets out a whinny and smiles with hope to touch a foal.  The babies begin to kick and gallop in play around their mother, they call out to the Indian girl in greeting.  “Oh Mother Earth what splendor have you bestowed upon me to lay witness to beauty beyond my words.” She slows down as she nears a tall wooden fence, she instantly giggles and stretches her arms out with joy.  “I could lose myself here for all eternity if I’m not careful. Thank you Holy Creator for letting me be part of your creations.”  Over thirty mares and foal stop their munching of the earth to pay homage to the Indian maiden.  The babies without reservations approach the human, they whinny their sound to the earth girl.  The pure pleasure of beauty engulfs Celeste, she stretches her hand out and lets the baby equines smell her scent.   “Well look at y’all, aren’t ya a sight for sore eyes. I ain’t never seen this many of horses in my life!”  Several determined colts push their way to get close to the stranger.  They flip their lips in greeting and makes the half breed beam with love.  Without thinking Celeste climbs over the tall wooden fence to play and pet the babes.

“Look at what she is doing Colton.  That girl is playing with our foals.”  Colton nods in silent the incredible sight of watching the Indian girl woo the horses.  “Well I be dipped in shit they are following her,” Colton speaks out in awe.  Martha laughs when they watch a black six month old colt try to mount Celeste from the back and views the girl surprise actions to hug the colt and release to run away with the colt chasing her.  “How old do you think she is Colton?” Gary’s mother whispered out in wonder.  “She must be in her early twenties, and I think she is the best young lady that has entered our son’s life.  Damn look at her run and play with those horses. The girl diffidently reminds me of being a prize Thoroughbred. She is having a ball, an acts like a little kid in a candy store for the first time.”  They watch the earth girl get up close to the mother’s and gives her attention to the powerful running mares.  “Martha I can’t figure out how she can get close to them horses when Roberto has to lasso them to touch them.”  The telephone rings when Colton turns his back on the beautiful tranquil scene to answer the phone.  Martha watches Celeste for a few moments with a smile on her cherry red lips, and decides to return after she pours herself a glass of sweet tea.

Celeste hears a loud banging come out of no where, and tries to find the source of sound.  She hears an angry cry of an equine whinnying out his sorrow in the huge red labyrinth barn.  The earth girl excuses herself to her new friends to give aid to a beast in the barn.  The foals call out for her return, but she doesn’t listen and stomps her way towards the barn.  She looks around to find a person, but finds no one.  The horrible cry of a horse knocks her into urgency, she carefully enters the barn as the hairs on her arms rise and when the horse stops his wicked tantrum and lays quiet, she is viewing a immaculate clean barn.  Celeste stops to glance at tack and gear gleaming spotless of dirt and grime. She spots trophy’s and pictures lining the walls with love. “This here ranch is a racing farm,” she whispers out with wonder and begins to walk down the long breeze way marveling in the scent of horses.  Martha walks outside on the patio and doesn’t see Celeste anywhere, she quickly assumes the girl is on the other side of the barn checking out the broodmares, and sits down in the shade to view her gorgeous estate of horses.  Gary walks into the house after dealing with his agent with a sour puss face.  He travels to the back where he sees his mother sitting under a large umbrella shading her from the hot rays of the sun. “Where’s Celeste mom?”  Martha tells him she thinks she is behind the barn.  Gary has an ill feeling in the pit of his gut, “I’ll be back, I’m heading to the barn just in case she ventured into danger.  Mom can you make us some lunch I’m starving.”  Martha watches her son leave in a hurry and gets up to make lunch for their guest.


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