“You Son of a Bitchen freaking psycho horse, what the hell ya thinkin’!”



Celeste is standing still in the breezeway adoring the Spanish red tile of the richly decorated barn.   The huntress senses an eerie sensation of danger permeate throughout the barn.  She scrunches up her orbs and shakes her head to clear all thoughts.  She looks down the long lonely dark isle.  Over twenty horse stalls are presence in the barn as she lays quiet scanning the luxury of the barn, and continues forward viewing the empty stalls.  Hate deep and rooted invades her spirit , she sense a haunting, unnatural happening about to take place.  She slows to a stop to get a grip of the freaky feelings that is causing her to be on high alert.  Out of no where Celeste jumps in fear hearing a powerful force invade her space.  Her reaction is to bunch up her fist and swing with all her might from being scared out of her wits.  The half breed fist comes into contact with a large head whose teeth almost ripped her head off from his speedy reach out from his stall’s gate. She watches in stun silence her strength of her fist shocks the shit out of the nasty manner horse.  The black equine wobbles backwards to and fro with weakness from the immediate response from the cowgirl slugging him.   Celeste opens her mouth to rip out with scared anger, “You Son of a Bitchen freaking psycho horse, what the hell ya thinkin’!” She wants to help the foul temper horse, but dares not be a fool until the coast is clear. The half breed  watches the horse shake in fear and is weak at the hocks ready to drop down to the ground.  She approaches the stall of the black horse with kit gloves as her heart beats fast, she made damn sure to ball up her fist ready to strike out.

Silent minutes ticked by between the two strangers when the horse regroups and shrieks out his venom.  He kicks the barns walls and strikes out once again in full force at Celeste.  She instantly backs up to observe the dangerous foulness of the horse.  The black devil glares his wicked hateful stare at the earth girl as he huffs and puffs out his flare nostrils with his heated breath. The huntress suddenly felt like picking up a gun to put the damn horse out of his misery, instead she gives him a scolding, “You’re nasty and your heart is black as a demon horse. Why on earth would Gary even buy you, is he stupid or what?” The huge wild horse rears in the air and slams his hooves against the door making Celeste leap away. “I’m I thinkin’ you’re bloody screwed up in the head dude, and have no business at this beautiful farm of joy and creation. What the hell is Gary wanting your sorry ass for?”  Celeste spins around when she hears Gary voice, “That’s what I’ve been thinking babe.  Get away from him he’s very dangerous and will kill you.” Celeste is confused yet pulls up her pants, “Why on heaven don’t you let him go free, he is wild and will never bow to mankind Gary.”  In a shameful tone she added, “Sorry for hitting you’re horse he literally scared the dickens out of me.” Gary understood about being caught off guard, the horse had done the same too him.

The musician approaches Celeste while staring hard at the giant horse.  “I didn’t buy him, I took him to save his ass and I am sorry I did.  He killed my best friend who bought him at an auction one day for the soul purpose to breed his mares. He truly is gorgeous, but extremely dangerous and untouchable.  That is why I’ve called him El Diablo…he is the devil of equines. Let me see that hand of you’res, you hit him pretty hard girl. I do believe you almost knocked him senseless.” Celeste hands over her fist and didn’t realize her hand did indeed hurt from the punch she had given the horse. The tender moment of Gary holding and caressing her hand was short lived when Diablo snapped out at the two in anger. Celeste rips her hand free from the tender hold of Gary.  She balls up her fist and barks out, “I ain’t scared of you foul creature, behave yourself or I’ll knock your block off.” Gary gently touches her shoulder, “Come on Celeste let’s leave him alone.” Celeste knew the horse had serious issues, and decided right there she is bound and determined to get to the bottom of the problem; even if she died trying to heal the corrupted heart of El Diablo.


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