“You are free wild spirit, may Mother Earth bless your freedom for the rest of you’re dying days, peace be with you brother horse.”



The day came for Diablo to be released.  After several hours of coasting the stallion in the horse trailer it took Celeste a matter of minutes to have the horse follow her inside the four horse trailer.  Gary is dumbfounded how the cowgirl doesn’t fear the beast and finds her gentle soul a mystery to behold in equines.  Even though Diablo shivered in fear as the huntress spoke her horse language to perfection to the devil black horse, the men watch Diablo step into the trailer without killing Celeste.  She grins happily and bounces off the trailer while Roberto closed the doors with amazement.  The big burly Spanish man smiles his gold front teeth at the half breed, “Usted es diosa de la señorita caballo.”  Celeste isn’t sure what he said and cast her trouble brows at Gary for translation.  “He said, You are goddess of equines.”  Celeste turns and hugs the man, she is exploding with playfulness and decides to give Gary the same treatment.  She takes off Gary’s cowboy hat and kisses him with every ounce of her soul.  Gary’s eyes light up with a burning fire for his enchanted half breed’s cheerfulness.  When their lips part it takes Gary a few seconds to control his desire not to devour her in the barn in front of watchful eyes.  He dissolves into pieces and shakes his naughty thoughts out of his head.  Roberto laughs and feels happy for his employer he is under the beauty’s spell since he too found her captivating and a breath of fresh air.

“Here Gary I packed you two a picnic for the long drive,” Martha and Colton came down to the barn to say their farewells to the couple.  “Awe mom you’re the best damn woman in this world, you think of everything don’t ya. Have I told you lately how much I love you?”  Gary takes the time to hug his mother dearly.  Celeste beams with joy experiencing the close connection of Gary’s family.  Colton approaches Celeste, “Thank you for making us see that Diablo is a different kind of horse that deserves to be free not killed.” Celeste burst forth once again into happiness and hugs Mr. Daniels with all her might.  He is not shy and returns the beastly hug. Martha approaches Celeste, “I’ve put a bottle of Champagne in the basket for you two to celebrate Diablo’s freedom back into the wild.”  Martha wrinkles up her eyes and states in a bewilder tone, “Dear God your eyes are a gorgeous emerald green, I thought they were two different colors of gold and green?” Gary steps in quickly in fear the spitfire might tell the truth of why her eyes change colors.  “Let’s go my darlin’ time is wasting.” Celeste softly hugs Martha and climbs into the truck ready to get the show on the road.

For many hours into the Texas territory Gary finally turns down an off beaten path of travel.  It takes him a hour to take Diablo to the place of freedom.  He is marveling at how calm Diablo travels in the trailer and knew without a shadow of doubt the horse knew he was close to freedom.  Diablo begins to stomp his hooves in the trailer, they hear the wild equine whinny out his joy.  Celeste is becoming teary eye and shouts out with urgency, “This is the place Gary its his home, and he knows it please stop here.”  Gary is baffled how the girl knows what the horse is thinking, he obeys and pulls the load under a solitude tree in the infertile terrain.  They step out of the truck to a windless late afternoon day while Diablo screams out loud to be released.  He instantly bounces up and down rocking the trailer almost off the hitch of the truck.  “Stand back baby for when I open these doors he’s gonna bolt out like lightening.”  Celeste listens and hurries to safe ground.  Her eyes are open wide with excitement as her tears stream down her golden face with the sense to witness a free spirit trampling the dusty plains. The wind picks up and begins to blow dirt towards the half breed’s location.  Gary has an ill feeling something is about to happen, and confirms her distance of safety to open the gates of hell.

On clue Diablo rushes out and leaps in the air, he bucks and kicks his legs high in the sky while tossing his beautiful black mane to and fro with the wind.  Celeste is lost in the whirl of freedom, she is knock over with feather to feel a spirit invade her body and senses Ghost her horse is present.  She stretches out her arms and speaks in Cherokee a greeting to her faithful childhood friend.  Diablo is running around stirring up dust unsure what to do.  Gary stands back with an open mouth watching the magical scene unfold.   All of a sudden Gary’s eyes almost pop out of his gourd when Diablo at full stride races towards Celeste.  Her hair is moving with the sudden wind as she bows down in respect to confront the approaching wild stallion.  Diablo comes to a sliding halt in the dirt and rears up to the heavens.  He lands down on his front hooves and tosses his wild mane.  Celeste slowly steps forward with hand out, Diablo lets the girl touch him one last time on the muzzle.  “You are free wild spirit, may Mother Earth bless your freedom for the rest of you’re dying days, peace be with you brother horse.”  Diablo flips his lip up and bucks, he takes off like the wind leaving a long dust trail behind his speeding hooves.  Celeste watches the lonely figure run for his freedom, and smiles from ear to ear as she sees her spirit horse Ghost run along side his family member.  “Thank you Ghost for being here with me, I couldn’t have done it without you,” Celeste whispered out when Gary suddenly appears beside her to watch the retreating equine in the horizon.  He slips his hand into her’s to give her a tender loving squeeze for their success story in freeing El Diablo.



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