“I will not be treated like all the others that have placed harm upon you boy. If I come near, you better be aware I bite back!”



The next day Celeste is ready and determine to tango with Diablo.  Gary presented the perfect opportunity for the cowgirl by telling her he would be spending most of the morning hours in town to take care of some business. At four in the morning while she toss and turn on the plush bedding in an out of sleep, her  informational dreams showed her the horse could be acting out from abuse somewhere down the line.  She would never tell Gary her plans with the devil horse since it took her all night long to figure out how to handle the beast.  Gary hugs her after breakfast and excuses himself to leave.  Martha automatically asked the cowgirl if she would like to go shopping.  The huntress turned down the offer with grace and states, “I really have enough clothing already, but I thank ya kindly for asking.”  Colton cracks up, “Well Martha I think turning her into a prim-a-Donna is out of the question. If you are asking me, she fits right on in with her blue jeans and t-shirt just fine.” Celeste blushes red at Mr. Daniels kindness, and finishes eating her sourdough toast with hot tea.

Afterwards eating a delicious light breakfast in laughter with Gary’s parents, Celeste is crawling out of her britches to head down to the stables. Once again she is bless when Mr. and Mrs. Daniels receive a call and had to leave on important business.  “The house is yours to do whatever you like Celeste enjoy your solitude, and we’ll see you later in the afternoon.”  She hugs the darling sweet couple and beams with life.  They leave her alone, and when they shut the door Celeste ran for the railing off the patio in the back of the large mansion and hurdles over the barrier with ease.  She stops to pay homage to the little foals before she venturing  into the house of doom.  The earth girl glorifies in pure love as the foals shower her with admiration on this fine sunny warm day in Texas.  Diablo screams out inside the barn, and boinks the girl out of play with the foals to address the stallion.  Celeste tip toes into the barn and notes the hire help is no where in sight. She takes a few moments to breathe deeply to get a scent of Diablo’s spirit.  She hears him throwing kicks at his large confinement walls while he grunts out in anger with each deadly sound from his hooves.  The cowgirl looks to and fro and takes hold of a chair.  She carries the seat until she almost reach the stallion’s stall.  Diablo is alert and blows hot breath out of his flare nostrils, but doesn’t attack when he watches the girl sit the chair down in the middle of the breezeway to scan the black demon quietly.  Silent moments tick by while the huntress begins to probe into the dark soul of the horse with her special talent.

Celeste is smothered into sadness all at once, and doesn’t realize tears are streaming down her face.  So engulf in the horrible memory of the horse’s horrific story, her heart bleeds for freedom for the wild stallion.  She lays claim to witnessing his capture in the wild and the horrible beatings from mankind for submission to tame him before they sold him to the higher bidder at an auction.  Inside his memories she takes note the cruelty and demented ways man placed on the horse and realized they soured the equine’s free nature spirit to fight back for survival.  Diablo is quiet until he could stand no more of the Indian girl’s power.  Fast as lightening the horse jets forward and slams his body into the gate.  He screams out and then snaps his jaws in the air to bite Celeste in the middle of the isle.  Celeste jumps up and pushes the chair away to approach the beast.  “I will not be treated like all the others that have placed harm upon you boy. If I come near, you better be aware I bite back!”  Diablo shakes his head no and whinnies out loud.  He hammers his power of hoof on the straw floor to dig a trench warning Celeste to keep her distance.  The huntress fears him yet must control her emotions so the equine can calm down.  She takes a small step forward and stops.  She begins chanting in a soft voice in Cherokee language for strength, courage, forgiveness, and honor.  Diablo lays quiet and listens to her charms spellbound him into silence. She dares to take another step forward and watches the horse take a step backwards.  His eyes are wide with confusion and takes another step back until his furry black rump leans against the wall bringing a distance from Celeste’s approaching frame.

The gall of the girl lays her arms across the gate and stares quietly at the equine.  Diablo doesn’t move when she lays her forehead down on her arms in silence to stare at the tile floor in thought.  All of a sudden Celeste’s closet door opens up from the past and tells her lonely hardships story of life to the stallion while she cries out the injustice of abuse.  Several intense hours pass by when Celeste’s body shakes with rage and sorrow, she wails out her dysfunctional family life to the horse.  She has no clue Gary is sitting by quietly listening to the Indian girl tell her sad story to a monster who laid patiently quiet. She tells the heart sick story of her mother leaving, her musician father, Ghost her spirit horse, Peter, Damn Dog, and meeting her grandfather in spirit.  Celeste is weary and tired to the bone as she keeps going on with her tale, and finishes her speech with her relationship with a boy named Westin.  Her voice is horse from crying out her pain of life and states with love and respect to Diablo, “Please forgive me for treating your soul in a nasty manner, for I know the cost all too well someone assuming the worse in ya till they walk in our shoes.”

Gary is floored unable to move from listening to the half breeds history.  He is about to stand and interrupt the couple when his eyes open wide and watches Diablo approach the girl to smell her hair with care.  Celeste is caught off guard but stays in her position except for letting her arm stretch out to feel the horse’s muzzle. The earth girl hears him snort out loud she doesn’t budge an inch with concern while keeping her head down.  Slow movements she feels the soft fur of his nose smell her scent, she takes a risk and slowly rises her hand up to caress his jowls. It takes a few moments for horse and human to understand each other when Diablo instantly steps back quickly in fear.  Gary approaches with care, “I’m impressed my beauty.”  Tear stained face, and distraught Celeste turns her attention on Gary, “You must release him, please Gary.  If you have an ounce of goodness you in, I beg you for his life to be free. I will do anything you’re heart desires for Diablo’s freedom.”  Celeste stands with two fist showing off her might to free the stallion.   Gary carefully opens his arms without thinking, she blinks her teary eyes wanting his tender hug.  For the first time in Celeste’s life she acts out as a damsel in distress and runs into his protective folds.  He cradles her head against his chest and speaks out with love, “In two days we’ll go together to free Diablo back where he belongs.  You owe me nothing but a kiss to seal the deal.” Celeste leaps into action and hugs the generous beautiful man with all her might.  “Jesus Christ woman you’re going to squash the crap out of me, easy my darlin’.”  She releases her tight hold on him and showers him with sparkling beauty. He touches her lips tenderly and wipes away her tears.  Celeste melts to pieces staring at his tenderness in his brown eyes, and leans in closer to seal the deal of Diablo’s freedom.


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