“Come Gary Sun, I crave your soul more than you know. Will you appease my sexual hunger upon this desert of life under the watchful eyes of my Father’s setting sun?”




Celeste stands quiet watching the empty open plains in Texas hoping Ghost would reappear; but knows its wishful thinking and feels the wind die down to nothing. Her heart is exploding with extreme happiness as she absorbs the sensation of being free to roam the earth without worry.  Gary smiles his pearly whites at Celeste’s profile of pure beauty as she watches the tiny figure of Diablo disappear.  “Isn’t it funny how man is not the only animal that seeks freedom and space Gary Sun.”   Gary burst into laughter, “So I now have acquire an Indian pet name from you my sunshine?”  She turns her attention on the unselfish human with her teary different color eyes and changes her mood.  In snail pace she slowly reaches her finger tip upon his lips, and begins to caress gently.  Her seductive movement on his kisser lights a fire in his eyes as he watches her magical vision change into dreamy gems of emerald.  She slides her palm against his hair free chin and begins to sense an overwhelming need to want him body, mind, and soul. Tenderly Celeste leans her chest into his, she takes a deep breath to capture the scent of the man she adores.  She instantly kisses him with every loving emotion she could bring forth.  In feeble movement Celeste divides their unity to control her heat and desire for her cowboy. Gary’s kiss made her heart skip a few precious beats while she licks her lips in a steamy seductive taste.  The earth girl takes a moment to stare into his romantic brown eyes.  She smiles at the mere fact she lets down her guard to sample his energy in a whimsical motion. Yearning deep and rooted overwhelmed her senses to explore his body in all attributes.  She smothers her lips against his in a supple submission to dance under the setting sun.  “You’re my Sun and forever will you’re soul shine bright in my heart as unforgettable memories,” she kisses each word out against his wet portal with her butterfly touch.  Gary melts into creamy soft caramel and gives into his emotions to overcome her sexual advancements. Her sexy voice, sandalwood scent, and the feel of her breast against his chest over powers his last restraint to honor and respect the earthy young lady.  He wraps his arms around her and showers her tasty lips with dainty pecks. Celeste takes off his cowboy hat to deal with her sudden urge to dig her fingers through his chocolate brown hair .  Her lips were not going to be deprived as she puts on the heat for more of their passionate behavior.  On high charge the music man breaks they’re connection to find the moment to separate their bodies before he took her right there and then on the desert ground.

He clears his voice to get his shit together, “Did I hear mom tell you she threw a bottle of champagne in our picnic basket?”  Celeste giggles in shyness and nods yes.  “Well we better do something different than making out in the desert before I can’t control the urge to bed ya my beauty.  Come on, lets go spread a blanket under the Catclaw Tree to celebrate Diablo’s freedom.”  She is sparkling with glee as they situate themselves on the ground under the shade of the lonely Texas tree to have a marvelous celebration.  They both take off their boots to sit cross legged on the ground cover to rummage through the food basket.  In no time at all the two clanged their stemware together, “To Diablo may your hooves never be groomed by a human again.” Celeste couldn’t hold her happiness as she smiles from ear to ear. The bubbly bottle of spirit took Celeste’s taste buds by surprise when she took a sip, she wiggles her nose by the rim of her glass to smell, and smiles to sense the moisture from the bubbles land on the tip of her nose. Gary watches her magical spheres with delight, “Taste good huh Spitfire, I take it you’ve never had Champagne?”  She nods no with a smile and drinks the contents down in one gulp. Gary’s eyes widen with mischief and cracks up at the half breed’s silly behavior.  He fills her glass to the rim and states, “Be careful this stuff will make ya do things you wish you’d hadn’t.”

After having a fabulous picnic, Gary and Celeste’s conversation turns serious, “Cowgirl can I ask you a few unhumorous questions?”   She sparkles alive to hear Gary call her a cowgirl and nods approval with her tipsy head.  “Something happened here in this desert more than I’ve ever witness in my lifetime.”  She sobers up and frowns while emptying her drink.  Quiet seconds tick by when she glances up into his brown eyes and spots the many unspoken questions inside his orbs. She takes a deep soft breath, and realizes she had a lot of explaining to do and Gary deserved answers.  The cowgirl offers her empty glass to be filled before she spoke, Gary fills her crystal to the edge and waits. “I don’t know how to explain who I am Gary, or what my purpose in life shall be.  All my life I’ve lived believing in spirits unknown and I am living proof that odd stuff happens to humans without explanation.  I don’t blink an eye when strange things occur around me for I believe in Mother Earth guidance to show me wisdom as I grow up into womanhood.” She downs her contents in her glass and watches Gary fills his and her flute once again to listen with open ears.  Her body is tingling with the effects of the champagne as she stares at her flute deep in thought. She senses the dulling effects to her coordination and tips her glass to her dry lips.  The bubble liquid misses going into her mouth as she tips her glassware upwards.  Gary opens his vision wide with merriment when she pours the bubbly down her white cotton t-shirt. “Shit damn what the hell am I thinkin’,” she comes alert quickly to bellow out in a drunken tone.  Gary roars in laughter, “Take the shirt off I have an extra one in the truck.”  She feels the effect of the champagne and giggles at her stupid maneuver while slipping off her shirt without care.  The cowgirl notice her jeans are wet in the front, so she peels out of her pants to let them air dry over a sturdy branch on the tree.  She is standing up and leaning her bare shoulder against the tree looking in the direction Diablo ran with all his might to freedom in her sexy white undergarments. Gary shuts the truck’s door with a blue shirt in hand, and turns around only to stop dead in his tracks in awe.  The setting sun paints a beautiful picture against her backside as her long curly golden hair gives peaking views of her firm tan buttocks in her racy lacy gear. He approaches carefully and slips the button down shirt over her bare shoulders to cover her intoxicating curvy body and his intense hard on.  Her eyes are green once again as she tips her head in his direction to thank him of his kindness, and cast her breath taking spell of beauty upon his soul. Gary is speechless when the earth woman turns her attention upon him, and lets the clean shirt slip off her shoulders to the dirt.  She takes his hand into hers and speaks to him in a husky voice, “Come Gary Sun, I crave your soul more than you know.  Will you appease my sexual hunger upon this desert of life under the watchful eyes of my Father’s setting sun?”


picture by: annkboyer.com


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