“You said to me that you only had one lover, was his name Westin?” Celeste gives her new lover a sad frown, “Yes he is the boy who popped my cherry.”

Pop My Cherry


Celeste woke up before Gary after their world wind love making, she smiles with happiness being connected to Gary in a beautiful way. She stares up to the dark skies at the stars and thinks back to their session with a grin as she speaks out inside her head, “How the hell did I do that?”  The wolf in her dream world was a surprise to her as she ponders back on the whimsical sight.  Gary moans out her name in his sleep as she feels his pecker growing with need in the crevice behind her knee that is lapped over his body member. Celeste giggles to herself knowing he is dreaming of her and their special moment. Their bodies are entwine together in sweet rapture of love, she doesn’t want to move in fear he would wake up, but takes the chance to move away from the man she adored to stare upon his man flesh. “You are my second person I’ve made love too, so different in many ways then Westin. I’m not disappointed at all with my choice to share part of my soul with you Gary Sun.”  She lovingly scans his naked body, and finds no similarity to Westin’s frame. Even though Gary isn’t drop dead handsome like Westin, the music man lit a fire in Celeste’s soul to cherish his beauty with pride forever more. “I wish to stay with you my tender man, but I must fulfill my destiny before I even settle down with a man.  I now know that we were meant to share each other’s company for a lesson in life,and I was destine to save Diablo from mankind.  You and I will always be lovers to remember in our secret world.”  Silent minutes left Celeste the chance to gaze upon the sweet man in peace.  So deep in her thoughts of silent words and memories of her fabulous lover of Texas, she lets a tear fall upon her cheeks.  The drop of her wet tears on Gary’s tummy woke him up.  He lifts his hand to the beauty of Celeste’s face and caresses her lips.

“Would you like to frolic once again?” Celeste whispers out to the waking Texan, he grins and nods yes.  The lover’s begin again, but in a different grounding style.  They didn’t escape into a dream world this time they were one with the earth living in the moment of mating with each other.  Gary is blown away, her body hugs him like a glove while her wild hair moves with each act the lovers display to the dark skies.  Once again he is lost in her aura without restrictions and open desires.  This time he takes control of each other’s body and marvels at the openness Celeste freely sedates his appetite. He loves her like no other until they both cry out in unison their vertex of pleasure.  They lay on the blanket on the dusty ground under the lone tree giggling at each other with supreme gluttony. “You said to me that you only had one lover, was his name Westin?”  Celeste gives her new lover a sad frown, “Yes he is the boy who popped my cherry.”  Gary busted up laughing, Celeste couldn’t hide her mirth and laughed along with her man.  Gary isn’t sure he wants to elaborate on her conversation with Diablo, but he does state to Celeste, “Westin was an ass to let you go my beauty.”  “Oh no I believe we too were destine to meet, for I did learn a lot from his wild heart.  And it was his little precious brother who him and I had a spirit connection.  I had to be with him in his hour of death.”  She waits a few moments to talk, “You are not afraid of me Gary, how is that possible when I’ve enriched our coupling in a way I have no idea what I was doing?” They are sitting up naked as a Jay bird talking out loud their thoughts, “I too believe in magical moments, I’m not too religious and believe in the all-mighty creator; but I also understand the spiritual side of magical moments.  Not too your incredible degree; nevertheless, I understand without freaking out.”  Celeste beamed with love and respect for her Texan man.  “We better get going we have a long drive and mom and dad are probably wondering if we forgotten about Diablo and ran for our own freedom.”

He watches Celeste wiggle into her blue jeans, but not before checking out her little two red hearts of cherries tattoo on her rump.  “I dig you’re sexy cherries baby,” Celeste blushes an instantly states, “It’s not a cherry darlin’ it’s a heart?”  Gary scrunches up his brow, “I think I saw two hearts pull your pants down and let me make sure.”  Celeste obeys quickly and fears they’re might be another one that showed up without her consent.  “Nope it’s two cherry hearts why are you unsure didn’t you have that tattooed on you’re skin?” Celeste pulls up her britches, “No I did not, one heart showed up on my ass out of the blue when Westin and I were doing the wild thang on my big round table. And now I have two.”  Celeste is steaming upset checking out her ass when Gary cracks up, “Come on my baby lets leave, there is nothing you can do about it, so let’s go before something else happens.”  The long drive home seemed to speed by fast with their endless chat and laughter.  Gary pulls into the long driveway and shuts his truck off.  Martha and Colton are waiting for their arrival when they walk through the door holding hands and full of regalement.  The lovers spend time with his family and when it’s time for bed, he walks Celeste to her room and kisses her with all his might.  She slithers into his tender arms and states, “Sleep with me my sweet lover, for we will never have a moment again to wake up in each other’s arms.”  Gary moves her long hair behind her ear and follows the wildflower in her room with serenity.


picture by: villafranceprovence.com



6 thoughts on ““You said to me that you only had one lover, was his name Westin?” Celeste gives her new lover a sad frown, “Yes he is the boy who popped my cherry.”

  1. Wow Celeste trusted him that much to share an amazing time. I like Gary better than Westin. But celeste’ass might get covered if she messes around with more men. Or perhaps could it be that spirit of J’hara who sleeps inside her soul who is marking her? Excellent once again on your post!

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