“I do believe that horse would mount ya if he had balls,” Celeste carelessly replied out in good will to Gary.



Celeste isn’t listening to Gary and his family talk at the dinner table, she is too busy trying to hold in her excitement of freedom for Diablo.  “Celeste what Indian tribe are you associated with, I do believe I hear several different dialects in your speech?” Celeste feels Gary touch her knee tenderly, she blinks her eyes and gives him a half smile upon her lips.  “Please forgive me I didn’t hear your question Mr. Daniels,” she spoke slow while pronouncing her words clearly for them to understand in her strange multiple dialects. She keeps her attention on the conversation at hand and gives answers to her life when asked without reservations.  If Celeste really was paying attention she would have never told parts of her life history to strangers freely.  Martha feels the need to hug the sweet nature half breed when Gary her son stops the interrogation. “Celeste would you like to take a midnight run on a horse with me, and then how about a soak in the hot tub afterwards.”  For the first time after dealing with the ill manner stallion, she came alert with a huge grin at her charming man.  “I would like very much; however, I do believe I should find a hotel to stay at tonight. I don’t want to over stay my welcome.”  “Nonsense girl you will stay here, God knows we have enough rooms,” Mr. Daniels replied. She softens her eyes on Gary’s father, “May I keep the same room since it’s not proper my wonderful host that I sleep with your son for we have not had sex together.”  Gary busted up with laughter while his parents are shock from her honest reply.  Celeste notes she spoke too freely, and blushes out when she spots Martha and Colton turning red.  In the end, the cowgirl agrees to stay at their home until Gary took her back to the airport in Amarillo.

The warm evening weather is perfect for the couple when they saddle up, and take a midnight stroll with Gary’s racing quarter horse stock.  Celeste marvels in the beauty of her dapple gray mare while Gary rode his favorite white gelding.  The couple are free in spirit as they high tailed it out on the plains of Texas.  Gary is in awe how the earth girl skills are dynamic on her equine.  Words could not express as he witnesses the Indian maiden keep up with him side by side on her mare while doing her death defying tricks at a fast pace.  “I never would have thought that mare of you’res can do trick riding, where on earth did you learn to ride like that Celeste,” her companion asked her in wonder when he slows their horses down from a fast speed.  Their conversation flows without a hitch when they reach a water hole to take a break under the pale moon light. She watches the delightful man take off his sweaty shirt from the humid atmosphere to cool down and sit besides the water hole. “Want to see something groovy my spitfire,” Gary with a smile upon his lips spoke out in mischief. The cowgirl nods yes and adores the child like energy seeping from the cool cat man.  “Gambit sit,” Gary speaks to his white quarter horse.  Her eyes open up in wonder as she watches the horse sit down on the ground behind the man like a dog and kisses Gary on his dark colored hair.  Celeste roars out with beautiful laughter, Gary winks at her while giving loving’s his favorite horse. Her heart is beginning to melt in lust for the kind man as she watches their display of affection for each other.  “I do believe that horse would mount ya if he had balls,” Celeste carelessly replied out in good will to Gary.  The charming musician cracks up with laughter, “Well at least someone wants to mount me, but I prefer it was you.”  Celeste sits beside man and beast with a glow of amusement, “Hum, perhaps I will one day, but I don’t want to lead ya on my friend. Besides I’m no good at having a relationship with the opposite sex and don’t want ya fallin’ in love with me.”  Gary sobers up and softly touches her wild hair, “I ask for nothing but you’re company.”  Celeste amazingly scoots herself next to him, “You’re a hot chili pepper and ya deserve more than I can give ya at this time in my life.  Thank you for being a gentleman and giving me space not to feel pressure between man and woman.”  Gary desperately wants to kiss her again since her last kiss in the barn took his breath away. He stretches out his arm instead for her to cuddle into.  Celeste isn’t going to say no to the sweet gesture, and snuggles into his safe confinements of his strong arms happy as a pumpkin in a patch growing with unconditional love for the adorable kind heart Texan man.



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