From Slingshot to the Phil Factor!



This is a gratitude of love being sent out to the Phil Factor site on WordPress:  PHIL my man, I adore you for taking the time and buying Slingshot through, and especially giving me a great blushing review on my first time being a publish author.  Even though its a short read I am beaming with joy coming out of the gates with speed regarding my Spitfire Celeste wild adventures.  I am forever in your debt for being a great friend who generously lens a helping hand to artist’s all over the world in need of reviews.

To all my friends, stop by and check out other books Phil has published, Kiss Kiss my darlin’….May Father sun shine always upon your path of travels to success!~

3 thoughts on “From Slingshot to the Phil Factor!

  1. Right on Phil Factor! I agree with your review. Hang in there Slingshot soon your story will be viral to the reading world.

  2. Dawn, no need to thank me. I truly enjoy your writing and your character Celeste. Thank you for the public shout out. There’s enough readers out there for everyone so we might as well help each other out.

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