“What do you mean by a soul mate?”



For the rest of the night Celeste and Gary talked until the sun came up.  They laughed and roared with merriment together lying in bed getting to know each other.  They’re chat turned into a serious quest to pick apart why the earth girl suddenly has spirit occurrences, and how she deals with the odd situations.  Celeste  is loving bouncing her wild thoughts off Gary’s open mind to give possible understanding as they are engross with stimulating conversation, “Celeste why do you believe your spirit guides are marking you?” Celeste shrugs her shoulders with confusion.  “Let me take a stab at this problem in my way of thinking.”  Celeste inches close to Gary to make sure she engulf’s herself with his ruling.  “Okay too me it seems the first heart came when you and Westin coupled, and then the second one came when you and I got down, right?”  Celeste takes a drink of her hot coffee in bed when the light turns on in her mind. She doesn’t say a word but watches Gary ponder on the topic.  Gary waits for a few moments deep in thought, his eyes widen when he thinks he might have cracked the case.  “Maybe my darlin’ the tattoo’s might represent lovers in your life or it could be a quest for your soul-mate?”  Celeste scrunches up her brow, “What do you mean by a soul mate?” Gary enlightens his knowledge on the naive cowgirl, “I believe there are many types of soul mates that enrich our lives for a purpose.  I read about this a few years back about soul families.  Some believe the soul families are here to help us learn unconditional love, and it takes more than romance to fulfill their mission when helping a human grow. They say the goal is to help each other awaken and heal so each can ultimately rejoin with their soul’s twin.”  Celeste’s is astonished at the intelligence of the musician, and lays quiet to hear more.

“They say soul mates travel with us through time and space, through as many lives as are needed for you’re awakening. The relationships we create with soul mates, romantic and otherwise,  fall into four main categories, depending upon the role that soul is playing in this particular life time. It could be clues of a crucial lesson your soul needs and wants to learn. The different types of mates are Karmic soul mates, the article spoke about this type of mates coming together specifically for the purpose of teaching or working out an issue. They may be a soul with whom you have unfinished business or a shared trauma or need. Then there is the Ego mate who are easily embarrassed when their mate doesn’t live up to their expectations even in minor ways making their relationships conditional, fragile, and ultimately unsatisfying. It’s as if these mates are navigating the soul equivalent of puberty. The Companion mate is enduring, sometimes lasting a lifetime. They are characterized by being mutually respectful, affectionate, intimate, committed, honest, safe, and loving. The key word is “mutual” and they focus on that in times of difficulty, hardship, or conflict. They don’t ignore the natural ups and downs of human relationships, but have agreed to navigate them together. Both are willing to put energy and effort into the relationship as needed to nurture a healthy loving atmosphere; however, it is possible for companion mates to grow apart as each follows his/her individual path. In that case, true companions will allow the partners to lovingly go their separate ways, often remaining friends despite the ending of their relationship. The last one is the best I believe it’s called the Twin Souls or Twin Flames. This type of mates are based on sharing complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are in sync. Twin Flames often feel called to some kind of joint spiritual work, though that can be defined quite broadly as direct spiritual work, humanitarian work, or simply bringing the sensibility of spiritual work that they are working on. Sometimes it’s safe for each to go into his/her dark corners and address whatever is lurking, and through that safety, the light will spread throughout both.  In any case, each type of soul mate relationship is essential for ultimate healing. Treasuring them for the unique roles they play helps avoid the sense of victim-hood that can arise with healing experiences.”  Gary tenderly holds Celeste’s hand, “I am honored to be part in you’re sexy artwork of lovers.”

They’re conversation is interrupted by Gary’s father knocking on Celeste’s door after the phone rings, “You have a phone call son.”  Gary picks up and lets Celeste absorb his information about the different kinds of spiritual mates in the world. She comes to terms the Indian gods were marking her ass with her different types of men she couples with, and whispers out her conviction to keep her legs closed if she didn’t want another tattoo. “Okay my sexy babe time to get up and start our last day together.  I have to go into town for a few hours, do you mind spending time with my mother till I get back.”  Celeste pulls the covers off her nude body happy as a bumble bee to find the right kind of knowledge to understand, and gives her friend a huge hug and states a yes without blinking an eye.




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