“Gary, I believe we’re destine to collide and love each other in our own special way no matter what the consequences may be.”



Celeste can see the reservations of doing the wild thang filter through Gary’s mind. “No more being a gentleman to me Gary Sun, tis time we unite as one.”  The rays of the setting sun cast a golden hue off her long curvy body as Gary stands speechless gawking at her tiny cover-up threads.  He marvels at her aura blending in with the landscape of Texas, and knows he waited patiently to have this tender moment with the mysterious girl surface.   Celeste touches his cheek with a loving palm to guide his confirmation to a yes. “Purr, my darlin’ do you not desire me as much as I do you?”  Her seductive purr sound made him blink back into the present moment.  “My God in heaven Celeste you are making it hard for me to resist you. I want you more than I can express.” “I am not asking you to marry me, just sex me!  For my body is the only payment I can offer you to repay you’re beauty of unselfishness. Don’t get me wrong I do desire you, but it’s my gift I give to thee since you have made several dreams of mine come true in the few days I’ve spent under your unconditional care.  I must be honest that I don’t claim to be a knowledgeable lover since I’ve only been with one man who brought me into womanhood. So with that being said, care to tango with me darlin’ and let your soul teach me the art of how to love a cowgirl.”

Gary watches the stormy optical color of green grass, he takes his eyes off her spheres to scan the beauty of her golden bronze coloring of skin.  The gorgeous kiss of rays from the sun enlightens his hard on to take and break the filly. Without thinking he automatically slides his finger on it’s own accord between her globes down to her belly button.  His loins ached for her body to ravish under the last rays of sunlight.  Gary gives her a fleeing glance, and realizes she isn’t kidding around even if she was a little tipsy from the alcohol.  “Celeste I do want you, but I can’t promise you nothing after we leave each other’s company.  I’ve been meaning to tell you, I must leave in two days time for Europe. Gosh darn it my darlin’…I’ve never turned down a ride on a filly in my life time.  In my younger years I would’ve been called a man whore; but, with you I’ve learned you’re a special woman who shouldn’t be used for a one night stands. You my dear are a keeper and should be treasured with love, respect, honor and joy from you’re companion.”  Celeste almost feared he was turning down her tantalizing offer until she heard he was leaving the states.  The earth girl’s heart softens on the man’s struggles to worry about her’s and his committing into a relationship by mating.  With care she places her finger tip on his lips to quiet his deep thinking, “You talk too much, I’m only asking you to love me as a friend or between man and woman.”  She closes the gap between their bodies and whispers out in a husky sexy tone in his ear, “Gary, I believe were destine to collide and love each other in our own special way no matter what the consequences may be. Will you trust in me and not freak out when I take full range of you’re beautiful soul to a spiritual place like a dreamworld as we make love to each other?”

The cowgirl didn’t let the cowboy think, she kisses his lips in lust.  Gary’s defenses to respect the girl flew out the window when her kiss spoke to him privately of wonderful dreams to experience.  He finally let’s his guard down and joins in on the fun by releasing her bra’s hooks with one easy pinch.  No one could hear the lover’s sounds except the desert creatures of Texas. Gary mindless and degree of ecstasy stimulation coursed through his veins as the cowgirl rode him to perfection.  At times he felt they were sailing on the ocean blue making love on the deck of a sailboat for the universe to confirm their crazy and wild love making ways. The gentle sway of the water rocks their bonding bodies in unison, he suddenly blinks out of the epic moment, and then begins to vision the ultimate high while making love to his special magical lady.  Celeste wisps him away high in the sky with her spiritual soul as they fly on auto pilot in his jet plane making passionate love in his Piper cockpit.  He hears their climax cries together as they dive bomb downwards to the earth. Gary is lost too the world under the sensual and hypnotic love making of the earth girl.  Celeste is adoring his manly member that didn’t dim to the occasion inside her milky wet folds when she takes him on a journey in a field of horses running free.  Celeste is sitting on top of her man gently mating his firm stick to calm down their heated and out of this world memory of making love in the wild. Gary opens his eyes and blinks several times to lay claim Celeste’s Indian body is shining bright with light.  Before the unselfish man has time to understand what the hell is making her gleam bright as gold, she sends his mind back into limbo to run beside each other on foot with the herd of many color horses and a giant prehistoric wolf.  He shields his eyes upon the blinding vision of Celeste, and blinks into a mirage of Celeste racing along with a wolf running beside him with great speed across a green meadow in child like play.  The joyous moment makes him sparkle to life to see the wild side of his maiden, Celeste adds on the charm to the dream and creates music notes to float in the air in memory of the dance of the fireflies as they both rode together on the back of Ghost the white untamed gelding. Gary comes out of his necromantic dream when his whole body shivers to release once again, he feels himself thrusting his might inside Celeste to ride on his wand before he sent his seed to be free.

Celeste sits straddling on top of Gary’s sweaty body panting heavily, her wild hair and lusty lips captures his attention to waken him up from a banging experience.  He spots sweat dripping between her breast as she smiles into his eyes with delight and mischief. Gary takes memory notes how the last rays of the sun cast its glorious illumination upon her skin.  “When you stated you would take me on a dream ride, you damn well meant it!”  She tickles his nose with a strain of her long hair, “Did I please you my Sun ray of beauty?”  She doesn’t wait for a reply since she knew she left him speechless beyond understanding the magical game she played inside his mind.  In fact it was her first time to expand her spiritual energy to a supernatural event in time and space with the one she loved. The magnitude of letting two soul’s experience an extraterrestrial moment together in spirituality opens a tiny door to Celeste’s charm to bless her partner with sweet dreams.  Her mind is tired from exerting energy unknown for several hours, her eyelids dip in weariness.  She lays her bare skin against his chest and snuggles up into his neck to kiss his wet salty outer layer tenderly.  Eventually, she slides off his hips and lies entwined into each others arms sharing the views of clouds passing them by without words.  She felt secure, happy and free in spirit laying next to this incredible human being who accepts her without questions. Celeste lifts her long leg up to lay on top of his limp baloney pony.  For Gary the cowgirl rocked and rolled his world to a musical bliss beyond his imagination, he hugs her tightly never wanting the moment to be split by the sorceress who captivated his soul with her mystic witchery. He hears her light resting breath, her hand drapes peacefully over his peck.  His mindless mind is in a tranquil trance, he softly kisses her on top of her golden crown head, and closes his eyes with a smile upon his yaps.


picture by: ashtarcommandcrew.com


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